Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 14


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Here we go…
It’s morning…
AP and DP decided to go and meet sumi and her family. AP called that lady who told about sumi and her daughter, to come along with them.
Laksh nithi went to college and sanskar went to his office.
At gadodia house..
Swara and arjun went to their respective places.
Ragini : ma… As my dream is to open a music school, I have to talk about this with my guru. So I’m going to my music school today.
Sumi : OK dear…
She leaves.
At college campus…
Swara, nithi and Laksh entered at same time.
Nithi is so tensed that she should talk to swara about sanskar ‘s marriage proposal.
Laksh leaves.
Nithi : swara…

Swara : why are you so tensed nithi?!
Nithi : swara, my parents searching alliance for Sanskar bhaiya.
Swara is shocked to hear this.
She thinks about what Ragini said yesterday. If she loves him, she will find his face in her heart.
Swara closed her eyes. She found a boy in a casual wear walking forward. But she cannot see the face clearly as it is blurred.
She opened her eyes.
Nithi : swara.. What?!
Swara : good night.. Congrats..
Nithi is shocked by her reply.
Nithi : but swara, I thought you like him.
Swara : of course I like him. But don’t love him.
Nithi looks her confusingly.
At gadodia house,
Calling bell rings.
Dadi opened the door..
Sumi ‘s friend with AP and DP standing there.

Lady : dadi… Sumi is here na?!
Dadi : huh beta.. Come in.
All the three came inside.
Sumi came from kitchen and looks her friend and two of them.
Sumi : Namaste..
Lady : sumi, this is Durga Prasad Maheshwari and His wife Annapurna.
Sumi and dadi greets them.
Dadaji also came there.
The lady informed them that they came to ask her daughter for sanskar Maheshwari. She also explained about their family.
Sumi, Dada and dadi are happy about this.
AP : may I know your Daughter’s name.
Sumi: Ragini and swara ..
AP : Ragini and swara?!
Sumi : yes. Do you know them before.
DP looks AP.
AP : Arjun?!

Sumi (surprisingly) : he is my sister’s son. How do you know him?!
AP : oh he is working in sanskar’s company. I already know your daughters.
AP became happy.
AP : I like both of them when I saw them at first time.
DP looks her confusingly.
She told about their arrival to meet Laksh.
Sumi: Ragini is elder than swara.
DP : no issues. If you are OK with our proposal we are happy to have Ragini for sanskar.
AP nodes.
Sumi dadi and Dada are happy.
Sumi : I will talk to her father about this.
AP : OK then. U can discuss about this and if OK we will come for other rituals.
They are about to leave.
DP : I haven’t seen you daughter before. So can I have a photo of her.
Sumi: oh sure.

She gave swaragini’s photo and pointed Ragini.
They leaves.
It’s evening..
Swara and Arjun came home.
Ragini is not still back.
Swara asked about Ragini. Sumi told her that she went to music school.
At MM house..
Nithi and sanskar are back..
Laksh dropped nithi at home and gone to meet Ragini as she called him to come to music school.
All the members are at Hall.
Sanskar is called.
AP : sanskar we met the family. We are happy with that family.
DP: sanskar are you OK with our decision.
Sanskar looks on.
AP : you know the girl.
Sanskar looks confusingly.
AP gave him the photo of swaragini.

Nithi and sanskar shocked to see the photo.
Nithi : swara and ragini.
Sujatha (laughing) : nithi not both of them…
All started laughing except sanskar and nithi.
Ragini and Laksh are at a park.
Laksh : so you want to meet me…
Ragini blushes..
They have some cute moments together.
But all this Laksh falling in more and more love with her.
After some time he dropped her near her house and leaves.
She entered.
Swara : Ragini mom wants to talk to you about something.
Ragini : about what swara.
Swara : I don’t know.
All the members are at hall.
Dadi : Shekhar.. Do U know about Maheswari groups of companies.
Swara and Ragini got surprised to hear this.

Shekhar : huh ma.. I have heard about that company and they are big shot. Arjun is also working in one of their company right?!
Arjun nodes. He too got confused why are they talking about this.
Dadi : yes.. Their family came here today for a marriage proposal.
Swaragini and Arjun got shocked.
Swara remember that nithi told her their parents searching alliance for sanskar.
Sumi: Shekhar.. They are asking for Ragini…
All the three is shocked to extreme.
Swara and Arjun looks Ragini.
Here eyes filled with tears.
At MM house..
Nithi know that Ragini is elder so they will definitely have Ragini’s proposal for sanskar.
So before anyone say anything she immediately replied ” oh.. How you all know that swara like sanskar”

All of them gets shocked including sanskar.
Just then Laksh enters.
Sujatha : what are you saying nithi?!
AP: but we got Ragini proposal for sanskar.
Laksh got stunned on hearing this.
Nithi know this. That’s why she included swara’s name, so that Ragini will be releaved.
DP: nithi what you are saying is true?!
Nithi : yes bade Pappa…
Sanskar and Laksh looks her.
She nodes.
AP : oh God.. We have to inform about this to them.
DP : that too before they talk to their daughter.
Sujatha : shall I call them.
DP nodes.
AP called them.
Ragini don’t know what to say. Swara and Arjun are helpless.
Sumi ‘s phone rings..
Screen freezes…

Precap : swara’s reply for sanskar’ s marriage proposal…

Hope you guys like it. Many of you requested not to do like this. But if there is no twist then there won’t be any interest dears… Please hold it will be swasan and raglak anyway….
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Credit to: Adithi

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