Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 36

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At Gadodia mansion…
Swasan entered..
Swara’s mom and dadi takes arthi..
Swara entered home..
Arjun : how are feeling now swara?!
Swara : much better bhaiya..
Sumi: you take rest beta..
Swara lies on the bed..
Arjun looks for Ragini..
He moves to sanskar and asks him secretly “where is ragini?!”
Sanskar “with Laksh”
Arjun and sanskar smiles.
Raglak at car..
Ragini : Laksh.. Let’s make a deal..
Laksh : what deal?!
Ragini : here after you should not make me angry.. You should not argue with me.. You should not fight with me..
Laksh turns and looks her.
Laksh : but I didn’t do any of these things Ragini..
Ragini looked him angrily.
He stopped..

Ragini : And one more thing.. You should not lie to me..
Laksh made his face like he can’t understand what to do.. Whatever he says it will make her angry.
Ragini understands his thoughts.
She herself felt that she is over reacting.. She won’t be like this with anyone else.. When she argue with Laksh she feels like whatever happens he won’t let her alone.. How much she may fight she have such a trust that he will be with her all her life.. She never felt this with anyone else.. That’s why she feels good to argue with him and that reunion after the fight she likes that.. She knows that he will understand her.
She stares him.
He turned.
Laksh : why are you looking like that Ragini?!
Ragini : oh.. Should I have to ask permission to look at you?!
Laksh (tensed tone) : oh please.. I’m sorry.. Don’t get angry again..
He made his face cute..
Ragini smiles and hits him.. He got confused..
Ragini thinks ” oh God.. Laksh I’m sorry.. But I like this”
They reached home..
Sumi looks them together..
Ragini got tensed and made a self explanation that they went to get medicines for swara..
Sumi nodes.
After sometimes sanlak are about to leave …
Sanskar looks swara..
He placed a caring kiss on her forehead and told her to take care and leaves with Laksh..

At MM house..
Sujatha and AP looks them.
Sujatha : sanskar.. Laksh.. How is swara?!
Laksh: huh chachi.. She is OK.. She got discharged..
AP : thank God.. I’m very glad to hear this..
Sanlak smiles.

At sanskar’s room..
Nithi : really bhaiya.. I’m very happy.. You got my friend back..
Sanskar smiles..
Laksh : OK ok drama queen.. Stop it huh..
Nithi looks him angrily and runs to hit him. He started running..
Sanskar : Again.. Oh God you both still playing like kids..
All three smiles..

Like the way a week passed.. Swara got recovered completely.. All are going good.. Swasan, raglak and Arthi are happy with their love story..
Arjun’s parents reached India..
Gadodia family were happy about their arrival..
Rathan informed about his meeting with Maheshwari company owner..
Arjun on hearing this became happy but he doesn’t told his father that he is working in one of their company..
DP and Rathan vagera meeting..
At the first meeting itself Rathan had a good impression on DP and RP..
He likes their way of approach and also Rathan’s friend have told him that DP have a daughter..
Rathan after meeting DP felt that if their daughter came as Arjun’s wife it will be good.. But he just have this wish but don’t know whether everything will come good..
At Gadodia mansion..
Rathan informed about this to Arjun..
Arjun (excited tone) : really dad..
Rathan got confused by his excitation..
Arjun realized that.
Arjun : I mean really you think they are good.
Rathan : huh beta.. I like their family, their behavior, their way of approach.. Definitely their daughter will be a sanskari ladki..
Arjun as obeying his father’s words said OK..
He went to swaragini room..
He informed about those things..
Ragini : wow.. Bhaiya.. You are very lucky..
Swara (happily) : OK I will call and inform nithi..
Arjun (suddenly) : no..
Swaragini looks him confusingly.
Arjun : we should not inform her now.. I thought to surprise her.. So let her know this when my dad speaks to her dad..
Swaragini agrees..
DP invited Rathan to their house with some other partners to have a get together party..

At MM house..
All partners of Maheshwari family were there..
Rathan decided to talk to DP..
DP introduces all his family members to Rathan.
But Maheshwari family don’t know that they are Arjun’s parents.. As well as rathan don’t know that they are swara’s future sasural..
Rathan looks nithi now he decided that nithi is perfect for arjun..

Precap : Nithi says no for marriage..

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