Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 21


Thank very very much guys.. I’m very glad..
Here we go..
It’s morning..
Sanskar left to office..
Laksh and nithi to college…
In car..
Laksh : nithi… U know why swara came late yesterday?!
Nithi (worried tone) : huh bhaiya.. Our friend got an accident.. She went to hospital.
Laksh: but you don’t know what happened in hospital..
Nithi looks him like what?!
Laksh explains..
Nithi’s expressions changed completely to happiness…
Nithi (happy tone) : wow bhaiya.. That’s so awesome.. Sanskar bhaiya loves swara…
Laksh (naughty) : huh… But he doesn’t realize this..
Nithi : we will make him realize bhaiya..
Laksh looks her like she may have good ideas..
She nodes…
At gadodia house..

Ragini is so happy about sanskar and swara..
Swara getting ready for college..
Swara notices Ragini’s happiness.
Swara (naughty tone) : what happened Ragini?! You were talking to Laksh yesterday. Now you seems very happy?!
Ragini (happy tone) : shona… You will come know about the reason.. But I’m not going to tell you..
Swara (confusingly) : but Ragini..
Just then arjun came there calling swara..
Arjun : swara…
His voice is inn.. A shy tone..
Arjun : swara.. I.. I need a favor..
Swara and ragini both understood from his voice he is going to ask something about nithi..
Swara (naughty tone) : if it is about nithi, then I’m not going to help you bhaiya.
Arjun (sad tone) : swara please..
Ragini (strict tone) : swara.. Why are you teasing bhaiya all the time.. Bhaiya.. You tell me I will help you.
Swara laughs.

Arjun : I thought to take her for outing.. So…
Ragini : wow bhaiya.. You became so romantic nowadays…
Arjun blushes.. (Aww… He is so cute while blushing.. ??)
Swara : OK bhaiya.. What can I do in that..
Arjun : just you have to make Laksh leave from college at evening without nithi..
Swara : oh… U are going to tell her. So it is a surprise?!
Arjun nodes and all three smiles…
At college..
Swara entered where nithi is waiting for her..
They went to their class..
It’s 3.30pm
At sanskar’s office..
Arjun enters sanskar’s room..
Arjun : sanskar.. I have to leave now..
Sanskar (surprisingly) : Arjun.. But it’s just 3.30
Arjun(tensed tone) : actually.. Swara no no Ragini told me to come earlier as she have some work.
Sanskar looks arjun. He finds that he is lying. His eyes clearly showing happiness and excitement. Sanskar don’t want to embrace him.
Sanskar : OK then.. Bye..
Arjun got relaxed. He smiles and leaves.
At college..
Nithi, swara and Laksh were standing..
Swara thinking about how to move Laksh from there.
Nithi and Laksh thinking about how to execute their plan.
Swara : Laksh.. A small favor please?!

Nithi and Laksh looks each other..
Swara : I want to meet my friend at hospital. Can you take me there.
Nithi : why not swara?! Come let’s go?!
Swara (immediately) : no no.. You no need to come..
Nithi and Laksh got confused. They look swara like “is she playing some game with them”
Swara (covering tone) : I mean.. You call sanskar and go home. Tomorrow our exams na?! That’s why I told.
Laksh : oh.. OK so you are not going to study for exam.
Swara : of course I will.. But… I..
Nithi(sweet voice) : OK ok fine… Bhaiya you go with her. I will call Sanskar bhaiya..
Laksh nodes and leave with swara..
Nithi is about to call sanskar but Arjun came there..
Nithi got surprised to see him there. She feels happy too.
Nithi : Arjun.. What are you doing here?!
Arjun(smilingly) : came to pick you..
Nithi (confused) : but how do you know..
She stopped. She understands what happened. Arjun smiles..
Nithi (fake anger) : so you and your sister planned this?!.
Arjun (romantic tone) : so shall we go..
She hits him and smiles.
Laksh and swara in the car moved just some distance from college..
Swara : Laksh stop stop..
Laksh stopped the car immediately..
Laksh : what?!
Swara : you are right Laksh..

Laksh looks her confusingly.
Swara : I have to study for my exams na?! So I will meet her tomorrow.. Bye..
She doesn’t wait for his reply. Got down from car and moved immediately.
Laksh is at extreme confusion. What kind of creature is this.. Oh God…
He called nithi to inform her that he is coming to pick her but her phone is in silent.
Of course she is in outing with her boyfriend. Definitely she won’t like any kind of disturbances.. ?
Screen freezes on confused face of Laksh…

Precap : raglak fight.. Arthi romance..

Hope you guys like it.. Please do comments.. I’m feeling very happy to see your comments.. Thank you and love you all..

Credit to: Adithi

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