Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 11


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Here we go…

So at audition hall…
Laksh kneel down with one leg and forwarded his hand and said “will u be a part of my life.. Can you make me the luckiest person in the world..”
Ragini is at extreme shock..
Her eyes looking him deeply.. She can’t even think anything.. Her mind alert her but her heart is not ready…
AP announcement falling from the loud speaker “Fourth competitive performance by Ragini mathur”
She came to sense.. Laksh gave a begging look..
She went to stage..
She played a wonderful music in her sitar..
She avoid eye contact with Laksh..
She finished.. Applause reaches the sky…
She came down and Laksh is called up on stage..
He looks Ragini…

At canteen..
Swasan and arthi talking..
Sanskar thought thought to some time for nithi to talk with Arjun.. So he thought to take swara with him..
Sanskar : huh… I thought to go to garden..
All three looks.. Sanskar signs nithi.. She understood..
Nithi : I’m not coming..
Arjun : OK swara u stay with nithi I go with sir..
Nithi (laughs) : Arjun.. U still calling him sir.. What will u talk with him.
She turns to swara and said “swara.. If u want you can..”
Swara got excited and replied”oh.. Sure”
They leave..

Laksh is on the stage..
He played “theri meri meri Theri prem kahani”
Ragini’s eyes filled with tears..
Laksh looking only Ragini.. His eyes looking her like there is no one in the world other than her..
He completed and looks her..
She can’t control herself anymore..
As soon as he get down from stage she ran to him..
Laksh looks her excitingly..
Ragini (tears flowing from her eyes) : Laksh.. I…. I don’t know what type of feeling I’m having for you.. I felt bad when got hurted.. I feel protected when I’m with you.. But I don’t know this is what love is….
Laksh : Ragini.. Look into my eyes..
She looks..
Now close your eyes and see what can find..
She closed her eyes.. She finds a boy fighting for her, taking care of her..
She opened her eyes.. Laksh looks her curiously..
Laksh is out of the world.. He can’t trust his own ears..

At canteen..
Nithi don’t know what to talk.. But also don’t want to waste this time..
Nithi : so.. How is work..
Arjun looks her confusingly..
Nithi : I mean how is life?!
Arjun looks her and said ” do u want to say anything?!”
Nithi herself understand that she is blabbering nonsense..
Nithi : nothing.. Just..
Arjun smiles.. He feels like she want to say something but don’t know how to start..

At garden..
Swara and sanskar sitting on grass..
Swara never ever thought that she will get such a opportunity to be with sanskar in such a romantic place..
Sanskar : so swara.. After college what are you going to do?!
She replied without thinking ” will marry you”
He looks her shockingly..
She realized what she said.
Swara(tensed trying to laugh) : I was just joking.. U got shocked…
He still can’t come out of that shock. This is the first time a girl talking to him like this.. There are lots of girls want to talk to him, fall for his cute smile but not one got courage to do.
Sanskar got disturbed by her reply.
Laksh looking Ragini deeply and moves close to her..
An announcement is made “The winner of the competition is Ragini mathur”
Ragini and Laksh got alerted by the announcement..
Applause sound filled the auditorium..
Ragini looks Laksh happily and hugged him..
Laksh : congrats Ragini..
Ragini : I love you Laksh..
Hug remains for a while..
Ragini went to stage..

At garden..
Swara don’t want to talk anything as she may loose talk.
Sanskar : shall we go..
She nodes and they both went to canteen.
Nithi look them.
Sanskar nodes what?
Nithi nodes no..
Sanskar understand that she didn’t talk anything.
Nithi : winner must have announced. Don’t know who won..
Swara : I know.. It will be Ragini..
Just then Laksh came there with sad face..
Nithi : bhaiya.. What happened?
Sanskar : lucky who won the competition?
Arjun : winner have been announced right?!
Swara : it is ragini na?!
Laksh looks all their faces sadly and nodes no..
Swara got shocked. How could this happen. Ragini can’t lose. She is perfect..
Just then Ragini came and hugs swara happily..
All got confused..
Laksh(shouts with full of happiness) : u r right swara.. Ragini won..
Swara arjun nithi and sanskar got very happy to hear this.
Swara hugs her ” I know it on the first day itself Ragini. Love you so much”
Arjun hugs her ” congrats.. I’m very happy Ragini”
Nithi and sanskar congrats her.
Swara (with fake anger) :Laksh.. U just stopped my hear..
Laksh : it’s Ragini’s idea..
Ragini looks him shockingly and hits him.
Ragini : when did I told you..
Laksh hold his ears and said “sorry”
They both forget that there is four other members around them. All the four looking them surprisingly.. Nithi understand that Laksh have proposed Ragini.. But she is not sure about Ragini’s reply.
Raglak came to sense and looks them.
Laksh : guys.. I want to say something..
All looks like what?!
He looks Ragini and she nodes.
Laksh(suddenly) : I love Ragini
All four looks Ragini suddenly.
Ragini felt embarrassed. She bowed her head down. They understand that she accepted.
Swara (shocking, happy, naughty tone) : Ragini… U..
Arjun: Ragini.. I’m happy for you.. He is really a good person.
Ragini blushes.
Nithi and sanskar looks Laksh. He smiles. His eyes evidences his happiness.
Screen freezes on 6 of them…

Precap : swara shares about her feelings for sanskar to Ragini..

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Credit to: Adithi

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