Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 10


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Here we go…
It’s morning..
Laksh and Ragini have their 3rd round of competition today.. If they got selected next will be the final round.
So Ragini is preparing till morning and she is nervous..
Swara : Ragini.. U r going to get it.. So don’t worry..
Ragini smiles..
Swara and Arjun getting ready.
When arjun is dressing in front of mirror she finds a beautiful face of a girl. He is surprised as this is the first time he is thinking about a girl. But he can’t remember her name.
He went to swara’s room.
Arjun :swara..
She turns.
Arjun : yesterday the girl I dropped..
He stopped.

Swara looks like what?!
Arjun : nothing..
He leaves immediately. Swara remain confused.
He goes in front of mirror again and look the face of the girl again.
Without his knowledge he said “Nithi”.
MM home..
Nithi is getting ready in her room. She felt someone called her and turned bud couldn’t find any one.
As Laksh has competition today sanskar have to drop nithi in college.
Swara know that as Ragini and Laksh have competition sanskar will come to drop nithi.
So she got ready and left to college earlier.
She is waiting at campus for nithi.
Sanskar and nithi in car.

Sanskar : so nithi.. Do Arjun also love you?
Nithi (sad tone) : no bhaiya.. He even don’t know that I love him.
Sanskar (surprisingly) :what?!
Nithi : huh bhaiya… I started loving him before I met him..
Sanskar (even more surprised) : how?! I mean how do you know about him?!
Nithi : swara use to talk about him. I started liking him through her words.
Sanskar : oh… There my princess found her MSN.
Nithi blushes.
They enter campus.
Swara became very happy on seeing sanskar’s car. Her face turned pink.
Nithi get down from car and went to swara.
She notices swara.
Swara looking inside the car.
Sanskar smiles.

Nithi : swara..
Swara doesn’t reply.
Nithi waves her hand. Still swara standing like that.
Nithi shakes her. She came to realization.
Nithi (naughty tone) : what are u looking at swara?!
Swara know that nithi will tease her for this. So she doesn’t reply.
Sanskar : OK nithi.. I will pick you at evening.. Bye.. Bye swara..
He leaves.
Nithi : why r u looking at my brother like this. I thought u r going to eat him through ur eyes.
Swara blushes.

Nithi is happy about this.
It’s competition zone..
Only 5 are going to be selected.
Ragini is so nervous. Laksh looks her with love.
He gave her water.
Ragini : I should make this Laksh.
Laksh : u will…
Ragini : u told me that ur friends forced you to take part in this. But u did ur best so that u reached here..
Laksh thinks ” not to make this Ragini I did it only for you ”
Ragini : Laksh.. What are you thinking?
Laksh :nothing…
Laksh looking at her.
She tensed folding her fingers.
Laksh suddenly hold her hands.
She looks him..

Laksh : if u do continously like this,ur fingers may fell down.
She laughs.
Ragini : Laksh.. When I’m with you I’m feeling like I’m protected. The same feeling when I’m with my dad and Arjun.
Laksh smiles.
Ragini’s name is called.
Laksh : all the best.. U will make it. Go…
She nodes and leaves.
After a while Laksh name is called. Audition is going in two halls of same building. So Laksh went to give his audition.
Both were done and searching for each other.
They collided at garden.
Ragini is very happy and hugs him suddenly. Laksh don’t know what to do.. To hug her or not..
He raised his hands to hug her but she broken the hug.
Ragini(happiness overloaded) : sorry Laksh.. U know what.. I got selected for the finals.
Laksh : that’s great.. Congrats..
Ragini : did you gave ur audition..
Laksh nodes..
Ragini: u too got selected na?!

