Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 26


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Here we go..
All are laughing on seeing sanskar’s innocence..
Arjun thinks he is such a talented business man but he really don’t know how to act in reality. How cute he is..
Nithi looks arjun.. She sings him and leaves from there..
Now one noticed her.
Arjun : swara.. I will be back in a minute…
Saying this he leaves.

Swara looked him confusingly and finds nithi is also not there.
She turned to raglak.
Swara : Laksh.. See your sister.. Learn from her..
Raglak and sanskar looks her but they don’t understand what is she talking about..
Swara : oh God.. You are very unromantic Laksh..
They now understand what she is talking about..
Laksh looked Ragini.
He asked her through his eyes shall we go.
She blushes.
He hold her hand and moved.
Only swasan is there..
Sanskar looks swara.
Swara thinks about his innocence and felt something like happiness or pitty or surprise.
Sanskar signs. He is completely under her control.. He wants to talk to her. He wants her beside him throughout his life. What’s going in his mind. He can’t understand..
Sanskar : swara.. Shall I ask you something?!
Swara nodes.

Sanskar : why do you think that Ragini will leave her angry if she got to know Laksh is hurted?!
Swara looked him deeply. She is observing him like if really he don’t know or just asking to test her.
But she finds a pure unawareness in his face. Yes he really don’t know why did that.
Swara (immense tone) : sanskar.. That is what love means.. You cannot tolerate your loved ones problem…
Sanskar looked her.
Swara : that’s why Ragini got so much angry about this accident drama.
Sanskar on hearing her thinks, “so it means when I thought swara got an accident what I felt is the same what Ragini felt today” .
Swara looks him thinking something.
Swara waved her hand in front of him.. He came to sense.
Sanskar : Even with friends it happens na?!
Swara : of course.. But..
He looked her curiously.
Swara : if it is about friend you will the pain and if you come to know that it’s fake then you will fight with him for sure, but if it is your love you will become emotional that the relief comes forward than your anger..
Sanskar got a flash on his mind. He remembers how emotionally he acted on the day when he saw swara.. Oh God.. So it means..
Swara noticed him.

She hitter him.
Swara : where are you huh!!
He nodes and smiles.
Swara thinks that she feels happy when she is with him all the time. But nowadays she is feeling something more than happiness. What is it..
Arthi and raglak came back.
Sanlak nithi and swaragini Arjun dispersed.
It’s morning..
At gadodia house..
Sumi Shekhar and dadi where talking.
Sumi: swara is going to complete her studies.. Her exams will be over in a month.
Dadi: huh.. Shekhar.. We have to start preparing for her marriage na?!
Shekhar : yes ma.. We should talk to Maheshwari family about this..
Sumi: the date for engagement and other rituals are to be fixed.
Shekhar : OK I will talk about this to DP ji..
Sumi and dadi nodes.
At college..
Swara, nithi and Laksh where sitting under a tree talking about yesterday’s incident and laughing.
Swara : you brother did something like that it’s OK. But even you both followed him?! Ha ha ha..
Swara was laughing.

Nithi and Laksh looks each other..
Laksh : oh madam.. Stop laughing OK.. Idea is yours..
Swara laughing continously.. Laksh and nithi also started laughing with her.
Swara : but really.. Your brother is so innocent.. You know how he kept his face.. Seriously.. So cute..
Swara talking continously without her knowledge..
Nithi and Laksh looks each other and feels happy that swara is talking about sanskar like this.
Swara stopped and look them. Just then she realized what she have told..
Swara immediately left from there due to shyness.
Nithi :bhaiya.. Now it’s clear that swara also have some feeling for sanskar bhaiya.. I’m very happy..
Laksh smiles..
Screen freezes…

Precap : no precap.

Thank you so much. Hope you guys like. Sorry guys. Here after I’m not going to put precap.. If you guys really want precap then please tell me.. Thank you..

Credit to: Adithi

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