Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 18

Thank you guys.. I’m glad seeing all your comments.. I will try to give number of episodes as much as possible…
Here we go..
Swasan became friends..
Swara forwarded her hand “friends?!”
Sanskar smiles and gave hand.
Swara felt very happy as the most cutest, handsome, lovable person become her friend.
As we all know swara is so talkative..
She started her talking as now they become friends..
Swara (casually) : so, you accepted our relationship for Ragini and Laksh?!
Sanskar shaked by her question. He don’t want to say yes as it is not fully true…
He looked her eyes.. She understands that he is not comfortable with this question.
She felt that he is feeling embarrassed by this question. She thought to change the topic.
Swara : OK leave it.. Shall we go to garden..
Sanskar is surprised that how casually she changed the topic..
He nodes and they leave to garden..

Raglak are at first floor balcony..
Sitting in a sofa opposite facing each other.
Laksh resting his chin in his palm and looking her. His look is like he is going to eat her through his eyes..
Ragini looking hear and there observing the beauty of the residence..
She looked Laksh and find him staring her.
Ragini (blushes): Laksh.. Why are you looking at me like this all the time?!
Laksh (romantic tone) : Ragini.. If you have a beautiful flower in front of you what will you do?!
Ragini : I will admire it’s beauty…
Laksh : so that’s what I’m doing..
Ragini blushes more. Her cheeks turned pink..
Laksh’s heart filled with overflow of love.
He thinks that this what he wants for the whole life. Seeing her and being with her…
Arthi are at teras…
The walls at teras are filled with small plants will beautiful flowers..
Arjun looking those flowers.. He got different feeling like this is so new to him. He is very happy but can’t find the reason for it.

Nithi standing beside him looking at him. She can’t trust even now all this become so simple.
She thinks of how she started loving him without even seeing him and now it all seems like a dream.
He turned and find nithi looking at him and lost in thoughts..
He waved his hand in front of her.
She came to sense..
Arjun : where we’re you gone?!
Nithi: Arjun.. I want to tell you something..
Her words are so clear. He can feel lots of love in her voice.
Arjun : what?!
Nithi : u know when did I started loving you?!
He got surprised that really she is going to tell him this. Because it will not be so easy for a girl to tell her boy friend about her feelings for him.

Arjun : Mmm.. When I dropped you at your home?!. She nodes no..
Arjun : At the finals of music competition when you and me are talking?!
She nodes no..
He don’t know what to ask. But his heart alerted him that after she tell when he will be stunned for sure.
Arjun (in a curious tone) : what, when I came to pick swara at your college for first time?!
She nodes no…
Arjun got really surprised.
Arjun : oh come on nithi… Before that we don’t even know each other..
Nithi (A flawless, clear, determinant tone) : Arjun… I started loving you before I saw you for the first time..
He can’t trust what he is hearing is right?!
He looked her eyes. Her eyes shows an intense love and truth.
She understands that he is confused..
Nithi : Arjun.. Swara use to talk about you. I know about you before we met.
Now he understands. He looked her like he can feel how much pure and intense love she have for him.

Nithi is about to talk further.
But he moved close to her and kept his finger on her lips.
She looked his eyes. His eyes saying that “no need to say anything.. I can understand”
Happy tears rolled off from her eyes.. He suddenly hugged her.
At garden..
Sanskar sitting in a chair while swara roaming hear and their looking lots of flowers..
Swara : sanskar.. Really I like this house..
She is looking the flowers and he is looking her.
Sanskar : Hmm..we brought it a year ago..
She looked a small tree which is having beautiful flowers. She thought to pick one. But her height not enough to.. She started jumping..
Sanskar smiles seeing her childishness..
He went near her.
She turned and find him standing close to her.
Without taking eyes off from her he picked a flower.
She looks him.
He gave the flower.
She didn’t take it as she is looking him deeply.
He touched her with the flower. She came to sense.
He pointed the floor.
She take it and smiled.
Such a cute smile…
Screen freezes..
Precap : a car hitting a girl.. Sanskar rushing to hospital..

Hope you guys like it.. Please do comments..

Credit to: Adithi


  1. pooja

    Don’t bring any new gal or kavitha… Coz Swasan love din even start… Juz now they are liking each other oly…n this is super episod..

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