Swaragini – The reason I breathe is U and for U (episode 2)


Swaragini – The reason I breathe is U and for U (episode 2)
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Recap : a girl name jack awes with her bike racing and the leaves everyone shock. After 5yrs she comes out from jail.

Guys dhamini here. I am sry but this didn’t get posted in swaragini page u can get it by the above link. I hope u will support and shower ur love like u were giving it for ur favourite love ishq Kadhal.

Episode starts…

Scene :at jail
Jack: hey mamu u came I missed u very much yaar. Jack comes out wearing a black jeans and a sleeveless t shirt. She comes and lifts lawyer
Mamu: what u missed me in jail
Jack: Haa
Acp: plz take her fast in just 6months she showed a full on torture for us
Jailer: Haa we are 10 jailers couldn’t handle her. Plz don’t come here plz
Jack: OK OK don’t beg even I am not interested in u at all. No one is handsome to flirt with. Waste jail.
Acp: u came here to flirt what type of a girl u are
Jack: acp plz don’t call me a girl yaar. I am not less than any man okk

Jack: byee miss u all my frnds. She says it to all the criminals in the jail.
All bids bye to her
Jack and her mamu come out of jail. They here some noise of band
Jack goes and hugs them. They are all boys and came to welcome her. They make her wear garland and also band.
Jack: I missed u all guys. I thought u forgot me

Michael: how can we forget u. U are the best and all time bike racer champion
Jack: plz yaar u know na I left that 5 yrs back only so plz don’t take this topic again.
Mamu: hey guys did she came from a abroad tour that u are welcoming her like this
Sam: uncle plz she is far from us from 6 months. We are very excited come jack let’s have drink party.
Mamu: see ragini u know for ur all thefts u got 2yrs punishment but I couldn’t see ur family like this that’s why applied for a disciplinary action. If u be polite for 4months without doing any robbery then the punishment will be reduced and if they believe that u changed totally they will then leave u and free u from punishment
Jack: Mamu what is polite and discipline plz say in hindi

Mamu: ragini I was talking in hindi only
Actually she is illiterate actually Maamu tells in a very typical hindi words but I will write all in English only bcoz of ur demand.
jack:call me jack I hate the name ragini get that Mamu. And about what u said I will think about it. Guys I will come at night I should go to my home. Okk till then make all preperations.
Jack is non other than ragini only. She is a very naughty flirty cute character. She is so much flirty type she is a robber from the past 5yrs. She is very bold . She is
Scene : at ragini s home beyond modern type

Ragini rings the Bell. A girl opens the door.
She was talking to someone and by seeing ragini she just went from there carelessly and talk in phone that some waste girl came. She doesn’t even talk to her. She is shalini her younger sister.
Ragini: where is maa
Shalini: till now she is alive only but don’t know what will happen now
Ragini goes inside she don’t care about anyone. She only thinks of herself only. She don’t care what every one thinks about her.
She goes inside and sees a boy who is eating his food in a very hurry way. He is very dirty his clothes and his hair all are very dirty. He sees ragini but doesn’t care. He hears a horn and was going

Ragini: heyy what I said don’t go with them naa
Boy : what who are u to say that oh I forgot u are my sis na. Did u forget from where did u came. Shut up and do ur work. And goes.
Haa he is her brother Kiran

Ragini also doesn’t care.

She goes and takes a plate and eats food. A middle aged woman comes then.
Ragini /jack: maa hii
Maa: why u came here. I thought u won’t come ever. For us u died when u went to jail. U know u have a sister and a brother oh sry my daughter got two marriage alliances but when they got to know about u they didn’t even saw this house again. And Kiran like u only roaming on roads left all his studies when I ask he will say that Jack went to jail then what I am doing is not a big deal. He was becoming a gangster and I can’t do anything. Plz go from our lives. Don’t ever come to see if I am dead also

Ragini : maa listen
Her maa folds her hands infront of her.:plz go from here plz she cries
Ragini who is eating : OK last time eating full plate I will go okk
Maa:u won’t change

Scene : night
Ragini is drinking wine with her frnds and doing party with them
Sam: are u drinking bcoz u came from jail or bcoz ur mother thrower u out
Michael: Haa give clarity yaar
Ragini: what was she thinking I should also become like her by waking up early in the mrng and hurriedly packs the lunch box and go to office in three buses. How boring life is that
Sam: I are crct bro come don’t spoil ur mood.
Jack gets a call
Ragini: chii my life see who is calling he called only to spoil my mood.
Sam: oh God ur Mamu will not leave u
Ragini picks up the call: hey Mamu what’s up
Mamu: ur head without brain

Ragini: what a nice joke Mamu should I laugh
Mamu: shut up if anyone see u drinking in the public places then u will be directly taken to jail with a non bailable warranty
Ragini : mamu are u spying on me where are u
Mamu: shut up and be ready from tomorrow ur 4montjs count starts.
Ragini:ok mamu let me enjoy today night
Gud Night
After call ragini sees all her frnds were sleeping. She too dozes off

Guys say if I should continue or not. Thanks for reading and baring me. Thank uuuuuu


Credit to: Dhamukohli

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