Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 19

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Here we go..
It’s lunch time..
All six gathered together on dining table..
At this time all have same feeling.. A bunch and bunch of happiness…
Nithi : Laksh bhaiya.. Thank you so much.. I’m very happy today..
Laksh and sanskar are happy to see her happiness..
Swara looks Arjun.. She finds lot of love in his eyes for nithi. She thinks ” yesterday also she found love for nithi in his eyes but today it’s even more and deep. What must have happened with in a day”
Swara (teasing tone) : nithi.. Take care of my bhaiya OK.. Anyway you should.
Nithi looks arjun. She blushes..
Nithi (naughty tone) : oh swara.. Now marriage is not ours it’s yours. So be careful. You should take good care of my brother..
All laughs..
Swara looks sanskar..

They had an eye lock.
Ragini notices this. She still feels that swara said OK for her. But on seeing them both she feels relaxed and happy. Her heart told her that swara is going to do love marriage only.
Raglak and arthi feed each other. Swasan look them and smiles.
Sanskar feels like he will have a wonderful future with swara but he don’t have any reason for this thinking.
All of them spended some time together and dispersed.
Arjun and nithi in Arjun’s bike..
Raglak in one car and swasan in another car.
At gadodia house..
Near the house all the six stopped.
Ragini tries to take off the seat belt but it strucked.
Laksh moved close to her and helped her. They had an eye lock.
Nithi get down from bike and looks Arjun.
He hold her hands and pulled her close. She blushes.
Swara :ok sanskar.. See you..
She got down from car.
Sanskar : bye..
She smiles and turns and find Ragini still inside the car and also Arthi ‘s romance.
She knocked car window of Laksh side..
They came to sense.
Swara (smilingly) : jiju.. She is going to be yours na so you can romance anytime but it’s getting late for us..
Laksh blushes..

She smiles and turned to Arthi..
Swara : nithi.. What are you thinking?! Are you going to eat my brother?!
Arjun hits swara.
Nithi(naughty tone) : if possible I will swara..
Nithi looks Arjun.. His eyes are filled with proud for choosing nithi..
Sanskar watching all this feels she is still a grown kid. But one thing he should admire about her. She acts so matured at serious situations.
Nithi get in sanskar’s car and all three left..
At swaragini room..
Ragini thinking about Laksh..
Swara thinks about how sanskar gave her flower.
Arjun in his thinking about nithi. He admires how anyone can fall in love without meeting. He feels lucky to have her in his life.
At MM house..

Same case of Laksh and nithi.
Sanskar is thinking about swara’s childish activities. He smiles unknowingly and he realized that yes he is feeling happy with her.
It’s morning..
As usual all are getting ready for their college and office..
Sanskar have a meeting in his partner’s company which is located near swaragini’s house.
Laksh and nithi reached college and waiting for swara.
Sanskar driving his car crossed the college of swara. After some distance he heard a loud sound and stopped the car suddenly.
He turned.
It seems a crowd he can’t see what happened.
He called a man and asked what happened.

Man : a girl was walking on roadside. A drunken idiot hitted her. Seems to be a college girl.
Sanskar felt sad for the girl and tried to see her.
But some nearby people lift her and placed her in a auto. Sanskar can’t see her face. He is about to leave but suddenly he noticed the girl’s hand in the auto.
He got stunned. The bracelet the girl wearing it is the one which swara wearing yesterday.
He get down from the car but auto started.
His heart is filled fear. His hands started shivering.
He called nithi and asked whether swara came to college. She said no.
Hearing this his legs felt difficult to stand. His body started sweating. He immediately got in the car and went to the nearby hospital.
He rushed to the reception.
Sanskar (scary voice) : a girl admitted just now.. An accident case..
Receptionist told that she is very serious and admitted in ICU.
Sanskar run towards ICU..

He looks through the door..
Screen freezes…

Precap : the girl in the hospital is….

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