Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 32


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Here we go..

Swara is unconscious..
Sanskar’s eyes filled with tears..
“swara.. Please open your eyes.. Don’t do this swara ”
He got down from the car and took her out of the car.
He hold her in his arms..

” swara.. No you can’t do this.. Swara open your eyes ”
His heart is filled with fear of losing her.
He immediately lifted her.
Some near by people stopped a auto and helped him to go to nearby hospital..
At hospital doctors took her to emergency ward.
Sanskar’s eyes are continously rolling with tears. He is not ready to let swara out of his life. His thinking sense is not active now.
He doesn’t informed anyone about this as he is not at all in the state to think about that. His heart is completely occupied by swara..
Laksh and nithi at home thinking why sanskar is still not back to home.
Laksh called sanskar but both swasan phones are in the car itself.
Laksh : phone is ringing but he is not responding..
Nithi : I think bhaiya took swara to some romantic place to propose.. That’s why he is not responding..
Laksh agreed her..

Similarly at gadodia house Arjun and Ragini thinks the same..
At hospital the doctors and nurses are running hear and there. The whole situation increased his fear.
A doctor came to him.
Doctor: Are you relative to the patient..
Sanskar (shivering tone) : my future wife.. What happened doctor?! Nothing serious na?!
Doctor: hmm.. We can’t say that right now.. We need a signature..
Sanskar tensed by this.
Doctor : but only husband or father of the patient should sign.. So please inform her parents immediately..

Sanskar got a deep pain on hearing this. What does it means. It means swara is so serious. Oh God please help me.. I want her..
Suddenly a nurse came there and informed that her pulse is getting low.
Doctor insist to call her father immediately and moved.
Sanskar is not in the state to call or inform. But he have to. He called Shekhar and informed about the situation.
Gadodia family reached the hospital.
Sumi and Ragini are crying badly.
All those happenings doesn’t attracted sanskar’s sense. He is looking at the icu room blankly.
Just then nithi called Arjun to tell him about swasan romantic date.
Arjun (shivering tone) : nithi..
She got scared by his voice. She felt that something bad happened.
Nithi : Arjun is everything OK?!
He broken. He informed about swasan accident.
Nithi got shocked and cries.
Maheshwari family reached the hospital..
All are worried about swara’s condition.
Laksh moved to sanskar. Sanskar don’t know what’s happening there who came what they are talking nothing is registered in his mind.
Laksh hold him with shoulder.
Laksh’s eyes filled with tears seeing sanskar’s state.
A doctor came.
All are curious to know about swara’s condition.
Doctor : we saved her life.. But..
Everyone got tensed…
DP: but what doctor?!

Doctor : but she is still in unconscious state. Her head hitted hard. So her nerves got damaged. If it continous like this she may go to coma…
Sumi Ragini Arjun and Shekhar are extremely shocked.
Nithi tries to console them.
Sanskar on hearing this feels like the whole world is stopped. The visual in front of him started disappearing. His legs are not ready to carry his body weight anymore. He is about to fell. Laksh hold him tight.
DP : please don’t say that doctor.. There will be some way.. Please save her..
Doctor: there is only way.. One of you can go inside and talk to her. Now she have to fight herself against death. You tell her that how much she means to you all. You make her realise the hope of her life.. If it happens she may try to pull back her conscious..
Saying this doctor moved.
All are in such a state that right now nothing is important than swara’s life..
Sumi looks Shekhar..
Tears are rolling off from both their eyes.
Shekhar looked Ragini whether she wants to go inside. But Ragini is not sure about whether she can do that.

Suddenly Arjun in a strong and confidence tone ” sanskar should go”
All looked him. Sanskar himself not in state to listen or talk anything..
Arjun (shivering tone) : sanskar.. I know.. Only you can get back swara.. I want my sister back.. I trust you..
Sanskar looked Shekhar. He nodes.
He turned towards ICU room. Laksh helped him to walk as his legs are shivering and feels so weak.
He entered.
Swara lying on the bed looks like she is sleeping.
He moved to her and sat besides her.
A very intense pain he felt on seeing her in this state.
His eyes are rolling with tears..
He took her hand and placed between his hands.
Screen freezes..

Precap : sanskar’s emotional talk with swara..

Hope you guys like it.. Please please please do comments.. Thank you..

Credit to: Adithi

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