Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 27

Thank you friends..
Here we go..
Gadodia family talked to Maheshwari family about fixing dates..
At MM house..
Sanlak and nithi came home.
DP : Sanskar.. We decided to meet pandit to match your kundli with swara’s and to fix date for engagement..

All three looks on..
Sanskar : OK badepappa..
At gadodia mansion..
They informed to swara about this.
At swaragini room…
Ragini : swara.. Are you happy with all this happening..
Swara looks her once.
Swara : of course Ragini..

Ragini looks her eyes to find whether she is really happy.
Yes she finds real happiness in her eyes..
She thinks whether swara started loving him..
Ragini : swara.. I will ask you one thing. You should tell me the truth..
Swara nodes.
Ragini : did you find sanskar in your heart when you close your eyes..
Swara got a bit shock by her question.
She didn’t think of it till now.

Ragini : tell me swara..
Swara : I.. I don’t know Ragini… I didn’t tried it..
Ragini (curiously) : then try now..
Swara looks her. She understands that Ragini is not going to leave her..
Swara closed her eyes..
At MM house..
Sanskar in his room thinking about swara… He is really feeling like she is perfect.. She is gorgeous.. So intelligent.. So cool.. Yup.. He realized that he loves her.. Such a wonderful feeling.. He closed his eyes.. He saw a girl’s face.. It’s so clear.. Yes it’s swara..
At swaragini room..
Swara closed her eyes.. Oh no.. Even this time she can’t see the boy’s face clearly..
She opened her eyes. She looks Ragini. Ragini understand that she can’t find sanskar..
Ragini (smilingly) : it’s OK swara.. But you are happy with him right?!
She nodes.

Ragini : then go for it.. You will definitely find him..
She smiles..
Maheshwari and gadodia family together went to met a pandit..
Pandit matches the kundlis of swasan.
Pandit : this is the best matching jodi that I have ever seen..
All are became glad to hear this.
Pandit : it seems a very good day, day after tomorrow for their engagement..
They got confused..
Sumi : but.. Swara is studying now.. So pandit ji.. If it is after one month it will be good.
Pandit : oh.. But this day seems so perfect.. So I can do one thing. Marriage date I will fix it after a month.. But engagement..
Shekhar looks sumi and signs

Shekhar : it’s OK pandit ji.. No problem in doing engagement tomorrow..
Maheshwari family were happy to hear this..
At gadodia house..
Dadi : swara.. Your engagement is going to be day after tomorrow..
Swara looked shockingly..
Ragini : day after tomorrow?!
Dadi : huh..
Ragini : oh God swara.. We have to do shopping.. We have to buy you dresses.. Ring.. Oh no.. Lot have to be done..
Swara looked her surprisingly..
Swara : Ragini wait wait.. Take a deep breath.. Relax..
Ragini is so happy about swara’s engagement that she cannot control her happiness..
Screen freezes..

Precap : swaragini shopping.. Sanlak meeting..

Hope you guys like it.. Please do comments.. Thank you..

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  1. Its too short yaar make it bit long

  2. It’s awesome. Finally he realised his love yipee!

  3. vinuthna reddy

    Hello adithi shall I ask you something please write long episode please i loved ur ff

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  6. Awsome but too short yaar plzzz write long epi

  7. Sorry friends for the short update.. But I updated 2 episodes today.. I will make a longgggg episode tomorrow..

  8. Awwe so cute dr

  9. MIND-BLOWING finally sanskar realise his love for swara

  10. Mind blowing episode

  11. Superb dear

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  13. very nice…

  14. Awsome sanskar finally realize he loves swara

  15. Is it Swara does not love him or she has not realized it yet?

  16. i guess swara takes more time to realize her love.

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