Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 34


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Here we go..
All the family members are happy to hear that swara is OK..
Nithi looks Arjun emotional. Her look also have a question.. How Arjun thought that sanskar can give swara this much hope that she will fight back against her death..
Arjun signs her.. I know…
Laksh (emotionally) : sanskar.. U really did so good..
Ragini (thankful tone) : sanskar.. You can’t even imagine how much you helped us today.. Thank you.. Thank you sooo much..

Sanskar looked her like no its not for you it’s for me..
Ragini also know that..
Sumi and Shekhar became emotional..
After sometimes a nurse came and informed that patient is changed to normal ward they can go and meet her…
All are rushed to swara..
Swara lying on bed looks them smilingly..
Ragini and sumi became so happy that they can’t control their tears..
Nithi (teasingly) : swara.. Do you thought to bunk your exams that why you did like this na?!
All laughs.. But sanskar looking only at swara..
His heart is so calm like middle of a sea..

After some happy time Maheshwari family is about to leave..
DP: OK Shekhar ji.. We are leaving.. If anything need please call us immediately..
Shekhar : oh sure..
Sumi: swara.. Take care..
Swara nodes and smiles..
All turns to move but sanskar still in the same position..
DP looks him..
Laksh : pappa.. Sanskar can come later na?!
DP nodes and all leaves..
Swara looks sanskar..
Arjun notices this..
Arjun : masi.. Mm.. All you must be tired na?! Come let’s go to canteen..
Sumi understands and moves..
Ragini signs swara and leaves..
Swara looks sanskar..
Sanskar moved close to her and sits near her in the bed..
Swara looks him lovingly..
Sanskar looks her like all his happiness.. His smile.. His life came back to him..
Swara : sanskar.. May I ask you one thing?!
He nodes..
Swara : did you really felt that much bad when you looked me like that..
He doesn’t reply. He simply looks her.
Swara : how do you felt that you can get my conscious back..
He doesn’t reply..
Swara : tell me na sanskar.. Why are quite..
Sanskar (very determinent and flawless tone) : swara.. Look at my eyes.. Can’t you see what I’m feeling.. What all the I must say.. U usually understand me without words.. But this time do you really need words… Should I have to explain that..
She nodes no.. Both look each other.. No words but lots of words happening.. No talk but lots of messages exchanging.. No sound but lots of feelings are realized..
Swara (very low tone) : sanskar.. What if I have not..
He immediately kept his finger on her mouth..
Sanskar : don’t say that swara.. If it happened I may not dye.. My body may not burned.. But my sole it won’t be in this world… My smile, my happiness, my hope all would have died.. Without you this world will become a hell for me.. You can’t imagine that swara.. You can’t even think how it will be to lead life in a hell..
Her visuals are shattered by her tears..
She hugged him so tight..
He too hugged her back..
She cries..
Her life is complete now..
They both don’t want to break the hug..
Sanskar is now feeling like even if he dies now he will be very happy..
AP happy sound came ” wow..”
Both moved back and turned..
Ragini is standing there with orange juice in her hand..
Ragini : sorry.. I have entered in a wrong time..
She turns to leave..
Swara : Ragini..
She turned..
Sanskar : Ragini.. Come in..
Ragini : I’m very happy swara.. Thank you sooo much sanskar..
Her eyes filled with tears..
Sanskar (teasingly) : oh God.. You sisters becomes emotional so easily..
Both looks him angrily..
All three smiles..
Sumi came there..
Sumi : Ragini.. You go home with dad.. I will be here with swara..
Ragini looks swara and then sanskar..
Ragini : no mom.. Here someone will take care more care than we do..
Sumi looked swara..
Shekhar came there saying “Ragini is right..”
All looks him.
Shekhar : sharmista.. Ragini shall we go..
Shekhar looked sanskar.. He looks him like he doesn’t need to say sanskar to take of his daughter.. He knows that sanskar will take good care of swara..
They leaves..
Swasan looks each other..
Screen freezes..

Precap :raglak..

Sorry guys for the short update.. I stacked with some work.. Will update next one longer.. Hope you guys like it.. Please do comments..

Credit to: Adithi

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