Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 4


Thank you guys. I’m glad that you guys like the plot.. Here we go..

It’s morning..
MM house..
Laksh and Nithi getting ready for college. They use to go in same car.
Sanskar DP and Ram getting ready for their respective office.
Laksh and in a car..
Nithi thought to tell Laksh about Arjun. At the same time she thinks it is not that much easy for a girl to share about her love to her brother.
And also she thought only she is loving Arjun but he even don’t know who she is. So she thought to tell about this after committing with Arjun.
Sanskar in a car going to his office.
As sanskar have some important meeting he is in hurry.

Gadodia house..
Ragini is preparing breakfast with her mom.
Swara getting ready for college and Arjun for work.
Arjun left in his bike.
Swara by walking as her college is at walkable distance.
While swara walking on road side a car crossed her very fast poured rode side water on her dress. She got wet and dirty.
Swara (shouts) : u blind man… Is this ur father’s road?
The car stops and a handsome guy came from the car. Of course it is sanskar.

Sanskar :I’m sorry Miss.
Swara on seeing him speech less. Obviously any girl will be as he is cute and handsome. She is still looking him. He waves his hand in front of her to get back her to conscious. She came to conscious and says “it’s ok”
Sanskar is surprised that how suddenly she got convinced.
Sanskar said sorry again and leaves.
Swara as it is went to college.
Laksh and nithi came from parking while swara enters. On seeing her they both laugh.
Nithi :what is this swara? What happened?
Swara : nothing just a car…
Laksh : u would have killed him right?
Swara : no he asked for apologize.
Laksh and nithi looks her surprisingly.
Swara: y r u looking at me like this?
Nithi : he asked for apologize so u left him?? What I’m hearing is correct swara?
Swara doesn’t reply.

Laksh :u can’t even bear a small mistake. Even we ask hundreds of sorry u won’t get convinced. But today u leave a guy just like that!! Unbelievable..
Swara lost in her thoughts about sanskar..
Nithi shakes her and she come to real world.
Nithi: OK it’s getting late.. Shall we go?
Nithi and swara went to their class and Laksh to his class.

Sanskar’s office..
Sanskar enters with hurry. On seeing him Arjun took some files and follow him. They enter a conference hall. Sanskar did a presentation and the clients are very satisfied with it.
After some time in sanskar’s room..
Arjun : sir, the contract have been signed.
Sanskar : that’s good.
Arjun : I think today u have met a lucky face sir.
He said just casually.
Sanskar looks him.
Arjun : y I’m saying this is because these clients are difficult to convince.
Saying this Arjun leaves.

Sanskar thinking about a girl he met on the road side.
Nithi and swara in class room..
Nithi wants to talk about Arjun but also afraid that if swara take her wrong.
Nithi : so swara.. From today u will forgive every one for their small mistakes right?!
Swara : y should I?
Nithi(shocking tone) : what? U can forgive a unknown person but not ur friends?!
Swara (with a cute expression) : Nithi.. U know he was looking very handsome and seems a good person.
Nithi (surprisingly) : oh.. So this is the reason?!
She teases swara and she blushes..
Swara don’t know he is sanskar.

It’s evening..
Swara came home and Ragini loos her dress are dirty.
She got tensed and ask what happened swara?
Swara : no no nothing Ragini? Just road side water poured.
Ragini (angrily) :who is the idiot?
Swara : no not he. Mistake is mine. I have been on wrong side.
Ragini looks her surprisingly as she would not convince so easily that too for a unknown guy.
Screen freeze on swaragini..

Precap : Laksh came to know about Ragini..

Hope you guys enjoying it. Please please please do comments..

Credit to: Adithi

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