Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 3


Hey guys thank you for comments and suggestions… So here Nithi is going to be Adithi from thapki-pyaar-ki and Arjun is gonna be Abheer from bathmeezdil.. This is just a written update. So if you guys don’t like this pair u can imagine ur favorite…

Here we go..
Ragini’s turn for audition. Her name called in mike. Laksh looks her and she went to audition.
Laksh himself says “Ragini, sweet name just like u”
Ragini use to play sitar. As usual she rocked and got selected to the next round. The music she played is the one swaragini played on jugalbandi after their marriage.
Ragini came out with happiness. Laksh understand that she got selected.
He suddenly stands and forwarded his hand and said congrats. As she cannot hesitate she gives him hand and said thanks. Then she leaves as the next round is after a week. Laksh just then decided that he should be selected so that he can meet Ragini again.
Swara in college..

Ragini called her and informs that she got selected. Swara become happy. She shares this with her friend Nithi.
Nithi : oh that’s great. My bhai also went to that audition. Hope he will get selected.
Swara : Sure. He will..
Sanskar’s office..
Swara calls arjun and informs Ragini is selected. She tell him to pick her from college as they have to give treat to Ragini. Arjun after completing his work goes to sanskar’s room.
Arjun : sir, I have go earlier today. I completed my work. Shall I go now.
Sanskar looks him strangely as he never asked for earlier leave like this.
Sanskar : sure.. But may I know y? U r looking very happy..
Arjun : s sir. My sister got selected in a music competition.
Sanskar : so this is y u r happy. So nice. OK carry-on.
Arjun leaves.

This is the first time arjun going to swara’s college.
Swara Nithi and some of her friends are chatting near parking.
Arjun enters with his bike.
He comes near swara and gang takes helmet off. Nithi looks him and just falls in love with him at first sight.
Swara (to arjun) : so u came. Meet my friends..
She introduces one by one and last Nithi.
Nithi is still looking at him forget to breathe.
Swara shakes her and asks “what happened?”
Nithi (tensly) : nothing.
Arjun says hi to everyone.
Arjun (to swara) : shall we go..
Swara says bye to her friends and leaves with arjun in his bike.

Music audition is running and Laksh is called.
He plays guitar. He too got selected. When he got selected the first thing came into his mind is he can see Ragini again.
Gadodia house..
Ragini swara Arjun and all other family members are there.
Swara and Arjun brought a cake for Ragini.
Ragini (surprisingly) : just first round is done. U guys bought cake??!! You r u guys so excited? There are many rounds to go.
Swara : we know that Ragini. But also know that you are going to win so we are celebrating.
Swaragini hugs and family gets happy.
Arjun : oh if ur sister emotions over shall we cut the cake.
They smile..
Arjun (with fake anger) : I’m the one take swara to brought the cake but u r not at all considering me!!
Ragini : oh.. Bhai and hugs him.
They cut the cake and had sweet time.

MM house..
Laksh informs everyone that he got selected. All are happy to here this.
Nithi : Bhai.. U know what? My best friend’s sister also got selected in the same competition.
Laksh smiles and nodes. But Laksh don’t know that the girl Nithi is taking about is ragini.
Sanskar’s room..
Laksh and sanskar are there.
Laksh : sanskar.. U know what? I saw a girl there.
Sanskar : where?
Laksh :in the audition. She too came for audition and got selected.
Sanskar looks Laksh for a while and asks “u like her”. Laksh surprisingly asks” how did u know ”
Sanskar :this is the first time u r talking to me about a girl.
Laksh blushes.
Sanskar : so who is she?
Laksh :I don’t know. But I will meet her in next week audition.
Sanskar smiles.
Just then Nithi comes there and asks” what are u both talking without me? ”
Sanskar tells her that Laksh is talking about a girl.
Nithi : oh wow bhaiya.. U are talking about a girl!! Interesting.. What is her name?
Laksh is about to say but sujatha call them for dinner and they leaves.
Between sanlak and Nithi they won’t hide anything. They share everything with each other.
Sanskar is reserved type. He won’t talk much with outsiders. But he loves Laksh and Nithi.
After dinner Nithi in her room thinking about Arjun. Already she knows him through swara so it hasn’t been so difficult to fall for such a handsome guy..
Gadodia house..

Swaragini room..
Swara and Arjun were talking.
Swara : u came from office earlier today??!!
Arjun :huh.. My MD is so kind. He won’t restrict all this.
Swara nodes. But swara don’t know that he is working in sanskar’s company as she knows sanskar as Nithi’s brother.
Just then Ragini comes and three of them talked for a while and Arjun left to his room.
Laksh in his room thinking about Ragini..
Meanwhile Nithi about Arjun..
Screen freezes on Laksh and Nithi..

Precap :swasan meeting..

Hope you guys like it.. Please do comments..

Credit to: Adithi

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