Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 25


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Here we go…
Ragini : who is that standing near sanskar?!
Swara and arjun got shocked by her question..
Swara and arjun looks each other.
Ragini looks them.
Ragini : swara.. I’m asking you.. Who is that standing near sanskar?!
Swara and arjun don’t know what to say…
Ragini (smilingly) : he looks like a mummy na?!
Swara looked him and starred sanskar angrily.
Sanskar and nithi are thinking what’s happening. Why Ragini is not reacting on seeing Laksh.
Sanskar signs swara.
Swara gave him a strong look..
Arjun : swara do something..
Swara nodes. She turned to Ragini..
Swara : Ragini.. It’s Laksh.. He got an accident..
Ragini turned to swara suddenly and looked her deeply.
Arjun (sad tone) : huh Ragini.. It’s Laksh.. Seems so injured. Poor guy..
Ragini looked Arjun.
Without any reaction she walked forward..
Sanlak and nithi looked her..
She moved close to Laksh..
Laksh’s heart started beating faster..
All are waiting for her reaction..
She suddenly gave him a tight slap.. Oh God.. Such a tight slap. No one expected this.
The bandage covered in his face opened.
Laksh looking her shockingly..
Ragini tuned to sanskar..
He immediately kept his hand on his cheek thinking that she may slap him too..
Ragini (angry tone) : whose Idea is this?!
Swara nodes sanskar but sanskar immediately pointed swara.
She turned to swara.

Swara got shocked. Don’t know what is she going to do.
Ragini gave her a strong looks and turned to Laksh.
Laksh is still in shock.
Nithi (nervous tone) : but Ragini.. How do you know?!
Ragini : you guys are such a jerk… Even ICU patient will not be like this..
All looked sanskar.
Sanskar don’t know how to react..
Laksh (pleading tone) : Ragini..
She turned and he stopped as she is so angry she may slap again..
A 2 minutes of silence is maintained. No one have no words to talk.
Laksh looks Ragini.. But now she is not only angry but also feeling bad for their activities..
Laksh moved close to her. Her eyes are filled with tears due to extreme angry and worry.
Laksh turned her towards him. He looked into her eyes.
Laksh (smooth tone) : Ragini.. Why have you became this much of angry on seeing this..
Ragini turned her face..
He turned her face towards him..
Laksh : because you love me stupid.. You can’t tolerate all this because you love me.. You can’t see like this.. That’s why you became so angry..
Ragini looked him into his eyes. She finds a truth, a honest and lots of love.
She hugged him and cries..

Swasan and arthi looks them like what’s happening.. She slapped him.. Now she is hugging him..
Sanskar looks swara..
Swara turned her face angrily. Sanskar can’t understand why she is angry..
He moved to her.
Sanskar : what happened?! Everything is OK na?!
Swara : you..
She stopped..
Sanskar : what?!
Swara (irritated tone) : nothing.. You did a great job na?! So you have to be rewarded for that..
Sanskar looks her confusingly. He can’t understand whether she is really pricing him or taunting him.
Swara can’t control herself..
Swara : if anyone injured this much they must have died. Even real accident don’t need this much of bandage.. You covered his body completely..
Sanskar(pity tone) : but you didn’t specified me where to do bandage.. So I got confused..
Swara looked his face. He made his face so innocent that she can’t be angry with him anymore..
Oh God such a cute reaction..
She smiled.

Sanskar too smiled..
Arthi making conversation through their eyes..
Raglak turned to swasan..
Ragini (smilingly) : but sanskar.. You are so good.. Seriously.. You are perfect for a secret plan..
All started laughing..
Screen freezes..

Precap : swasan marriage preparation..

Hope you guys like it.. Please do comments.. Thank you…

Credit to: Adithi

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