Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 29

Thank you guys.. I thought my last update was long but on seeing your comments I was smiling that it’s not so longer… I will try to make it guys..
Here we go..
At car parking all six are talking and laughing while a girl came there.
” Hi.. You sanskar?! ”
All looked her. Sanskar’s expression showed clearly that he knows the girl.
Sanskar(surprisingly) : Neha?!
She smilingly nodes and hugs him(just friendly hug) .
Swara looking this felt bad but didn’t showed that.
Neha : How are you..
Sanskar : I’m good.. You?!
Neha : I’m cool..
She turned and looked all standing there.
Laksh and nithi said “hi” as they knew her.

She smiled.
Sanskar : oh I’m sorry.. Guys this is Neha.. My college mate..
Swaragini and arjun smiled.
Sanskar introduced Ragini and Arjun and turned to swara..
Sanskar : And this is swara.. My..
Swara looks him. She wants to hear that..
Sanskar : My.. My fiance..
Neha got surprised hearing this. Swara felt very happy.
Neha (happily) : swara.. You are very lucky.. You know in college how many girls tried him..
Swara looked sanskar. He bowed his head.
Neha : but he didn’t looked one.. Such a gem of person..
Laksh and nithi looks her surprisingly.
Ragini whispers to Laksh “who is this”
Laksh (in low tone) : she is Neha.. Sanskar’s class mate. She loved sanskar.. one side love..
Arjun : really..
Nithi :huh.. Once she proposed bhagya.. But he denied.. So she moved on in her life..
Ragini and Arjun looked her..
She is talking to sanskar and swara looking them.
Ragini : she moved on?!

Laksh :huh.. Sanskar told that she went to abroad for higher studies.. I think she came for vacation..
Neha :ok sanskar.. I will be here for a month.. All the best for your engagement tomorrow.. Don’t forget to call me for your marriage.. See you sanskar .. Swara take care of him.. Bye..
Swara smiles.
She hugged sanskar again and left.
Sanskar looked swara thinking that she may felt bad. Swara avoided eye contact.
Ragini : so shall we go swara..
he nodes.. Raglak and arthi signed each other and moved.
At gadodia home..
Ragini and Arjun were busy in showing the purchase to the family members.
Swara sitting there but not interested in all this. She was thinking about sanskar and Neha.. She got confused.
Ragini noticed her and signed arjun.

They both smiled seeing her confusion..
At MM house..
Sanskar was lost in thoughts of swara..The whole day.. He feels happy to think about her. But only one thing he felt bad is meeting Neha that too in front of swara. At any cost he don’t want to lose swara..
It’s morning…
At MM house..
All the engagement preparations are going on..
Sanskar in his room standing in front of mirror.
He is wearing a violet color sherwani (the same in swaragini when he engaged to Kavita)
He looks so handsome and dashing in that outfit.
Laksh came to see whether sanskar got ready.
Laksh looks him smilingly.
Laksh : bhai.. You are looking very nice..
Sanskar turned and that had a hug.. Laksh also looks very handsome in blue color sherwani..
At gadodia mansion..
Swara is getting ready where Ragini is helping her..
Ragini wearing a purple with golden color lehanga looks so pretty that Laksh is going to be flat for sure.

Swara.. In the red lehanga.. Ooo.. She looks gorgeous, so pretty, so lovely that not only sanskar but any boy will fall for her…
Ragini : swara.. You look beautiful..
Swara smiles.
Sumi came there..
Sumi looked both her daughters.
Sumi (emotionally) : both my daughters are looking so beautiful..
They hugged her.
Sumi : are you ready.. Shall we go now..
Swara nodes.
Just then arjun came there.
He is wearing a red color sherwani looking so cool.
Swaragini (in same voice) : bhaiya.. You look so good..
He smiled.
Arjun : but engagement is not for me..
Sumi smiled and ask them to come.
At MM house..
All are waiting for gadodia family.
Dadi Dada Shekhar and sumi entered..
Laksh and sanskar were looking for swaragini…
Swaragini came..
Sanlak were flat to see them.

Ragini came holding swara’s shoulder..
These boys are not at all in this world.
Sanskar looking swara like no this whole day he cannot take off his eyes from her..
Laksh is also in the same state.
Swaragini looks them.
Ragini signs Laksh but he didn’t respond as he is not at all in his sense..
Just then Arjun came after swaragini..
His eyes are searching for nithi. But he can’t find her.
Suddenly she came behind sanlak..
Wow.. In a green color lehanga she is looks awesome.. She smiled at him. He looks her like he is seeing her for the first time..

All formal welcome are done.
Swara and sanskar are standing together..
Sanskar not at took off his eyes from swara.
Today swara filled his heart completely.
Swara looked him. She can feel his love through this eyes. She felt so happy without any reason thinking that he is looking at her in this way.
Laksh moved to Ragini..
He whispered ” you look very beautiful”
She smiled. Both make sure that no one is watching them.
Arjun moved to nithi.
Arjun : why are doing like this?!
Nithi (confusingly) : what?!
Arjun (romantically) : if you look this much pretty then I can’t take off my eyes and everyone will caught us..
She blushes…

DP : sanskar.. Make swara wear the ring..
He nodes.
AP gave the ring.
He made swara wear the ring. He felt so happy.
Then swara made him wear the ring.
All claps..
All are happy and wished each other..
Sanskar looking at swara..
Swara felt his presence near her nowadays. Her heart is trying to hear his beat.. Her eyes are ready to look him as much as it can whenever he is close to her. She wants to talk but she can’t.
At first they started as friends but now something more than that..
Screen freezes..
Precap : AP noticed Arthi…

Hope you guys like it.. Next epi will be after two days as I have some important work guys.. So please don’t mind.. Thank you for reading.. Please do comments..

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