Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 22


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Here we go..
Laksh is at extreme confusion. What this swara trying to do. God.. She is making me mad..
He called nithi but she is not attending the call..
He went to college..
Nithi is not there.
He called sanskar to ask about nithi.
Laksh : sanskar.. Did you came and picked nithi from college..
Sanskar (confusingly): no Laksh I’m in office..
Laksh is bit shocked.
Laksh : sanskar.. She is not here..
Sanskar got a strike. Arjun is also not in office.
Sanskar : did you called her?!
Laksh (tensed tone) :I tried.. But she is not responding..
Sanskar now got a clear idea where she will be..
Sanskar (relaxed tone) : OK Laksh.. U come home.. She will be OK..
Laksh (confused) : but sanskar..
Sanskar : Laksh.. I’m telling you na?! She is with the one who will take care of her more than we do..
Laksh got it.
Laksh :Arjun?!
Sanskar (teasing tone) : thank God.. You understand.. Such a tube light you are.. My dear brother come home now…
Laksh (fake anger) : OK ok stop teasing me..
Call ended..

Laksh thinks “nithi.. I will see you later.. Without informing me you went na?!”
It’s a beautifully decorated place at a park..
Nithi get down from the bike.
She is totally stunned to see those beautiful decoration.
Her eyes were broadened. Heart started beating faster.
Arjun who is looking at her is completely flat to see excited beautiful happy face.
Nithi looks arjun.
He finds him staring at her. She blushes.
Arjun can’t control himself on seeing her with so much of happiness in such a romantic place.
Nithi : Arjun.. You did all this?!
He nodes..
Nithi : For me?!
Arjun(fake anger) : no.. Not for you.. Is anyone here other than you..
Nithi blushes and hugs him.
Nithi : love you..
Arjun : love you too..
Arjun can feel her happiness in every single movement of her and her touch.
He is also very happy.

There was a table decorated with candles and with dinner..
They sat opposite facing each other.
On the whole part nithi is non stopingly blushing.
Nithi : what about this sudden romantic change?!
Arjun (deep intense tone) : I just came to know that a girl loves me not just after meeting me, she just got impressed by my character…
Nithi’s eyes filled with tears. She feels like the chair on which she is sitting started flying..
Her heart feels so light..
Arjun looks her deep into her eyes. He is completely in her.
They had a wonderful romantic evening…
At MM house..
Laksh enters where AP looks him.
AP : Laksh where is nithi?!
Laksh don’t know what to say..
He got tensed.
Suddenly sanskar came there…
Sanskar : mom… She went to her friend’s house as she have some doubt in her studies…
Laksh looks sanskar.
AP nodes and leaves.

In Laksh room..
Laksh : bhai… She didn’t even told me..
Sanskar : it’s OK Laksh. Maybe she herself don’t know about this.
Laksh thinks that now he should find that whether swara have the same feeling for sanskar…

At gadodia mansion..
Swara enters.
Ragini drag her to room.
Ragini : what happened swara?! Did Arjun bhiya came?!
Swara looks her like why should I reply you immediately..
Ragini : tell me na swara..
Swara smiles and explained.
Ragini looks angrily.
Ragini : what?! You… You made my Laksh fool.. Don’t you have any other way to do this.
Swara smiles.. She feels happy that Ragini can’t bear Laksh’s insult.
Swara (naughty tone) : oh oh… Ragini.. Your Laksh?!
Ragini (strongly) : huh.. My Laksh.. You should not do with him like this..
Swara (in kidding voice) : OK di… I’m sorry..
Ragini smiles..
Swara went to refresh..
Ragini called Laksh..
Ragini :Laksh..
Laksh (fake anger) : I’m angry with you Ragini..
Ragini (worried) : what did I do Laksh?!
Laksh: don’t you know about your brother’s plan?!
Ragini : I know..
Laksh : you didn’t informed me and your sister… She is making me fool.. You..
Ragini started whispering..
Laksh : Ragini?! Ragini?!
She doesn’t reply..
Laksh : Ragini are you crying?!
She doesn’t reply. Laksh felt bad that Ragini is crying. He should not teased her.
Laksh (pleading tone) : Ragini.. I was just joking.. Please don’t cry..
Ragini still whispering. Laksh have broken completely.
Laksh (soft tone) : Ragini.. I love you..
Ragini (happily) : love you too Laksh..
Laksh : I’m sorry..
Ragini felt really happy that Laksh is very caring about her.
Call ended..

Swara came and find happiness in Ragini’s face.. She understands what must have happened.
Arjun dropped nithi at her home. Both their heart is full of happiness and memories about the beautiful evening..
Arjun is about to leave..
Nithi hold him.
Nithi : don’t go..
Arjun pulled her close. They had an eye lock. He slowly moved and kissed her on her forehead. She blushes.
Arjun smiles and leaves.
It’s morning..
Laksh and nithi getting ready for college.
Laksh is not talking to her as he is angry with her. (just childish fight)
Sanskar left to office..
Laksh decided to do something that to know about swara’s feeling for sanskar.
But he don’t want to share it with nithi.

In car..
Nithi know that Laksh is angry with her but she also known how to make him cool. So she is silent.
At college..
Swara and nithi went to their class…
Laksh went out of the college as he planned something.
He was trying to make swara jealous..
A girl in Laksh’s class have crush on him..
He wants to get help from the girl..
So he called her to the nearby restaurant..

At restaurant..
Laksh is talking to the girl about his plan.
As she had crush on him she is very happy that he called her to restaurant. So she is ready to do anything for him.
They came out of restaurant where Ragini is standing there.
She came to market..
Laksh is stunned to see her..
Ragini is at extreme shock and angry to see him with a girl. That too the girl holding Laksh’s hand so tightly.
She started walking immediately.
Laksh running behind her.
Laksh : Ragini.. Ragini.. Listen to me.
But she is walking faster..
Oh God.. What happened.. I thought to make swara jealous but now.. It backfired.
Laksh is standing at the middle of the road.. He don’t know what to do now..
Poor Laksh hanged in a really big problem..
Screen freezes..

Precap : swasan became partners. They both together trying to patch up raglak…

Thank you guys for reading.. Oh I’m also swasan fan yaar.. Definitely I will include swasan moments.. Please hold.. But in today’s episode when I was writing this I was smiling on imagining Laksh’s face on seeing Ragini…
Can you guys imagine..
Thank you.. Please do comments..

Credit to: Adithi

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