Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 37

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Here we go..
Rathan talks about nithi Arjun marriage to DP.
DP also thinks Rathan is a good business man and also a respectable person so his son will also be like him. But he thought to talk to nithi about this..
Party got dismissed after some time..
DP informed about this to AP.. AP also agrees and told him to talk with nithi first..
DP calls sanskar Laksh and nithi..
DP: nithi beta.. I want talk some important thing..
Nithi looks like what..
DP in a strong tone as all father explained about Rathan and her marriage proposal..
Nithi and sanlak faces got changed to shock on hearing this..
Nithi looks sanlak like please bhaiya help me..
Laksh and sanskar looks each other.. Till now any of them never opposed DP ‘s words.
At last Laksh gained some energy and started talking..
Laksh : Pappa.. I don’t think that nithi is older enough to get married.. She is still studying na?

DP(looking him sharply) : swara is also studying with nithi.. Anyway I’m not saying that she should get married immediately.. It can be done even after her studies..
Nithi looks on shockingly..
Sanskar : but badepappa..
DP looks all three of them and felt something.
DP : why are you all this much tensed?! Why are trying to stop this so urgently.. Do you all hiding anything from me..
All three looks each other..
Sanskar : no no badepappa.. Nothing like that..
Nithi : huh Pappa.. Nothing like that.. I want to study and also I never thought about this.. That’s why..
DP : OK then.. I will ask them to come tomorrow.. After talking to them if you felt OK we will proceed…
Saying this DP leaves..
Sanlak looks nithi.. Her eyes are filled with tears..
Sanskar : nithi.. Why are you crying now.. Don’t you hear what badepappa said.. He told that after talking to them if you felt OK then it will proceed..
Nithi : bhaiya.. I can’t understand.. What should I do now.. Can I call and inform arjun..
Laksh : no no nithi.. He may get worried.. Listen this is so simple.. If you say no after meeting them it won’t happen..
Sanlak console her and also promised her that they will unite her with Arjun..
It’s morning..
DP called Rathan and invited them to their house..
Rathan agrees..
At Gadodia mansion..
Rathan told this to shalu Arjun and all other family members…
Sumi : oh really.. Maheshwari family..
Shailu : what?! Do you know them..
Dadi: hare Shailu.. They are swara’s future sasural..

Rathan and Shailu got surprised to hear this.
Shekhar : I’m very happy.. Really nithi is a very nice girl..
Rathan : I’m also very happy that swara and arjun both related to same house..
Swaragini looks arjun smilingly..
Arjun feels very happy about all the happenings..
At Arjun’s room..
Swara : bhaiya.. Did you informed nithi…
Ragini : or else did she called you..
Arjun : no no my dear sisters.. We are going to meet her today na?! I want see how much she will be happy about this..
Swaragini agrees and smiles..
At evening Rathan Shailu and Arjun went to Maheshwari home..
Arjun went to park the car..
Rathan and Shailu entered.. Maheshwari family welcomes them..
Sujatha : your son didn’t came?!
Shailu : he went to park the car.. He will come now..
She nodes.. Sanlak looking tensed..
After some formal talk AP calls nithi..
Nithi came there.. She looks them and made a formal smile..
All their talking turned towards marriage..
Nithi got tensed.. She can’t wait anymore.. If she don’t talk now she may not able to talk here after..
Sanlak also can’t understand what to do..

Nithi (shivering tone): no.. I’m not ready for this..
All looks her shockingly..
Arjun entered..
Sanlak and nithi looks shocking..
Screen freezes..

To be continue..

Hope you guys like it.. Please do comments.. Thank you..

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