swaragini… real love story…episode 8


guys after a long time with my this ff.. hope u like it.. swasan fans.. this is for u.. pls wait for their romance.. be patient.. and support me
guys I think u remember the last episode that laksh and sanskar .. swara and ragini came to market and that scene that sanskar holds swara when she falls .. then fliwer petals falls on them.. I think u guys remembrr it…

ragini sees laksh she is amused to c laksh by vegetables. . she went to him and pats his shoulder
laksh turns and sees ragini. and he has a tomato in his hand
laksh : ragini uuu here?
ragini : ha laksh. wot r u doing here. . oh buying vegetables gud.
laksh : ha ragini I came to buy potatoes.. and all . she laughs hearing this.lKsh luks on.. ragini : laksh this is tomato.
laksh : ahhh ragini I know.. means.. I know that.. ( he blabbered ragini couldn’t control her laugh..she is wearing a pink salwar and hair open in a beautiful style. laksh luk at her smile and he can’t take off his eyes from her).laksh : ragini u know u luk beautiful while laughing
ragini just then stops laughing. and gets a strange feeling hearing him she tries to change the talk

ragini : I will help u..
laksh : ohh u can ..but actually I know wot I wanted.. I was just luking
ragini : ohhh that I saw. they buyed all that.then swara came there and saw both of them.. she smiles seeing them and goes to them. swara : arey nice to c u both like this.. lerfect match
laksh feels awkward. .
ragini angrily stares at swara.
swara : arey I just joked
laksh : u also here.. nice .. she hits swara’s shoulder
swara : mmm so wot else. they talked just then rangini sees sanskar
swara : ragini wot r u luking
ragini : swara will come just a min she went from there
laksh : swara actually we r just buying things.i came here and saw her thats all
swara : laksh wots the need of explanation
laksh:no swara I just said he luks at her
laksh to himself : swara I love u. but how can I say this to u. I know after knowing this u will hate me.. but I can’t control my emotions seeing u.. swara waves her hands in frontbif his face.. swara : where r u. laksh : ntng come lets luk for ragini
rangini runs behind sanskar.. she follows him.. then she lovingly stares at him..
ragini to herself : sanky I don’t know wot is happening to me.. always sm thinking of u . we didn’t eve talk once. but I can’t control myself from loving u
.. aftee thar she missed him.. she searches him.. but she couldn’t find him. swara and laksh came there. swara : ragini wot r u doing here. cone lets go.
laksh : ok frnds u both go my brother must be waiting for me so bye tc he went…swara : ragini wot happend to u. y u luks like this. where u went
ragini : I saw sanky ..swara : wot sankyy?

ragini : yes swara. but I missed him.may be he is here now. swara : ragini r u serious.. do u really love him
ragini : I don’t know swara. swara confusingly lik at ragini
sanskar was sittinf in the car waiting for laksh.just then swara’s thought came into his mind.
sanskar to himself : wots this.wot us happening.y I always came across her. sonetimes I feek to kill her. sometimes I want to be with her. he then luks in the mirror and smiles. then he saw a chain hanging in his shirt’s button.
sanskar takes that in hand and luks at that and thinks of that moment swara tightly clutches his shoulder
sanskar : may be this is her’s
he smiles luking at the chain
he saw laksh coming and put that chain in pocket
laksh : bhai how was the experience
Sanskar : great.. u really locked me in this they both smiles.
laksh : actually I met my college mates my gud frnds there. they helped me..
sanskar : ohhhh . laksh : wots that ohhh did u get bored being alone.
sanskar thinks of holding swara and smiles
laksh : bhai wot hapend to u.. u smiling without any reason. do u fall in love eith anyone???
sanskar suddenly stops tbe the car.

laksh : am sorry bhai.(he puts hand on his shoulder. ) we all know u were living with the past. but we don’t want that.. we all like to c ur happiness. and u should move on ur life.
sanskar : wot life lucky.. I died when kavitha left this world.. am now a machine with no feelings.
laksh : no bhai u r wrong. definitely this all will change. they went to home
swara came to home and sees her chain missing.. she gets sad..and tries to find it
shyam : shona we can search don’t worry.
swara : u know na. its my maa’s chain. how can I be this much irresponsible. she cries hugging him.
shyam : luk shona.. don’t cry ( he wipes her tears) ur mom is seeing all this.. she know wot happend. seeing u worried gives her more pain. do u want to c her in pain
swara nodes head saying noo
shyam : then smile.. I want to c that cute smile in my shonas face.. she smiles and went to room
she is restless and walking here and there
she then notices sanskar’s coat and takes it and slowly hugs it.. she feels very comfortable after that.

swara : I don’t know who r u . I always used to fight with u.. but sometimes ur presence gives me happiness. am sure this is not love and all. but I don’t know what feeling is this. she gies to bed and laid down with thst coat holding close to her.. she went to sleep..

precap.. swara sees sanskar in her home

frnds pls pls pls support meee

Credit to: riya maheen

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  3. i m confused with the pairs
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