Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 15


Hey guys really sorry for the confusing episode.
I will try to make clear episodes.. Forgive me yaar…
Here we go..
Sumi’s phone rings..
AP : ji.. Pranam..
Sumi :ji.. We just talking about your family.
AP : sorry sharmistar ji… A small confusion.
Sumi got tensed.
Sumi: what happened?!
AP: no no.. It’s just you told that Ragini is elder but…
Sumi : but what?!
Swaragini and all others got tensed.
AP looks nithi.
Nithi nodes confidently.
AP : we want to meet again to talk about this. So please till then don’t discuss about this with your daughters.
Sumi is shocked by this.
Sumi(confusingly) : ji tk…
Call ended.
Swaragini and arjun look her eagerly..
Sumi told what AP told her.
Shekhar : OK then, let’s talk to them tomorrow.
Swaragini went to their room. Arjun also go with them.
Ragini is so worried.
Swara : Ragini don’t worry.. I think this is nithi ‘s plan. She would have done something. So don’t worry.
MM house..
Sujatha : nithi… You are playing.. This is so serious..
Nithi : no chachi… Swara told me that she likes sanskar bhaiya… So I thought you all came to know about this, that’s why you all went for swara’s proposal. But I really don’t know that it will be Ragini.
Laksh and sanskar looks each other..

DP: so sanskar what are you going to say about this?!
Sanskar don’t know what to say. He looked Laksh. Laksh looks like pleading him. Nithi looks him like say yes.
Sanskar : badepappa… I…. I know about swara… So… I… What… I’m…
He started blabbering like this.
DP: sanskar.. What are you trying to say?!
Sanskar : I mean.. I know swara very well. So I think..
He stopped..
Sujatha : I think you don’t know how to convey what you think. So just say yes or no.
AP : if we bring swara as your life partner you will be OK or not.
Sanskar : OK…
All became happy about his reply. Laksh got his breath.
Sanskar leaves.
Nithi and Laksh follows him to his room.
Sanskar : what have you done nithi?!
Nithi : I’m sorry bhaiya.. But don’t have any other option..
Laksh : thank you bhaai… I was died once…
Sanskar looks Laksh.
Sanskar : don’t know what will happen now.

Nithi : bhaiya.. If I didn’t do that you can’t say no to them. Because you told them that you are OK with any of their decisions. Then think about Laksh bhaiya…
Laksh : nithi.. Really.. I can’t imagine that.. U saved my life.. Thank you my dear..
Sanskar : OK… So now?!
Nithi : now I’m going to call swara…
Laksh and sanskar looks her. She called swara.
At swaragini room..
Swara and arjun trying to console Ragini.
Swara ‘s phone rings….
It’s displayed nithi..
Swara put the call on speaker.
Nithi : swara..
Swara : nithi.. You know what.. U told me that your Parents searching girl for your brother sanskar na?! The girl is ragini di…
Nithi : calm down swara.. I know that..
Swara : so what we are going to do now?!
Nithi : not we it’s you.
Swara : what?!
Nithi : I did what I can. Now you have to do.
Ragini and Arjun looks confused.
Swara : I have to do what?!
Nithi : listen carefully.. Tomorrow your parents will ask you something. You should reply yes. If you do it there won’t be any problem for Ragini and Laksh bhaiya.
Swara : But what will they ask?!

Nithi is about to tell but dadi entered the room so swara disconnected the call.
Laksh : what did she said?!
She disconnected.
Laksh became sad.
Nithi : but don’t worry bhaiya.. She will manage.
Sanskar: hello.. What’s happening?! Don’t I have rights to take decision in my life.
Nithi (seriously) : bhaiya.. Did I hurted u?!
Sanskar (smilingly) : my princess never ever can do like that?!
She smiles.
Sanskar : so what you told is true?!
Nithi : about what?!
Sanskar : swara likes me..
Laksh remember nithi told him once about this.
Laksh : yes bhai.. That’s true. Nithi told me this once.
Nithi nodes.
All three smiles.
At swaragini room..
Dadi: whom you three are taking with?!
Arjun : nothing dadima.. Jus a friend.
Dadi : OK come and take your dinner.
She leaves.
Ragini(sad tone) : don’t know what nithi have done…
Swara : don’t worry Ragini.. She must have done something cleaver…
Arjun : we have to wait till tomorrow..

