Hi guys…I am back with the second episode of…I realised it…thank u guys for ur precious feedbacks…so without wasting time…
Let’s Start
The episode starts with swara….she catches ragini hand and head towards sanlak…
Swara: guys I want a favour from u two..,will u guys help us plz.. (in a worried tone)
Sankar:calm down swara and tell me what’s the problem why r u looking so worried..
Laksk: yeah swara what happened…
Swara: Actually me and ragini together with our dance partners have arrange some dance performance..but unfortunately they met with an accident..guys plz I want u two to become OUR PARTNERS..
Sanskar: bas itni si bath..swara I am always there for u..and ya I will surely help u..
Laksh:yeah swara I am also with u..
Swara: thank u thank u so much…I knew that sanskar will never say no to me..so let me tell u the partners….
(Laksh is happy as he thinks swara will choose him as her partner and he can get a chance to come close to her)
Swara:sanskar u will be my partner and laksh u and ragini will be partners
(Ragini was g happy to hear that laksh will be her partner but her guilt didn’t let her to enjoy this moment at all. .whereas laksh was sad as he want swara as her DANCE AS WELL AS LIFE PARTNER…but he thought that if he didn’t agreed with swara..swara will be disappointed with him and will not give him a second chance. ..so he agreed unwillingly…
Ragini: but swara how will they know the steps…
Swara: yes ragini u r right but still we have 15 minutes..,we can rehearse in this time…are u guys ok with it…
Raglaksan; YES..
Swasan and raglak rehearse for their performances… and after 15 minutes they went to the stage…

First it was the turn of OUR HEAVENLY COUPLE SWASAN…
The music starts and everyone turn to watch there cute and romantic performance…

Credit to: Alisha khan

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  1. Waiting for swasan scenes yaar..keep triangle between swara sanskar and laksh

    1. Hey anusha I think u like love triangle very much.

  2. Nice yr

  3. Waiting for it….

  4. waiting for swasan & raglak performance…..

  5. Awesome

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