Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 38

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Here we go..
Arjun enters..
Nithi and sanlak looks shocking and also confused why arjun came there..
As nithi said she is not ready for this all are in that shock.
AP looks arjun and said “Arjun?!”
Rathan (surprisingly) : Do you know my son?!
Nithi’s heart had a heart quack on hearing “my son”
Arjun on all this completely confused about all their expressions..
Arjun nodes Laksh what..

He doesn’t reply as he is in shock.
Sanskar (shockingly) :Arjun your son?!
Shailu : Huh beta..
AP (confusingly) : but he is working in sanskar’s office?!
Shailu smilingly explains her son’s wish..
But nithi is in complete shock and now her thoughts are just what should she do now..
Arjun looks her and thinks why she is so tensed. She must be happy now.. What happened..
DP : nithi what are you saying..
Sanlak looks nithi..
Nithi (at ultimate tension) : I mean.. I’m.. Just..
Rathan and Shailu looks her..
AP : nithi beta.. Say it clearly..

Sanskar suddenly interrupted ” she said she is not ready now.. If it is after her studies she is OK with that.. Hena nithi?!”
Nithi immediately nodes yes..
All became glad to hear this..
Arjun looks nithi and nodes what..
She looks him angrily..
Rathan and DP made a formal talk..
Nithi went to her room angrily.. Arjun follows her to her room..
Arjun happily went closeer saying “how is my surprise?!”
She suddenly turned and started beating him hard..
“ouch.. Ouch.. Oh stop it,”
He hold her hand. Both had a an eye lock..
Arjun : don’t you like my surprise..

Nithi (angrily) : surprise.. My foot..
Arjun got confused why she is angry..
Her eyes are filled with tears.. He pulled her close and hugged her..
Arjun : what happened..
Nithi : you idiot.. I was about to say no to this proposal.. How do I know that it’s you.. Your stupid surprise..
Arjun broke the hug and cupped her face..
Arjun : oh really.. If you said no..
She looked him curiously to hear what he is going to say..
Arjun : if you said no.. I will be escaped..
He laughs and she again beats him and tears roll off from her eyes..
He suddenly pulled her and looked into her eyes..
She looks him deeply..
Arjun (strong tone) : listen.. It’s not so easy for you to leave me.. Whatever happens my love was you and will be forever.. Nothing can separate us.. You got it ?!
She smiles and hugs him. So tight hug.. That hug says nothing will separate them..
Sanlak enters..

Arthi break their hug..
Sanskar (excitingly) : Arjun.. Really you are Rathan vagera’s son?! You didn’t told me that..
Arjun smiles..
Laksh(teasingly) : And really a very good surprise huh.. Hena nithi..
Nithi looks him angrily.. All three handsome boys laughs..
It’s night at Gadodia house..
Shailu and Rathan informed that nithi Arjun proposal accepted by Maheshwari family..
All became glad to hear this..
Swaragini are extremely happy about this..
All had a happy sleep..
It’s morning..
It’s the last exam for swara, nithi and arjun…
At college swara nithi and Laksh finished their exams and said bye to their friends and staffs and leaves..
Screen freezes..

Precap: swasan haldhi…

Hope you guys like it.. Please please do comments.. Guys I think here after its going to be swasan raglak and Arthi romance..

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