Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 17


Thank you so much guys.. I thought I’m boring you all so I should end it soon.. But now on seeing your comments I’m overwhelmed.. I will try to improve even more..
Here we go…

At college campus..
Arthi’s love proposal and also a romantic environment…
Laksh came there to pick nithi..
He searched her here and there.
He found Arjun hugging a girl. But he cannot see the girl’s face.
Laksh is shocked on seeing this. He remembers sanskar told that nithi loves Arjun. But…
Arjun saw Laksh and get shocked and step backward.
Nithi got confused and turns..
She found Laksh there.. Both Laksh and nithi got shocked to look each other.
Lots of questions roaming in Laksh’s mind..
But he can’t find words to ask those questions.
Arjun feels like what to do now. He don’t know how to manage this situation.
But nithi is not really so worried..
A deep silence maintained there..
Nithi thought to break the silence..
Nithi : bhaiya.. Shall we go..
Arjun looks her.
She nodes him like she will manage.
Laksh without any reaction goes to his car.

Nithi gets inside the car.
Laksh looks Arjun. He bowed his head.
They leave…
Arjun is like extremely nervous. He thinks that if there is gonna be problem.. He don’t know what to do. He thought to tell swaragini about this.
At car..
Nithi is so casually watching outside the window.
Laksh : nithi.. What’s happening?!
Nithi : you don’t know what?!
Laksh (shocking and curious tone) : oh God nithi.. Seriously… Did you proposed him?!
Nithi(casually) :Noo..
Laksh got confused.
Laksh (surprising tone) : oh.. Then what he proposed you?!
Nithi (casually) : noo..
Laksh (angry tone) : then what happened?! What about..

He stopped..
Nithi looks him. He is driving the car. But his mind is not on road. He partially looking the road and partially looking her.
Nithi : bhaiya.. Shall we go to ice cream parler…
He stopped the car suddenly..
Laksh : Are you kidding?!
Nithi : cool bhaiya.. I think you are very eager to know what happened..
Laksh looks her. He find an intense happiness in her eyes. He can feel tons and tons of happiness in her voice..
Nithi looks him and don’t want to tease him anymore.
Nithi : we proposed together..
His eyebrows went upwards.. He got surprised to hear this.

Laksh : together?!
She smiles.
At gadodia house..
Swara came from college and enters room curiously in search of Ragini as she wants to know what happened when she met Laksh.
Ragini sitting on the bed thinking about Laksh.. Her thoughts are like he is the most perfect partner. She never felt this much of love in anyone before. When being with him she feels so special. He smiles herself thinking about him.
Swara enters and find Ragini smiling.
Swara (naughty tone) : Ragini.. What happened?! Thinking about you are smiling like this..
Ragini blushes..
Ragini is about to say just then Arjun enters and he looks so tensed.
Arjun : swara..
Swara (tensed tone) :what happened bhaiya?! Why are you so tensed?!
He explained everything.
Swaragini started laughing on hearing this..
Arjun got confused why they are laughing.
Ragini : bhaiya.. Seriously.. There is nothing to get tensed.
Arjun looks like he can’t understand.

Swara : bhaiya.. Laksh loves Ragini.. So do you really think that he will have problem with nithi’s love.
He got relaxed on hearing this. They started teasing him..
At MM house..
Sanskar is waiting for nithi as he thought Arjun would have gone to meet her.
Nithi and Laksh enters.
Nithi went to her room.
Laksh took sanskar to nithi’s room.
Sanskar : nithi. Did Arjun came to meet you?!
Laksh looks like how he knows that..
Nithi smiles.
Sanskar understand from her happiness what must have happened there possibly.
Laksh explains..
Sanskar felt a bounce of happiness.. He felt as a brother his sister’s life will be so good with such a good person..
Sanlak and nithi together very happy..
Nithi : Laksh bhaiya.. U promised to give a treat na?!
Laksh : oh yes.. For all this happiness together we all should celebrate this. Tomorrow you call Arjun and swara. I will call Ragini.
Sanskar and looks him like only he should call Ragini..
He blushes..
It’s next day..

All six are at A banglow which belongs to Maheshwari family…
Laksh ordered the servant to do dishes according to all their likes..
Raglak and Arthi moved with their partners.
Only swasan left alone.
Swara wearing a pink salwar looks like an angel. Sanskar wearing a black and white combination suit.
Sanskar looks her. He felt a light flashing in his heart..
But he wants to run out of this awkward moment..
Sanskar: swara..
She looks him..
Sanskar can’t say anything on seeing her eyes. So he lowered his look.
Swara looks him like as all the time she is feeling very happy when he is near her. She too don’t want to be silent like this.

Swara : sanskar.. Can I ask something?!
Sanskar looks her.
Swara : shall we be friends?!
Sanskar looks her surprisingly as he too thought to ask the same…
Swara gained some courage to talk further.
Swara : sanskar.. We should run out of this. If we become friends it will be easy na?!
Sanskar feels like she is catching his mind clearly..
He nodes.. She smiles..
Screen freezes…

Precap : cute moments between the pairs..

Hope you guys like it.. Please do comments…

Credit to: Adithi

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