Laksh : yeah…
Ragini got more happy and started jumping. Laksh looks her childless. He can’t control himself.
Ragini looks him and surprised as he is not enjoying the victory.
Laksh : so shall I drop u today?
Ragini remember the last time incident.
Ragini : OK…
Laksh became happy and they both left in his car.
Ragini nonstopingly talking throughout the travel. Laksh just looking at her and mesmerized by her.
They reached gadodia house..
Ragini get from car and thanked him.
Laksh smiles and leaves.
Sanskar’s office…
Arjun came to sanskar’s room to get some signatures.
Sanskar : Arjun.. I thought to promote you..
Arjun got surprised by this as there are many seniors. He just joined there before 6 months..
Sanskar understand this.
Sanskar : OK u go. I will send these files.
Arjun nodes and leaves.

It’s evening..
At college campus..
Nithi waiting for sanskar with swara.
Nithi want to tease swara..
Nithi : swara u carryon.. Sanskar bhaiya will come..
Swara don’t want to go. She want to see him.
Swara : it’s OK nithi.. U should wait alone na? I will give u company..
Nithi (naughty tone) : I know why u r waiting..
Swara this time got more dare and replied strongly ” yes, I’m waiting to see sanskar. Do u have any problem with that?”
Nithi is shocked by this reply.

Swara realized what she said now.
Both looks each other don’t know what to talk.
Just then sanskar came.
Swara looks nithi. Nithi nodes and get inside the car.
Sanskar : swara.. Laksh and Ragini got selected today. Just now Laksh called me.
Swara smiles happily.
Sanskar :ok bye..

They leaves.
Gadodia house..
Whole family is happy that Ragini got selected to finals.
MM house..
Nithi thinking about swara and her reply.
Laksh came there.
Laksh : what are u thinking about?
Nithi told all the things happened from the starting till evening.
Laksh : what.. Not bad.. Now this is so interesting..
Nithi : bhaiya.. Now tell me about you and Ragini. Tomorrow is the finals.. U should tell her at least tomorrow na?
Laksh just then realized that he can’t meet Ragini after finals..
He started thinking.
It’s morning..
It’s is Sunday.
So nithi decided to go with Laksh for finals.
She told this to sanskar.
Sanskar : OK.. I’m also coming.

At gadodia house..
Sumi told Arjun and swara to go with Ragini as she is nervous.
So at last all the six are at audition hall..
Only competitors should wait in the hall. Others should wait outside.
So Laksh and Ragini enters the hall.
Nithi, swara, sanskar and arjun went to canteen.
Swara and nithi is happy about the presence of sanskar and arjun.
All the 4 are talking..
Arjun feels good to talk with nithi. He realized a change within him when talking to her. Sanskar notices this.
At audition hall.. Fully tensed situation.
Laksh is starting at Ragini. He thinks if he miss this chance, he may not able to tell her..
Ragini is at extremely nervous. Only 5 in the finals. 2 names have been called.
Ragini looks Laksh and find him starring at her.
Ragini : why are you looking at me like this?
Laksh : Ragini.. I want to tell you something..
Ragini : what?!
Laksh : this title or the price money is not a matter for me..
Ragini looks him confusingly..
Laksh : I just came to participate as my family and friends forced me.
She looks on.
Laksh : I thought to make a bad presentation and exit at 1st round itself.
He stops and looks her to observe her thoughts.
Laksh : but I reached here is only because of you.

Ragini looks surprised.
Ragini : what did I do?!
Laksh : u don’t know what you have done with me. U made me feel like I’m the luckiest person in the whole world. U made me to think what I’m looking for.
Ragini can’t understand what he is trying to say..
At canteen..
Swara : Ragini will win the title for sure.
Sanskar and nithi looks each other and smiles. As they know that Laksh is not here to win the title.
Swara looks them and thinks why they are not arguing that Laksh will win the title.
At audition hall..
Ragini looks him confusingly.
Laksh : OK I telling it straight lyrics..
He kneel down with one leg and forwarded his hand and said ” will u be a part of my life”
Ragini is shocked..
Screen freezes on Ragini’s face..

Precap : all 4 are waiting for raglak. Laksh came there..

Hey guys hope u like. I made this long episode as I will be busy for 2 days. So u have to wait for Ragini’s reply. Please please do comments…

Credit to: Adithi

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