Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 33


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Here we go..
Sanskar in broken state sitting near swara..
He is holding her hand.
That touch showed a promise of being with her throughout this life…
It’s showed a trust, value of their relationship..
Sanskar looks her..
I guess his tears will stop only if she opens her eyes..
Sanskar with lots of struggle and difficulty started talking ” swara.. Why are you doing like this.. You know how much it hurts me.. Oh God.. What I’m talking.. How do you know that I’m feeling bad?! Till now I didn’t told you na..”
” you know one thing swara.. When the first time I saw you, you were looking me like you have never met a boy before.. I thought you are so immature.. But you proved me wrong.. You acted so mature in our marriage decision and also when solving problems between Ragini and Laksh.. After then nithi told me that you use to show attitude to everyone.. But I don’t remember even once you hurted me.. Why swara?! I need an answer for this.. ”

He looked her she is still in the same state…
He continues” I guess you don’t like Neha.. I saw a irritating reaction in you whenever Neha comes close to me.. You have to answer me why?!..
He can’t talk anymore.. His words are broken.. He wants to cry hard. But doctor advised him that it will make her weak.. So he controlled.
Sanskar ” swara.. They are telling me that I should give you the hope of life.. But.. But what do they know that you are the only hope of my life.. You can’t go just like this leaving me alone in this world.. Come back swara.. We need you.. If raglak fights again who will solve it.. Who will play with ma and Pappa.. Who will tease Arjun.. Who will be for me in this world.. ”
He looked her. He felt a slight movement in her hand..
” swara listen.. I was about to tell you something today.. This may be the world’s worst proposal… No boy would have proposed his girlfriend in this state.. But swara.. I know you are hearing me.. You have to come back to answer all my questions and also to hear that I LOVE YOU swara.. I LOVE YOU..

He was broken. He bowed his head and placed his face in her hand..
She slowly very slowly opened her eyes.. But he doesn’t noticed her..
He continues ” I want to see all the mornings by holding your hand.. I want see your face at the end of the day.. I want share all my happiness with you.. I want to be with you throughout my life.. Sometimes spending time with some people will give happiness.. You gave me such a happiness swara.. Now please don’t snatch my happiness from me.. I LOVE YOU SWARA.. I LOVE YOU..
Swara looks him.. Her eyes are rolling with tears..
Sanskar turned up and looked her.
She smiles.. That moment he saw that she came to conscious he was out of this world..
All his thinks and thoughts are now jammed.. He don’t want anything other than this..
Swara smiles..

Sanskar (emotionally) : swara.. Thank you sooo much swara.. I’m..
He can’t talk.. A bunch of happiness stopped his words..
Swara (very slowly) : This is.. the.. world’s.. best.. proposal…
He got surprised, happy, amazed all kind of good feelings happened at same time..
Doctor : you please wait outside..
Sanskar looked her.. He placed a sweet kiss on her forehead.. She smiled and closed her eyes slowly..
He moved out..
All the family members waiting outside are curious on seeing him..
Sanskar nodes happily..
All became very happy..
Screen freezes…

Precap : swasan…

Hope you guys like it.. Please please please do comments.. Thank you..

Credit to: Adithi

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  8. BTW she is her fiance why he is telling that no big would proposed to his girlfriend in this way. They are officially engaged.

    1. Dear.. Even after you married to one you have to live your life with him /her will be a condition.. Real happiness is one that if you love your partner or you married to your loved one..

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