Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 35

Thank you guys for comments.. I thought my last update was good.. But I got very less number of comments.. But It’s OK.. Thank you silent readers..
Here we go..
At hospital..
Swara and sanskar were in the room..
Swara looking sanskar.. Now, this time.. she just want to be with him the whole life..
Sanskar looks swara..
Sanskar : What are you looking at me?!
Swara : My happiness..
Sanskar (smilingly) : Are you going to sleep now or not?!
Swara nodes no and made a cute face..
Sanskar : oh oh.. After marriage you may think ulta..!!!
Swara (seriously) : sanskar.. Don’t talk like that.. I want to be with you my whole life..
Her eyes filled with tears..
Sanskar : swara.. I was just joking..
She hugged him.. He consoles her..

Sanskar : OK sleep now.. Doctor told you to take rest..
He made her sleep and covered her with blanket..
He rests his face in his palm and looking at her sitting near a chair..
How calm, polite and cute face..
He looked her and don’t know when he fall asleep..
It’s morning..
Ragini came to hospital with some fruits and dress for swara.. She was in hurry as she is late that swara may be hungry..
While walking at the entrance she collides with Laksh..
Laksh too came there to meet swasan..
The fruits and dress which Ragini had fell down..
She looked Laksh angrily..
Ragini (angry) : don’t you have eyes Laksh?! Look what you have done..
Laksh looks her.. His reaction is like oops I’m dead..
Laksh : but you only came in hurry and…
She looked him strongly so he stopped.
Ragini turns to collect those stuffs suddenly her leg slipped and she is about to fell.
Laksh hold her. They had an eye lock.
Ragini : Are you going to let me or going to stand like this whole day?!.
He suddenly left her that she fell down..

She looks him angrily..
Ragini : Laksh.. Why did you let me down now..
He made a innocent face..
Laksh : you told me to leave.. Now you are asking why did you leave.. What should I do?!
Ragini : don’t talk anymore Laksh..
She started collecting her stuffs from ground. Laksh is looking at her.
Ragini : what?! Should I invite you to help me?!
Laksh nodes no and helped her.
Both entered the room..
Where swara is sleeping on the bed and Sanskar on the chair.
Sanskar wakes by the door sound.
Raglak standing there.
Ragini :sanskar.. Is everything OK..
Sanskar : huh Ragini.. Swara is still sleeping.. I guess she had a good sleep..
Ragini looks swara..
Sanskar looks Laksh..
Sanskar : hey Laksh..
Laksh doesn’t reply and looks Ragini..
Swara wakes by this sound.
Ragini : swara.. How are you feeling now?!

Swara nodes and smiles.
Swara looks Laksh and smiles but he doesn’t respond..
Swara looks sanskar and signs what.. He nodes don’t know..
Swara : what happened Laksh?!
He looked Ragini..
Sanskar : oh do you guys had fight again?!
Ragini nodes no.
Ragini (looking Laksh) : what are you doing Laksh?!
Laksh (innocent tone) : you told me not to talk. That’s what I’m doing..
Sanskar and swara started laughing and Ragini looks him angrily..
Sanskar : oh.. Now I get it.. You are following your future wife’s words.. So nice.. Ha ha..
Laughingly he turned to swara.
Swara (ordering tone) : sanskar.. You have to learn this from your brother..
Sanskar looked her shocking and said “ji madam”
All four laughs..
Doctor told that swara cam be discharged today itself. So after paying bill all four are about to leave..
Laksh thought to leave swasan alone..
Laksh : sanskar.. You take swara home.. I will Ragini…

Sanskar signs him teasingly and took swara to car.
Swasan in car..
Swara looking at sanskar..
Sanskar felt that..
Sanskar (on looking road) : swara.. I asked you some questions.. You didn’t answered me..
Swara remembers those questions sanskar asked in hospital..
Swara : sanskar.. I will answer all the questions.. 1st you asked why I didn’t hurt you.. Because I can’t do that.. I can show attitude to all my friends and family but not to you.. Because.. Because I LOVE YOU..
Sanskar felt like a flash of light in his heart..
Swara : yes I don’t like to see that Neha with you.. Not only her any girls being close with you.. I can’t tolerate that.. Because I LOVE YOU..
Sanskar felt so happy that swara is so possessive..
Swara looked him so deeply..
Sanskar : I love so much swara..
She smiled and rests on his shoulder..
Raglak at hospital..
Ragini is still angry with him..
Laksh tries to console her.
Laksh : meri ma.. I’m sorry..

Ragini : you spoiled my image in front of them..
Laksh : I telling sorry na?!.
Ragini turns her face.
He moved close to her and hugged her suddenly. She tries to push him but he tightened his grip. After that she hugged him back..
Screen freezes on swasan and raglak..

To be continue….

Hope you guys like it.. Please please do comments..

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