Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 13

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Here we go..
It’s night..
Swaragini room..
Ragini thinking about Laksh and his love confession at morning.. She smiles herself..
Swara notices this.
Swara (naughty tone) : Ragini.. Whom are you thinking about?!
Ragini blushes..
Swara : I’m very happy to see such a happiness in ur face Ragini..
She hugs her…
At arjun’s room..
He is thinking about what Ragini and swara said.
He talks himself “what they are saying is true?! I can I love someone. I just saw her 3 or, 4 times. Is that really enough to fall in love”
He got confused. He thinks” can anyone fall in love without knowing that they are in love. This is not possible. Swaragini sisters making me fool. I will try it again ”
He closed his eyes and tried to find that it is really nithi.
A girl sitting in a full white dress. His view is from her back. He cannot see her face. The girl turned once.
He suddenly opened his eyes and said” Nithi”

MM house..
AP and DP I their room..
AP: suniyae Ji… Sanskar looking his company well na?!
DP: do you want to say anything?!
AP: yes.. This is the time get him married..
DP looks her.
DP : you are right.. He is matured. We can search a girl for him. But once we should talk to him about this. He may have some ideas about his marriage.
AP nodes..

At sanskar’s room..
Laksh and sanskar are there..
Sanskar : Laksh you have decided your life partner. I’m happy about that. So now u should complete your masters and should take over one of our company.
Laksh : oh hoo..bhai.. Why so fast?!
Sanskar : no Laksh.. I’m not pushing you. But you should act matured..
Laksh nodes and went to his room.

It’s morning..
Laksh and nithi getting ready for college..
Sanskar also got ready for office.
All three came down.
They had breakfast. They are about to leave.
AP : sanskar.. Wait for some time.. Ur Badepappa wants to talk to you..
Laksh and nithi leaves.
DP came there..
Sujatha and Ragini also came.
DP: sanskar.. We want to talk about an important thing..
Sanskar : Ji Badepappa.. Any thing about our company..
DP: not about work. It’s about life.
He looked AP confusingly.
AP: beta.. We decided to do ur marriage.
Sanskar : what so suddenly.
Sujatha : what suddenly?! This is the time na?!
DP: beta.. We are not telling you that you should get married now. We just want to know that do you have any ideas about that or you will be OK with our decision.
Sanskar thinks for a second.
Sanskar : I’m OK with any of ur decisions Badepappa. I know whatever you will do it will be for my happiness.
Saying this he leaves.

All of them became happy about this.
DP: OK. We should find a girl who will make him happy, and whom he will be comfortable with.
AP: huh ji..
DP and RP leaves.

At gadodia house..
Ragini wakes swara.
Ragini : swara.. U r getting late to college..
Swara wakes.
Ragini : go and get ready..
She nodes and moves.
Arjun and swara got ready.
Swara : Arjun bhaiya… Y ur eyes are red?!
Arjun : no they are not..
Swara (naughty tone) : I know why.
Just then Ragini came.
Ragini : u know about what swara?!
Swara : look at his eyes Ragini. I think the whole he was thinking about nithi..
Ragini hits her.
Ragini : shut up swara. Don’t tease him.
Arjun : swara, now you are teasing me. But I will also get a time like this.
They laughs. Swara and Arjun leaves.

At college campus..
Swara waiting for nithi.
Just then nithi and Laksh enters.
Swara : hi jiju…
Laksh : what?! Jiju?!
Swara :huh.. U r going to marry my di so u r my jiju..
Laksh smiles and leaves.
Nithi : so swara, bhabhi kaise hain?!
Swara : bhabhi?!
Nithi : huh.. Ragini bhabhi..
They laughs.
It’s their final exam time. They are going to complete their degrees.

At MM house..
AP and sujatha informed all their relatives that they are searching a girl for sanskar and also told them to suggest if any in their sites.
Likewise one of her relation informed about her friend’s daughter who is at marriage stage.
AP: so who is the girl and what about her family.
Lady : she is my friend sumi ‘s daughter. They are very nice family.
AP : OK we think about this.

At sanskar’ s office..
Arjun is working in urgent as an important file for presentation is not ready.
Sanskar just then entered.
Sanskar called Arjun through intercom.
Sanskar : Are the files for today’s presentation ready.
Arjun (in sorry tone) : sir, it will take one more hour..
Sanskar (in normal tone) :the presentation is at 11. Can you do it before that.
Arjun (confident tone) : of course sir..
Sanskar :ok you go..
Arjun nodes and leaves.
He made all those files ready. But sanskar don’t have time to check. But he trusted Arjun. So he directly presented them in front of customers.
Customers are very satisfied.
Sanskar thinks that Arjun is really very talented and Nithi is so lucky.

It’s evening…
At college campus..
Swara and nithi were chatting. Laksh came there.
Swara : so hardly one month…
Nithi : yes after that we will be graduates..
Laksh : so.. For that we have to clear our exams na?!
They laughs and Laksh and nithi leaves.

At MM house…
Sanskar came from office.
He went to nithi’s room.
Sanskar (happy tone) : nithi… Honestly Arjun is really good.
Nithi looks him confusingly.
Sanskar explained her.
Sanskar : I will be really happy if he became ur life partner.
Nithi blushes.
Just then Laksh came there.
Laksh : whom u are talking about.
Sanskar and nithi looks each other.
Laksh : what?! Are you guys trying to hide something from me.
Nithi : No no bhaiya.
Laksh : then tell me what?!
Sanskar looks nithi and nithi nodes.
Sanskar explained about nithi and arjun.
Laksh :oh.. My sweet sister got matured enough to fall in love..
All three laughs.
Sujatha called three of them to come down.
All the MM family members are gathered in hall.
AP: one of my friend told me about a girl.
Laksh and nithi looks confusingly.
Laksh : what?!
AP : A girl for sanskar.. Laksh.
Nithi looks shocked.. She thought swara loves sanskar.
Laksh : oh.. That’s so nice.
DP: so tomorrow me and Annapurna going to meet her family.. Sanskar what do you say?!
Sanskar : As ur wish Badepappa. I’m OK with it.
Nithi don’t know what to do. She is at extreme shock.

Precap : MM family meeting Gadodia family…

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