Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 28


Thank you friends.. Many of requesting for long update. So this is gonna be a longgggg epi..
Here we go..
It’s morning..
Ragini wakes and find swara sleeping..
She immediately waked her in hurry-burry.
Ragini : swara.. Swara.. Swara.. Wake up..
Swara waked suddenly that too so tensed.
Swara (tensed tone) : what happened Ragini..
She was so tensed.. That too in morning if someone wakes you up in such a way you can’t understand anything for a minute.
Swara ‘s face was like what’s happening.
Ragini(joyful tone) : swara.. We have go for shopping. So get up.. Get ready..
Swara looked her so angrily..
She shouts ” Ragini.. I’m gonna kill you”

They started pillow fight..
Ragini : swara.. No stop..
Swara : I’m not going to leave you.. You scared me..
They both fighting and laughing while dadi came there..
Dadi : look at these girls..
They stopped and looked dadi.
Dadi: you both are playing like kids.. Go and get ready..
Swara : dadi.. But..
Dadi : but what?! Tomorrow is your engagement swara..
Dadi became worried about swara and her future.
Swara noticed her and hold her hand..
Dadi : swara.. You have to be a good girl.. A good wife.. A good bahu.. But you are not grown still..

Swara : dadima.. Don’t worry.. I will take care..
She hugs her.
Ragini (teasing tone) : but dadima.. Sanskar have to worry for marring this girl.. Oh God poor Maheshwari family …
Swara looks her angrily… Dadi laughs..
Dadi : stop all this and go and get ready… You both go for shopping.. Your mom and dad are going to meet some important persons..
They nodes and dadi leaves..
At MM house..
Sanskar all night thinking about swara.. Laksh entered and find sanskar lost in thoughts..
Laksh : bhai..
Sanskar turned.
Laksh : bhai.. We have to go for shopping.. Your engagement sherwani.. My handsome dress all have to be done today..
Nithi enters
Nithi : and also my wonderful leganga..
Laksh : oh hello.. Engagement is for sanskar not for you..
Nithi (angrily) : not for you too.. Then why you need a handsome dress..
They started fighting.
Sanskar : oh oh.. You both started again.. Leave it guys.. Buy whatever you want..
They smile.
Nithi : OK get ready then..
She smiles and leaves.
Laksh : bhai get ready.. I will wait for you in car..
Sanskar nodes.
Swaragini are ready..
Sumi : Arjun you also go with them..

Arjun nodes and they leave..
At a shopping mall..
Ragini is so happy and busy in selecting dress for swara..
Swara just looking all this but seems to be little confused.. Arjun notice her..
Arjun : swara.. Are you alright?!
Swara nodes and smiles.
Arjun : I think you are confused about something.. Tell me if I can help you..
Swara looks him. The look was like she trust him more that she can share anything with him.
Swara : bhaiya.. I don’t know.. All the things happening so fast.. I can’t think about how it will be or..
Arjun understand her fear.
Arjun (smooth tone) : swara listen.. No need to scare about anything. No need to take any decisions urgently. This is your life. Things will happen only if you are OK with it.. Just think..
Arjun looks her. Swara is now feeling better..
Ragini selected a red colour leghanga.. It seems beautiful.
Ragini : swara look at this..
Swara and arjun turned.
Swara smiles.

Arjun : it’s so good Ragini.. It seems like made for you Isn’t it swara?!
A voice came ” yes, it suits perfect for her”
All three turned..
Sanlak and nithi standing there.
Sanskar looked swara. For the first time on looking her he feels like something special.
Sanskar (looking swara) : swara will fit perfectly in this legangha..
Swara looked him. She got a different feeling like she had never before.
Ragini : hi.. You..
Nithi : huh Ragini.. We also came to do shopping..
Arjun : that’s great..
Laksh : OK let’s done together..
All these are happening but swasan are looking each other. They are not in state of listening anything.
Raglak and arthi notice this.
They started laughing.
Swasan came to sense.
Nithi : bhaiya.. Tomorrow is your engagement, but it seems like you are going to take swara with you today itself..
Swasan smiles embarrassingly..
Nithi : OK.. we have to do shopping for us too.. So Arjun can you help me..
Arjun nodes and arthi leaves.
Laksh : look at this girl (nithi), how cleverly moved with Arjun..
Ragini signs him.

Ragini(pointing that leghanga) : so swara.. Is this OK for you..
She looked sanskar once and said OK.
Ragini : then try this..
She gave that to swara. They moved near trail room.
Swara got inside while raglak and sanskar waiting outside.
Laksh signs Ragini to come. She hesitates.
He made sad face and moved.
Now Ragini have to go.
She looked sanskar.. Sanskar lost in his thoughts imaging swara in that leghanga..
Ragini : sanskar you look after swara.. I will be back in a minute..
Sanskar : But..
She leaved without listening to him..
Inside the room swara is trying to make knots in the blouse but she failed.
Swara : Ragini.. Ragini.. Please come inside..
Sanskar don’t know what to do.. He looked around for Ragini but she is not there.
Swara called her again.
Sanskar with a nervousness entered the room.
Swara didn’t see him as she is turning back.
He looked her.. Oh God.. His heart started beating faster..
Swara : Ragini.. Make this knot.. My hands are not longer enough..
Sanskar was like really he can’t think anu thing.. His mind is completely blank.
He moved close to her..
He hold the thread of the blouse and tied a knot.
Swara turned ” thank you.. Ragini ”

