Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 12


Thank you guys.. I think many of you want swasan scenes… I’m getting this request regularly.. I thought to take the story in some other way but as you guys requested to do more swasan I’m going to include a twist.. Hope you guys will like it…
Here we go…

Laksh and Ragini told them that they love each other.
All of them are happy about this…
Sumi called arjun..
He happily said Ragini won the competition.
Sumi know that this is a dream of Ragini to win a music competition. After that she wants to start a music school for children.
After some time of chatting sanskar, Laksh and nithi leaves.
All three came together in one car.
Sanskar driving the car and Laksh sitting beside him and nithi at back.
Sanskar : so Laksh.. Are you happy..
Laksh : huh bhai.. I’m very happy..
Nithi : sanskar bhaiya.. Yeah Koi poochnae ki bath hain kya?!
Sanskar : I know my princess…
She smiles..
Nithi (curiously) : Laksh bhaiya.. How did you confessed ur love…
Sanskar : yes Laksh… How romantically you proposed..
Laksh smiles and explains what happened in detail..
Nithi (naughty tone): oh oh bhaiya.. I don’t think she realized after ur wonderful song.
Sanskar : then what nithi..
Nithi : I think Ragini might thought that “such a disaster singing. Oh God if I say no he may sing another song. No no I can’t here this anymore” . That’s why she might said yes.
Saying this she laughs. Laksh turns to hit her but she moved back and all three laughs.
At gadodia house..

Sumi sheker dadi dadaji all are happy that their ladoo won the competition.
Shekhar : Ragini beta.. What you want? Ask anything..
Ragini : only your blessings papa..
She smiles and hugs him.
All are happy. After all their celebration about Ragini’s victory swara and ragini went to their room.
Swara (curiously) : Ragini tell me how Laksh proposed you..
Ragini blushes and explains..
Swara : awww… So cute… How did you replied?!
How did you realized that you love him?!
Ragini : he told me to close my eyes and see what I can find… I closed my eyes and found Laksh..
Swara surprised on hearing this. She thinks that if she can find someone. She closed her eyes.. She finds a boy looking at her and smiling. But she cannot recognize who is that. His face is not clear.
Ragini notices this.
Ragini shakes swara. She opened her eyes.
Ragini : what are you doing?!
Swara (confusingly) : I can’t recognize the face Ragini..
Ragini (confusingly) : which face?!
Swara : you told that you find Laksh face na? So I tried. I saw a boy but don’t find who it is. Face is not clear.
Ragini smiles and says ” which means you still haven’t find anyone”
Swara thinks “but what about sanskar. I thought I like him.”
Ragini : what are you thinking?!
Swara : Ragini.. I want to tell you something..
Ragini : what?!
Just then Arjun came there and started hearing them.
Swara : when I saw sanskar for the first time you remember that?! He poured roadside water on me but I’m not angry with him. U know why?!
Ragini nodes no..
But arjun thinks he knows.
Swara : because I liked him. His face made me speechless. All the time when I saw him I felt happy and also started waiting to see him.
Ragini : so you thought you may started loving him.
Swara nodes yes.
Swara (confusingly) : but I can’t see his face. Why?!
Ragini (confident tone) : because you like him. But don’t love him.
Swara can’t understand what Ragini is trying to say..
Ragini : swara.. There is lots of difference between love and like.. U can like many persons.. For example mom, dad, arjun bhaiya.. Love happens only with one person. On the day when you find a person for you, at that instant itself u can find his face in your heart..
Swara nodes.
Ragini smiles.
Arjun who is hearing all this thinks that there is no girls in his life. So he definitely will not find any face. But he thought to try and closed his eyes. He found a girl standing beside a wall. She only showed her face and searching for someone. He tries to recognize her face.
His mouth unknowingly said nithi…
He opened his eyes.
He find Ragini and swara standing in front of him.
Arjun : what?!
Swara : u said nithi…
Arjun: when?!
Ragini and swara smiles looking each other.
Ragini : bhaiya.. Did you find nithi’s face?
Arjun doesn’t reply.
Ragini : OK no need to tell us. But if you really found her face, then you started loving her.
Arjun looks confused.
Swara : bhaiya.. This is natural.. I think other than our family members, the only girl you know apart from your job is nithi.. The first girl entered in your life.. So, there is no surprise that you love her..
Arjun can’t understand all this.
Ragini : OK bhaiya we don’t want to confuse you.. U think by your own.
Arjun went to his room.

At MM house..
Laksh, sanskar and nithi enters.
Sujatha : oh.. U all came back.. What about the competition result?!
Sanskar : Laksh doesn’t made it.
Sujatha (sad tone) : it’s OK Laksh.. You tried na? We are happy in that.
Just then AP came.
AP: so who won that?!
Laksh : mom.. Do you remember! One day Arjun came with his sister Ragini na?!
AP and sujatha remembers the girl..
Laksh : she won this.
AP : huh.. I remember the girl. Oh.. Good. She was looking very beautiful.
Laksh (thinking about Ragini replied) : yes she is..
AP and sujatha looks him differently.
Sanskar hits Laksh and he came to sense.
All of them smiles and 3 of them leaves to their room.
Sujatha :jiji… I think sanskar is older enough to get married?!
AP: right sujatha.. He is looking after his company very well. I will talk about this to his badepappa…
Sujatha nodes..

Precap : Maheshwari family searching alliance for sanskar…

Guys trust me. I will make wonderful swasan episodes. Please hold patience. Hope you guys like it. Please please do comments..

Credit to: Adithi

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