Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 23


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Here we go..
Laksh is standing at the middle of the road. He really don’t know what to do. Such a critical situation. Ragini is so angry.
He went college..
At canteen..
Nithi and swara were talking.
Laksh goes there.
Nithi turns her face on seeing him as he is talking to her till last night.
Laksh (tensed tone) : swara.. Nithi.. I have got in a problem..
Nithi looks him like now come to my way..
Laksh : Ragini.. I.. With a girl.. Saw.. us..
Swara : Laksh.. We can’t understand anything.. Just relax.. What happened?!
Laksh explained.. But he didn’t told that he went to meet the girl to make a plan against swara and sanskar. He just told that he went to meet her just to talk about a project.
But nithi understand that it’s some plan.
Swara and nithi started laughing so loudly.

Laksh got angry on seeing them laughing..
Laksh(shouts) : stop it..
They both stopped immediately..
Laksh(full angry) : do you think that I’m joking?!
Swara and nithi looks him.
Swara (consoling tone) : Laksh… This is not a big thing.. Don’t worry.. This is called jealous which happens only on loved ones… Ragini loves you so much that she can’t tolerate any girl with you..
Laksh on hearing this feels like a king. He is happy to hear this. But still worried about her angry.
Nithi : OK fine.. Me and swara will do something..
Laksh nodes but he really can’t smile.

It’s evening at Gadodia house..
Swaragini room..
Swara enters the room searching Ragini.
Ragini is sitting at the balcony looks very angry.
Swara sits near her.
Swara : Ragini.. Why are you looking so angry?!
Ragini doesn’t reply.
Swara tries to control her smile.
Arjun came there.. He looks Ragini is angry and swara is trying to control her laugh.
Arjun(fake anger) : what happened swara?! Why my Ragini is looking so angry?! What did you do her?!
Swara : no no bhaiya.. It’s not me.. It’s Laksh..
Ragini didn’t even turned. She is still in the same position.
Arjun looked Ragini..
Swara explained him and started laughing..

Arjun too can’t control his laugh on hearing this.
Ragini looks them like she is going to burn them through her eyes.
Arjun stopped immediately.
Arjun (seriously) : swara.. Stop laughing.. Ragini.. But this is not a big problem.. He was just talking to a girl. Maybe she is his friend.
Ragini looks him.
Swara (immediately) : but bhaiya.. I heard that the girl have crush on Laksh..
Ragini and arjun looks her shockingly..
Swara looks them like “I didn’t said anything wrong. Did I?!”
Arjun (very serious tone) : swara.. Don’t play like this.. You know how much it will hurt Ragini?!
Ragini (strong look) : swara what you said is true?!
Swara now don’t know what to say. She looked arjun. He nodes no.
Swara (pleading tone) : sorry Ragini.. I was just joking..
Ragini gave her a strong look and left immediately.
Arjun got swara’s ear.
Arjun : thum bhi na swara.. Why are you doing like this. Why are you teasing her?!
Swara : oh.. Leave na.. It’s paining..

He released her.
Swara : bhaiya.. I just wanted to know how much Ragini loves him.
She smiles. Arjun looks her like you are not going to change..
He leaves.
Swara started thinking how to cool Ragini.
At MM house..
Sanskar and nithi are laughing at Laksh as nithi told everything to sanskar.
Sanskar : Laksh.. What is the need to talk with that girl outside the college?! Ha ha ha..
Laksh makes sad face..
Sanskar notices this.
Sanskar : OK don’t worry.. We will do something..
Laksh nodes and leaves. Nithi also leaves..

Sanskar called swara..
Swara : huh.. Sanskar..??
Sanskar : did you heard about Ragini Laksh fight.
Swara : yes.. They are really acting like kids..
Sanskar smiles and thinks you are saying that they are kids!!
Sanskar : so.. What shall we do now..
Swara : don’t know sanskar.. But Ragini is really very angry.. She is not going to be convinced so easily..
Sanskar : and Laksh is also so sad.
Swara thinks for a while..
Swara got a idea.
Swara (joyful tone) : I got a idea..
Sanskar : what?!
Swara :we should do it together partner..
Sanskar : partner?!
Swara : yes.. As we are going to do something together.. We are partners..
Sanskar smiles. How cute she is..
Sanskar : OK partner.. What is the plan..

Swara : I will tell you tomorrow..
Sanskar : OK bye..
Call ended..
Swara cheers herself. Swara you are really very talented. What a plan?!

Precap : swasan planning..

Credit to: Adithi

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