She is shocked.. It’s not Ragini.. It’s….
Laksh is sitting in a bench. He is very angry..
Ragini looks him and sits near him.
Ragini (lovingly) : oh.. What happened to my Laksh.. Why he seems so angry?!
Laksh turned his face.
Ragini : oops.. OK then I’m leaving..
She turned but Laksh hold her.
Ragini looked him. They shared an eye lock..
Laksh : you are not at all caring about me.. You are always want to be with your sister..
Ragini : oh oh.. So this is why my dear is so angry..
She hold her ears and said sorry..
She made her face like oh.. Can anyone be angry with her..
Laksh take her hands from her ears.
She smiled.
Ragini : today the whole day I will be with you. I’m not going anywhere. Promise.
Laksh : really.?!
She nodes and he hugged her.
Arthi were in a ladies section where nithi is busy in searching her dress and Arjun is busy in staring her.
She took one.
Nithi : how is this..
Arjun : very nice..
She picked another and asked.
Arjun : very good..
She picked four or five dresses Arjun replied all are good.
Nithi (angrily) : Arjun.. You are saying all are good. I bring you here to help me but you are confusing me.
Arjun looked her deeply.
Arjun (romantic tone) : but nithi what can I do.. All these dresses if you wear it looks beautiful for my eyes..
Nithi blushes. He is still looking at her.
Nithi (shy tone) : oh stop it arjun.. Why are you looking at me like this..
Arjun : oh oh.. If such a beautiful girl standing in front of me what else I can look..
Nithi : wow arjun.. You became so romantic..
He suddenly pulled her close. She didn’t expected that.
Arjun whispers ” you made me like this”

She looked his eyes. They shared a eye lock..
Nithi : leave me.. This is a public place..
Arjun (without leaving her) : so what?!
Nithi : All are looking us..
Arjun : so what?!
Nithi(shockingly) : sanskar bhaiya..
Arjun leaved her immediately and turned but there is no sanskar..
Nithi started laughing at him..
Swara looking sanskar that too so close.
Sanskar (nervous tone) : I.. Jus.. Ragini.. You..
He really can’t say anything. He don’t find words to explain her.
Swara looking at him like her heart is also beating at extreme rate..
She bowed her head..
Sanskar leaved immediately..
Swara was still standing as it is as she can’t believe what happened now..
Sanskar went outside and scolds himself ” you idiot.. You just like that went inside.. How can you do this.. You didn’t even asked a sorry.. Don’t know what she is thinking now.. God please help me.. She should not take me bad…
Just then raglak came there..
Laksh : bhai.. Why are you looking so nervous..
Sanskar look them but don’t reply.
Swara came out with that leghanga in her hand.
Ragini : swara.. Did you tried it..
Swara nodes.
Ragini noticed that she looks like scared.
Ragini : swara.. Is everything OK?!
Swara : huh Ragini.. Everything is OK.
Ragini smiles and leaves.
Swara looks sanskar. Sanskar bowed his head. He don’t have courage to face her.
Laksh : come let’s go..
They moved.
Arthi and raglak also done their purchase..
At all this swasan were so silent looking each other but didn’t talk anything..
All four noticed that.
Nithi : so bhaiya.. Shall we go to a five star hotel for lunch.
Laksh : of course.. I’m also hungry..

All moved to a hotel. The hotel seems like couple hotel that each table are with only two chairs..
Raglak and arthi sat together. So swasan have to sit together..
Sanskar is really can’t able to handle the situation.. He can’t face her.
Swara also feeling awkward..
Waiter gave them a menu card..
Sanskar looked swara..
Swara ordered her favourite dishes.
Oh what a coincidence.. All those dishes are sanskar’s favorite.. He is surprised
Sanskar (to waiter) make all those two..
Swara looked him like if he really likes all that or..
Sanskar understand what she is thinking..
Sanskar at last gained all his courage.
Sanskar : swara.. I’m.. I’m sorry.. It’s Ragini was not there when you called her.. So..
Swara (politely) : it’s OK sanskar.. I know..
Sanskar looked her very happily thinking that she is not angry with him.. And also she said “I know” which means she understands him..
He smiles.
Swara : but why did you ordered the same dishes..
Sanskar (surprisingly) : whether you trust or not, those are my favorite..
Swara (excitingly): really?!
He nodes and she smiles…
All they are done..
At car parking..
Raglak and Arthi finds swasan talking so casually.
They can’t understand ” why they both are so nervous before and how they both are so normal now”
They talk themselves and laughs..
Swasan looks them confusingly.
Sanskar : why all are you laughing?!
Arjun : sanskar.. You both are confusing us..
Swara : what we did?!
Laksh : first you both act so abnormal.. Now acting so normal..
Swasan understands what they are talking about..
Nithi : but it’s OK bhaiya.. We don’t want any clarification.. Isn’t it guys..
Raglak and arjun said “Noo..” together..
All smiles..
Screen freezes…
Precap : swasan engagement..

I guess here after no one will ask me for longer update ??. Really friends I thought long updates may bore you.. Sorry if I have wasted you time.. Thank you for reading..

Credit to: Adithi

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