Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 24

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Here we go..
Swara told sanskar to meet her at a park to talk about Ragini and Laksh.
It’s morning..
Swara wakes and finds Ragini sleeping.
Ragini’s face is dull. Swara understand that she was awake late night.
Without disturbing her she got ready to meet sanskar..
She went to Arjun’s room and informed him that she is going to meet sanskar and leaves.
At MM house..
Sanskar as usual getting ready. All are thinking that he is going to office as he didn’t informed anyone even nithi that he is going to meet swara..

At park..
Swara wearing a green color salwar and looks gorgeous.
She is waiting for Sanskar. He is late.
Sanskar came. He looks her and her beauty mesmerized him.
Swara looks him angrily.
Swara : don’t you know the meaning of punctuality?! I’m waiting for you more than half an hour…
Sanskar (smilingly) : oops.. Sorry partner.
She smiled..
Sanskar : so what’s your plan?!
Swara got joyful to explain about her plan.
Swara (happily) : sanskar you know one thing?! Ragini is so possessive about Laksh. That’s why she is so angry. All this possessiveness and caring happens only with loved ones.
Sanskar is not at all listening her words. He just looking at her like if he get a chance he will take her in his arms and will start flying.
Swara is non stoppingly talking and sanskar continously staring at her.
Swara : so Are you ready?!
Sanskar came to sense and immediately replied “wow.. Very good idea”
Swara looks him confusingly.
Sanskar : what?!
Swara (smooth voice) : still I didn’t said anything..
Sanskar don’t know what to say. He doesn’t heard her. So he thought she explained her idea. But now..
Swara looks him like what happened to him.
Sanskar : I mean.. What is your plan?!
Swara : OK listen.. Now if Laksh got injured Ragini will definitely can’t stay angry.. So..
Sanskar (shouts with joy) : I got it.. So now we have to injure Laksh…
Swara looks him shockingly.. What happened to him today. He is so happy to injure his own brother.
Sanskar looks her with a proud that he got her plan.
Swara : sanskar.. We don’t need to injure him.. We are just going to act..
Sanskar smiles like oh God what happened to me?! Why I became like this. This girl is making me crazy..
Swara looks him. She feels something different. Something is abnormal.
Swara : so, today evening I will bring Ragini to market.. You should bring Laksh with a bandage in his hand or leg. It should be like on seeing his state Ragini should immediately leave her angry.. OK,?!
Sanskar forwarded his thumb and nodes.

Swara still can’t understand what is running in his mind. His activities are so different.
But sanskar, he is so happy but still he don’t know that he loves her or not.
Sanskar :so shall I drop you?!
Swara : no no.. If Ragini see us together then our plan will be flopped. So I will go myself.
Sanskar nodes. Swara leaves.

It’s evening..
Arjun came home and went to swara.
He make sure that Ragini is not there.
Arjun : swara.. What about the plan?!
Swara : bhaiya.. Wait.. Everything is going to alright in few hours.
Arjun (pleading) : please tell me what’s the plan?!
Swara : OK you also come with me now. You will know by yourself.
Arjun nodes happily.

At MM house..
Laksh’s room..
Sanskar :Laksh so this is the plan. Now we are going to create sympathy for you..
Laksh (doubting tone) : I hope this plan will succeed.
Sanskar (smiling) : Laksh.. But the side effects are purely under your risk…
Laksh (confusingly) : what side effects?!
Sanskar : After she got to know that you are not really injured..
Laksh is totally speechless..
Oh God.. How will I handle her.
He started sweating.
Sanskar started laughing on seeing his face.
Nithi entered.
Nithi : I heard everything bhaiya.. I will also come with you.
Laksh (strong tone) : no.. We are taking you there. You may create confusion.
Nithi (teasing tone) :ok then.. I will call and inform Ragini immediately.
Sanskar and Laksh looks her.
Laksh (pleading tone) : meri ma.. Please don’t do anything like that.. I’m your brother na?!
Nithi (kidding tone) : of course my dear bhaiya.. So you are taking me na?!
Laksh looks sanskar. Sanskar nodes.

At market..
Swara forcefully bring Ragini to market..
She is acting like buying something but waiting for sanlak. Arjun is also with them.
Sanlak car came.
Swara looks excitingly as Ragini is busy on buying fruits.
Sanskar got down from car.
Swara signs him where is Laksh?!
He pointed to the car.
Laksh got down.
His both the legs and hands and whole body is covered with bandages.
Swara and arjun got shocked on looking him like this.
Arjun(low voice) : swara what is this?!
Swara (whispered ) : bhaiya.. I told him to do a small bandage.. But.. Oh God.. This sanskar…
Sanskar looks her like “I did a great job. Didn’t I?!
Ragini is done. She turned.
She saw sanskar standing with someone but don’t know who it is?!
Swasan and arthi are waiting for her reaction but she is so normal.
The truth is his face is also covered with bandage that Ragini cannot recognize Laksh.
Ragini turns to swara
Ragini : swara.. Who is that standing with sanskar?!
Swara and Arjun got shocked by her question.
Screen freezes…

Precap : raglak romance..

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Credit to: Adithi


  1. Rini

    Oh gosh Adithi I cant stop my laugh. Imagine Sanskar with his expression and Laksh with bandages I cant stop it Great job yaar

  2. Kiara

    Dude u made me laugh hard….lol!!???
    Well done sanskar…he should be awarded for his work….n lakshay n nithi followed him in covering his face wow..

  3. Aishu

    Superb dear. I was a silent reader. I felt to cement u immediately. I was really very funny. I am still laughing imagining sanky.

  4. panchali

    oh my god i cant control my laugh while reading this plz continue ur ff like this i wish u never end this ff

  5. Adithi

    Really guys.. I’m very glad that I made many of you laugh. Truth is I’m myself laughing when writing this.. Thank you for all the comments.. Keep reading.. Tomorrow I can’t update yaar.. So day after tomorrow I will update…

  6. Meghs

    Ha ha ha sanky become crazy in love …bandage to both legs n hands… N even his face.. I imagine lucky like this could not control my laugh
    Rags couldn’t recognize lucky lol
    Bechara lucky had to do so much to convince ragini…

  7. Shazia

    Hahahahahahaha oh my god sanky become crazyyy dy by dy… Superb duperb epi yar… Whole body covered with bandages…. I can’t stop laughing uffff… Amazing epii…
    I was a silent readr of ur ff… I felt to comment u immediately…

  8. archana

    Oh god it was so funny. I m scrolling it again to read it. U r awesome adithi. can imagine swasan and raglak situation. Great going

  9. Harani

    omg…I was laughing like mad girl…wat an imaginative writing ..superb Dr….and sanky luv u man….tdy it was mind blowing

  10. Aashi

    Hehe.. It was so funny ..lol…loved it…while reading it a bright smile came to my face…it nice dear..keep it up

  11. Ruhani

    Omg i hav tears in my eyes it was so funny i was laughing hard imagining laksh looking lyk a mummy n sanskar Oh my god i just can’t control my laughter

  12. sam

    I m a silent reader…but u made me laugh….God sanskar bhi na…lol ..n laksh is following his bro..haha

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.