hi guys. ..i am back with the 5th episode of my ff…hope u guys like it….so let’s begin..
the episode starts with swara thinking that..iss she really in love with sanskar…to sort it out..she closed her eyes and thinks about sanskar…their first meeting..sanskar lifting her..their fake marriage….sanskar trusting her and helping him in every thick and thick..send finally his love confession…while thinking about these..a smile appears on her face…when she open her eyes she saw herself in the mirror and see her smiling…
swaea: why there is a smile on my face..do i really love him.. (her heart say yes swara it is love..and her mind provoked her saying that it’s not love..it’s just friendship)
but this time her heart wins and she – realised- that it is love not just love but true love—
swara smiles at her stupidity that why she didn’t realised it earlier..she thought to inform her mom..but later thought she might tired after the function so it will be god that she inform her tomorrow morning….and also to inform sanskar about but not today tomorrow itself….

maheshwari house..
sanskar room..
he was continuously thinking about swara and was not able to sleep…
sanskar to himself:: i love u swara i really do….and your this act of hugging me make me feel…that u also love me…no no sanskar what are u saying she font love…she just hua you in excitement….control ur stupid feel ing. .or else u will lose her friendship also…

the scene shift to a lonely place…
there a girl was running… (it seems that she was trying to escape from someone)…now comment to her condition..she was wearing a white kameez type dress..each was very dirty….the girls was running here and there and some goons were after her…she find a place and she hide there….she was not visible to the goons..
goon1: where the he’ll she is gone…
goon2: ya let’s us check there…if we didn’t find her than surely we are gone…
then suddenly someone hit a rod on the heads of the goons and they fell down….the person who hit the goons was the girl who was running..
her face is revealed(guys guess who is she) she is kavita (ya guys she is kavita)
kavita: thank god….now i can go back to my sanskar..u need to find him and tell him that i am still alive..before my mom get me (yes guys kavita mom kept her captive. ..i know u are thinking that it’s the same as the serial but my ff is a bit different)…
she finds a hotel nearby and thought to stay there but she find out that she don’t have money..she the check the pockets of the goons and finds money’s in their wallet she took the money and head towards the hotel…

gadodia house (baadi)
swara was already awake because her new born feeling didn’t let her sleep all night ..she was eagerly waiting for morning so she can express her feelings to her family…she hurriedly went towards kkitchen.there her mom and sister were preparing breakfast. …she went to her and hug her mom from back…
swara: thank u ma….thank u thank u so much…
sumi: swara. swara wait dear what happened why are u so happy. ..
swara::mom because i realised it..
sumi+ragini:realised what. . (eagerly waiting for her answer)
swara: love…yes moments i realised my love towards him…thank u ma for making me realise..i love u ma….
sumi:dekha..maina aur ragini na tuja pahla e kaha tha….
swara:yes ma and thank u ragini…i am so happy..
ragini: it’s means u haven’t forgive me yet…
swara:(shocked) no no ragini nothing like that…hey are u saying this..
ragini: then why are u saying thanks..,i am ur sister right so no need to sat thanks..
sumi: shona u must tell him before …destiney plays another game with u..
swara: yes ma..don’t worry i will confess it today itself…and after break fast i will meet him and confess my feelings…
(guys swara had already call sanskar and ask him to her in a park)

after breakfast swara leaves baadi ….

on the other side sanskar also left his home to meet swara…

but guys it’s just not that what it looks…kavita had already started asking for sanskar..and was been informed that mr. sanskar maheshwari is going to park to meet someone….so kavita also left for the park where swasan were going to meet…

to be continued……..

precap: heart breaks…

so guys…it my the 5th part of my ff…i hope u like it…..guys i will end it in some episode as i can seeing that u didn’t like it..and i am also planning to write a one shot…so for this i need to end up this ff….
and plz comment….

Credit to: Alisha khan

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    1. Thank u dear for commenting….. I will surely try to act upon ur request..


  3. I like it vry much.bt don’t separate swasan plz

  4. awesome

  5. awwsome yr if swara can forgive ragini why not u make swara forgive lakah ..and make swalak ..
    and plzz don’t make raglak together i can’t tolerate them together plzz yrr

    1. Sorry dear…..swalak cannot be one..,,I am a big fan of swasan…but there will be a love triangle between swasanlak…hope u like it and dear keep reading…

  6. Nice dear… I liked ur ff …don’t stop it dear… Don’t think about comments..there r many silent readers…actually I was also one among dem bt now I startd to comment.. Write as much as u can

  7. logo ko kaise pata sanskar park jara..?
    ita famous hai wo?

  8. Awesome

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