Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 20

Thank you so much guys…
Here we go…
At lCU sanskar trying to see the girl through the small glass of the door..
Doctors treating the girl. He can’t see her face.
His heart is beating like at any time it may come out of the body…
He thinks about her childishness, her smile and talkative nature..
Unknowingly he started praying that it should not be. He cannot see her in this state.
He tried to see her.
Oh God what’s happening he can’t wait anymore. He decided to get inside the ICU.
Suddenly a hand touched his shoulder.
He turned.
His eyes were brodern seeing the girl standing there.
Yes it is swara…

He feels like the ground he standing started running. He had a deep breath.
He suddenly hugged her. Swara got confused.
Tears flowing from sanskar’s eyes.
“swara, you are OK. Nothing happened to you. You are OK. You are OK”
Swara (confused and consoling tone) : sanskar.. I’m OK.. What happened?!
Sanskar came to sense and stepped back.
Swara (worried tone) : sanskar, what happened?!
Sanskar (emotionally) : I… The girl… Accident…
Swara : yes sanskar.. It’s my friend. When I was going to college I came to know that about the accident. I saw her bag and understand that it’s my friend. That’s why I came here. But you?!
Sanskar doesn’t find words to answer her.
Right now he has a feeling that swara is alright and he doesn’t need anything more than that..
Swara shakes him.
Sanskar (tensed tone) : I was going for a meeting. On the way I saw this accident..
Swara (sad tone) : don’t know how is she..
Sanskar consoles her.
Sanskar : the bracelet she is wearing..?!
Swara : yeah… We both brought look alike bracelet..
After some time sanskar leaves..
When he is driving his car, his thoughts are completely about. Swara started occupying his heart completely…
At college..
Swara reached college after two hours..
It’s evening…

At MM house..
Sanskar in his room thinking about swara and his feeling when he thought swara got accident..
” what?! Why I felt that much pain when swara got hurted?! Because she is my friend?! No it is definitely not just Friendship.. Something more than that ”
Laksh came to sanskar’s room.. He found lost in thoughts..
Laksh : kya huva bhai?!..
Sanskar : Laksh.. I have to ask you something..
Laksh : pucho..
Sanskar : if you feel bad when someone got hurted what does it mean?!
Laksh looks him surprisingly..
Laksh : what is matter bhai..
Sanskar : you first tell me. What kind of relation it will be if you felt bad when someone got hurted..
Laksh (determinant tone) : bhai.. It means you love them.. Such a feeling will come when your loved one got hurted. For example.. Me, mom, nithi, dad… Like that..
Sanskar : A friend?!
Laksh looks him. He tries to find something in sanskar’s face.
Laksh : bhai.. Such a feeling will definitely come for a friend too..
Sanskar got confused that so it’s just a friendship.
Laksh : bhai… Tell me what happened…
Sanskar explained.
Hearing all that Laksh can’t visualize sanskar’s love for swara.. But he understands that sanskar is not clear about his feelings..
Laksh leaves..
He went to his room and called Ragini immediately.
He explained everything to Ragini.
Ragini : I’m really happy about this Laksh.. Such a caring husband for my sister..
Laksh : me too Ragini.. But sanskar should realize his love for swara.. I will make it happen..
Ragini : what are you going to do?!
Laksh (naughty tone) : wait and watch..

Ragini (lovingly) : love you..
Laksh : love you too..
Call ended…
Laksh started thinking..
Screen freezes…
Precap : Laksh and nithi made a plan..

Hope you guys like it..
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Love you all..
Iniya Pongal nal valthukala.. (happy Pongal)

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