Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 39

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Here we go..
It’s morning..
At MM house..
Preparation for haldhi..
Whole house is getting ready for the function..
As all fixed before after exams swasan marriage..
Nithi and Laksh were working happily..
The whole situation is so pleasent with smiling faces..
Sanskar in his room wearing formal sandel color dress..
He is standing near the window and looking at the plant in their garden.. That flower swara tried to pick jumping like a kid.. A smile came to his face.. (Aww cuteie ???)
At Gadodia mansion..

Swara in a pink dress looking so pretty..
Ragini looks her in the mirror..
Ragini (emotionally) : swara.. I’m very happy for you..
Swara turns..
Ragini’s eyes are filled with happy tears..
Swara hugs her..
Arjun came there and looks swaragini..
Arjun (teasingly) : oh oh.. Swaragini sisters.. Let me also join..
They smiles and Arjun also hug them..
Sumi and shailu comes there and looks them happily..
Sumi: Swara.. It’s getting late.. We have to go na..
Swara nodes..

Gadodia family went to Maheshwari house..
Maheshwari family welcomes them..
Raglak and Arthi looks each other..
Laksh moves to Ragini secretly..
Laksh (wisphers) : hey.. You are looking gorgeous..
Ragini blushes..
Laksh : so when is going to be ours..
Ragini looks him differently..
Laksh : what?! Why are you looking like that?!
Ragini : ours?!
Laksh : huh.. Our haldhi..
Ragini (laughingly) : but why should we do haldhi..
Laksh (seriously) : we love each other.. We are going to get married.. That’s why..
Ragini : Marriage?! We?! When did I told that?!.
Laksh got really angry..

Ragini (teasingly) : I said I love you.. But it doesn’t mean that I should marry you.. I was..
He forget where he is standing. He got so angry and hold her close..
Laksh (strong, serious, angry tone) : don’t play like this Ragini..
Ragini got worried on seeing Laksh this much angry..
Laksh : I don’t like these games.. You.. Don’t repeat this ever..
He hold her so tight that her hand started paining..
He realized and loosen his grip..
Her eyes are fill with tears..
He looked around to see anyone looking them.. But no all are busy with their work for the haldhi function..
He moved.. Ragini is still standing there in the shock..
Nithi looks her..
Nithi : what happened Ragini?!
Ragini came to sense and looks nithi.. But her mind is searching for Laksh..
Nithi nodes..
Ragini : where is Laksh..
Nithi : don’t know what happened to him.. He went to terrace angrily..
Ragini runs to terrace..
Swara from entrance itself looking for sanskar..
Arjun teases her..
Sanskar came..
Swasan had an eye lock..

Nithi wisphers to sanskar “bhaiya.. Romancing huh?! Look her now itself.. Because after haldhi till marriage you can’t meet her”
Sanskar got bit shocked by this..
Swara looks him what?!
Sanskar mad a sad face..
Arthi looks and smiles..
At terrace..
Laksh is standing at a corner so angrily..
Ragini looks him..
Ragini moves close to him..
He knows that she came but he doesn’t turn..
Ragini (shivering tone) : Laksh..
He doesn’t respond..
She kept her hand on his shoulder.
Ragini : Laksh.. Why are you so angry?! I was just joking?!
He doesn’t respond..
Ragini : Laksh really I’m sorry..
Still he is so angry just because he don’t even want to think that he can live without Ragini..
Ragini pulled him and turned him.
He looked her..

His eyes.. God so much of angry..
Ragini was really afraid of that..
Ragini (pleading tone) : I’m sorry..
Laksh : Ragini.. Can you understand what I’m feeling.. I don’t have that much of courage to lose you.. I can’t imagine a life without you..
Ragini’s eyes are filled with tears..
Ragini holding her ears said “sorry..”
He hugged her..
Ragini (cryingly) : I’m sorry.. I’m really sorry.. I won’t play like this again..
Laksh : no no Ragini.. I’m sorry.. You was just playing.. I got so emotional..
The hug remains more than a while..
Sanskar signs swara to come and he moves..
He went to garden..
Swara told sumi that she will come in a minute and went to garden..
Sanskar standing there near a tree..

Swara : hey..
He turned and gave her those flowers whiskey he gave her first time..
She surprisingly looks him..
Sanskar : swara..
Swara happily hold those flowers but sanskar pulled her with that..
They had an eye lock.. She blushes..
Sanskar : so.. We can’t meet hear after.. So..
Swara : so..
Sanskar :so..
Swara :so..
Sanskar pulled her even more closer..
Swara (looking around) : sanskar.. Somebody may come..
Sanskar : let them come..
He leaned down to kiss her.. She closed her eyes..

Screen freezes..

To be continue..

Hope you guys like it.. As I’m from Tamil nadu I don’t know all this rituals yaar.. Sorry.. Please please do comments..

Credit to: Adithi


  1. Ira

    Hey ure ff is just amazing and don’t think much about the rituals and all it fine ….hey u are my neighbor I mean neighboring state Tamil nadu and I am from Karnataka

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