Swaragini nodes..
It’s morning..
Swara and nithi have study holiday.
Ragini asked arjun to stay home today as she is feeling so nervous. He accepted.
At MM house..
AP, DP, sujatha and RP are decided to go to swaragini’s home.
Sujatha : shall we take sanskar with us. If everything is OK then it will be good if he is also there.
DP : OK. Sanskar you also come with us.
Sanskar nodes.
Nithi and Laksh is at home. All others left.
At gadodia house..
Ragini is so tensed thinking that what they are going to talk about…
They came…
After some formal talks..
Swaragini are in their room.
Arjun is with everyone looking what they are going to talk.
DP : Shekhar ji… We came to ask that..
He stopped. He looks AP
AP : we came to talk about a small confusion.
Sumi: ji.. Boliyae…
AP : OK don’t want to stretch this. I’m asking directly. Our son sanskar likes your younger daughter swara. So if can we ask swara’s hand for sanskar?!
Whole family got shocked by this. Arjun looks sanskar shockingly.
Sanskar nodes.

Shekhar : ji.. But swara is so young.. And also we have not started thinking about her marriage.
AP : no no Shekhar ji.. We are not forcing you. Marriage can take place even after her studies.
Sumi Shekhar Dada and dadi looks each other..
Sujatha : we understand that you may need some time to think.
AP : u can talk about this and inform us later. We don’t have any problem.
After sometimes they leave.
Sumi Shekhar Dada and dadi started talking about this.
Arjun went to swaragini room.
Swara : what happened bhaiya?! What did they told?
Arjun (naughty tone) : ur friend is really very clever Ragini. They freed Ragini.
Ragini and swara became happy on hearing this. They huged each other.
Arjun : yes.. They don’t want Ragini’s hand for sanskar… They asked your hand…
Swaragini got shocked by this…
Swara : what?!
Arjun(naughty tone) :huh swara.. This is what your clever friend’s clever idea.
Swaragini looks each other..
Ragini : I’m sorry swara.. This is all because of me. If you really don’t want this to happen I will tell them.
Arjun : swara what are you going to do now?!
Swara looks confused.
Sumi candidate dadi came there. They understand that Arjun told them everything.
Sumi: swara.. They just came to ask about this.
We discussed. They are very good family.so…
Dadi : swara beta.. Don’t think so deep. It’s all about your decision.
Ragini and Arjun looks swara..
Swara : ma, dadima.. If you are OK with this then I can’t say no. I always follow your decision. My life partner will also be the one who you decide.
Arjun and Ragini looks each other.
Because swara told many times that she will do love marriage. But now she accepted.
Sumi and dadi became happy and hugs her.
Sumi : Ragini.. You may got hurt..
Ragini : no no ma… I’m feeling happy for swara..

They smiles and sumi and dadi leaves.
Arjun : swara.. U..
Swara : I know what you are going to ask..
Ragini : but you don’t love him na?!
Swara : yes.. But later I may fall in love with him.. Time changes everything Ragini..
Ragini hugs her happily..
Swara : but one thing I must say… Laksh proposed you at the right time. If he delayed, then he may lost you…
Arjun on hearing this thinks that swara is right. He lost in thoughts of nithi..
Swaragini noted this..
Swara : Ragini.. Arjun bhaiya should also expose his love at the right time.
Arjun looks her with fake anger.
Ragini : swara is right bhaiya.. U should tell nithi…
He nodes..
At MM house..
Laksh and nithi went to sanskar’s room.
They asked about what happened at swaragini house.
He explained.
Sanskar : I think tomorrow they will tell there decision..
Laksh : God.. Now swara should save me..
Nithi thinks swara will.
Screen freezes..

Precap : Arjun proposing nithi..

Hope you guys like it. I think no confusions in this episode. If yes, please explain me what is so confusing. I will clear it.. Thank you for reading.. Please please please do comments..

Credit to: Adithi

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