swaragini… a real love story…episode 9


dear… I know u r waiting for my ff.. am in hostel and u can imagine the situation na.. thats y late update… sorry. .support me dears… don’t get confused with the pairs.. pls enjoy my ff dear.. I don’t know how much I will succeed in it.. waiting to know it from u

two days later . in office
shyam feels chest pain. when he is to fall sanskar hold him
sanskar : wot happend uncle.. r u ok come lets go to hospital.
shyam : no beta. am fine . sanskar : wot r u saying. u r not well.come with me
shyam : I forgot to take medicine. thats y.. I will go and have it . could u pls give me leave.. sanskar : how can u forgot ur medicine. come will come with u. I will drop u there. sansjar take shyam to home and give him medicine.
sanskar : do u feel better now? shyam : yea am ok. sanskar make him lay on the bed. then he luks around and see beautiful pictures of swara on the wall. he smiles seeing her cute smile. he automatically goes near that pic and touch the pic then shyam : thats my daughter. sanskar : I know …. I mean I guess na its ur daughter. ( chanfed topic)uncle do u want anything.
shyam : uncle???? . sanskar : y??? do u have any problem in that
shyam : no beta nice to hear from u . u have works na. u can go sanskar : u r living alone na. shyam : shona will come now.. sanskar : shona???. shyam : my daughter. sanskar : ohhh I c. u rest I will go when she come.
sanskar go out of the room and sit in the sofa . he sees many pics of swara. single cute pics.and pics with shyam.
sanskar : u r beautiful with u smile
sanskar then remembers the fights with her. sanskar : she is very stubborn also
he roams in the house to spend time.he then enters swara’s room and luks amazed. nice room. he wondered that his taste and her’s r same.. same color choice and all.he smiles.
just then swara came to home and sees the door opened
swara : ohhh mr bose came so early. she went to his room and so him sleeping. dhe thinks not to disturb him and went to her room. sansjar hears some sound and hide in the room. swara came into room and laid on the bed. she thinks something and then she saw the coat in her bed. (sansjar didn’t notice that)
she takes that in hand and sit in the bed. sanskar sees all this. sanskar sees swara smilingly luking at his coat
sanskar to himself : is she mad?? wot is she doing with that?
then she put it in shelf by saying: will give this back to that rakshasa when he come. sanskar got angry by hearing this and he unknowingly shouts at swara
sanskar : rakshasa??? me????
swaea sees him in the room. swara : ohhhh again .. started na shona.. who is he to u.? then y u thinking of him. he is a rakshasa and always came to ur life to fight with u . forget it ..she takes her dress and turns to go to washroom. she then turns again to his direction and gets shocked.she pinches herself and gets shocked. her dresses fall from har hand and she moves towards him and touches his chest with her finger. sanskar wondered to c this. she gets shocked and screams.. sabskar also shocked to c hear her screaming and he then put his hands on her mouth .. she suddenly bites his hand and he screams… ( cute scene na.). sanskar : uuu idiot… wot u did .. will show u.. he moves to her.. she starts screaming.

shyam from next room : wot happend shona
sanskar puts his hand to her mouth to stop her screaming. . she is struggling to get out from his arms. then she slowly calm down and luk into his eyes.. they both lost in each other’s eyes… they luk intensily into their eyes.. ( eyelock)
their eyes communicate their feelings. their eyes says they want to say something. .. or they want to be one rest of their life.. so many emotions which can’t be named pass through their minds.. suddenly they came into senses and sanskar leaves her and turns. they r not able to face each other. she runs towards shyam’s room.
shyam : wot happend shona.. y u screamed. r u ok. swara : papa there is.. there is that man in my room
shyam : which man shona?
sanskar came into room. swara shouts at him. swara : who r um y u come to my house ? sanskar : I came here correct. but not to c u. and I don’t don’t know its urs ( he lied). and wot u called me? rakshasa? ??
who is rakshasa? how dare u to call me like that. shyam : sanskar beta stop this.. swara u too
swara : I won’t papa. this man ( she goes to sanskar pointing at him) is a rakshasa and don’t know how to behave with girls. I wish to kill him..
sanskar : ohoo. u wanna kilk me? then come kill me..y wasting time
hearing this swara got angry and she mpves her hand towards his neck (but didn’t touch). shyam : both of u stoo this.. y u fighting shona wots this.? is this way u treat ur guest?
swara shockingly : guest?????
shyam : yes this is sanskar maheshwari swara : sanskar? ??? ur GD in company
swara luks at sanskar. he luks angry.. but he is really enjoing seeing her expression. ( cuteness)
swara didn’t know wot to say.she didn’t speak anything. shyam : shona say sorry to him
swara didn’t say anything and stand still.sanskar know that her ego didn’t allow her to say sorry.
sanskar : its ok uncle.no need of thst.. actually its my mistake. I enter her room without her permission. he luks ito swara and says sorry.. swara wonderly luks at him.. she didn’t expect that.
sanskar : uncle takecare of ur health. he went without luking at her
shyam : shona wot u did? wit happend to u? swara : papa this man is that guy whom I always fight with. I told u na? abt a guy who always come near my way and fight with me
shyam : ohhhj ( wondered) is sanskar ur arrogant hero???
swara 🙁 angrily)papa… he is not my hero at all .. u understand. .. then y he came here. shyam : (tensed).. he has some work near here. so he drop me here.
swara : okkk.. she went to her room
she luks at mirror
swara to herself : sanskar maheshwari. .. hero????? hehe.. she smiles.
then swara : no way… she changes her mind and go to washroom.
sanskar is driving the car and thinks abt the happenings. he smiles remembering that.
sanskar : I know I like her.. then y I get angry while talking to her… y I fight with her.???
screen freezes on sanskar’s face

Friends I don’t know is this gud or not.. am in hostek na.. so pls am sorry if I didn’t come to ur expectation..
keep supporting dears.. love u all

Credit to: Riya Maaheen

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