swaragini… real love story…episode 7


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swara , ragini and laksh became gud frnds.. laksh enjoyed each and every moment with swara but he didn’t open his mind to her..but ragini felt something fishy about his behaviour. .but she didn’t ask anything to him. ragini was always thinking about sanskar..swara enjoys the company of laksh and ragini..

sanskar called everyone for meeting
sanskar : (to staffs) I know am new here. but I wantbto raise the name of this company. so I think all of u will satand with me and support me..
staffs smiled and nodes ( all like him very much)sanskar : and one more thing am also one among u so u can share anything with me.then we can achieve our goal. durgaprasad saw all these.. he is extremely happy to hear all ..
durgaprasad : ( to himself): I know beta we all did wrong with u. I did all that for ur future. but now I regret .and now onwards I will do whatever to make u hapoy. he goes frm there. shyam enters after leaves. he feels all the things r changed. one staff: arey shyamji u came .howbis ur health
shyam : yea am fine now. how is here. us everything alright? all the things changed
sukla: it is all because of our new head
shyam : wot u mean.. then durgaprasad ji? sukla: he is alright. his brother’s son sanskar maheshwari is now here. he is general manager. its his idea to make a change. how is it?
shyam : nice. I like to meet him
sukla: he is in cabin u go
shyam knocks the door
sanskar : yes come in
sanskar saw him and is shocked to c father of that mystery girl sanskar unknowingly stands and ask.. u….?
shyam : sir am shyam bose. am a staff here .. sanskar shakes hand and ask him to sit
sanskar want to ask about that girl who always come to his life as an unknown uninvited guest. but by seein her seeing her innocence his heart feels better and smile comes to his face unknowingly.
shyam : wot happend sir?
sanskar : ntng.ur face seems familiar. where r u living
shyam : xyz road. sanskar : ohh I c ur family? shyam : fine sir. actually I have only a daughter. she is my family. her mom died when she was 3 and now we 2 have 2 only
sanskar feels something for that unknown girl..
sanskar : sorry to ask . shyam : its ok sir
sanskar : u didn’t need to call me sir. u can call me sanskar. shyam smiles and went..sanskar thinks abt swara. y I need to know more abt her. she always fight with others always argues. but something of het attracts me to her. sanskar suddenly get snd breaths heavily. wot r u saying sanskar. u r thinking about a girl who us always a crap. he luks at kavita’s pic.
swara was sitting in class and talking with frnds. laksh came there luks at her.. ragini came there and sees this.she goes to his back and leans to him to c wot he is luking. suddenly laksh turns.. ragini’s lips touched laksh’s cheek.. both of them r shocked and share an eyelock.
ragini : ( searching for words) actually laksh I
laksh luks on ragini shockingly by touching on his cheek
ragini : I was just luking at u.. I mean.. I came to c wot u r luking .but u turns. laksh didn’t say a word.and ragini runs from there.just then swaea sees laksh with a funny luk. swara : wot happend laksh ( she saw the lipstick )
swara : hehe. wots this. seems some one kissed u.laksh tries to clean it
laksh:swara its.. some color.not like u think. swara : oh mr laksh maheshwari ( she touches the mark and shows) is this color? don’t make me fool ok.. anyway nice to c u.. continue ..hehe.she went.
shyam tells everthing happend in office to swara. swara : I think u like him
shyam : yes shona am impressed. I need a son in law like him. swara : oh wot a wish ( she laughs ) shyam : y u laughing. didn’t I have the right to think abt my son inlaw. swara : u have. But please don’t find that person soon. I want to enjoy like this.. and she hugs him
next day ragini calls swara
ragini : swara next monday we have a pooja at home.u and papa should come. swara : ragini its next week na
ragini : its next week but need to buy somethins will u come with me . swara : ok will come

In Mm
ap : sujatha come we r going to market not to wedding. sanskar is sitting in sofa and reading newspaper. laksh is coming from upstairs and saw this.laksh to himself : I want my old bhai.. I need to cheer him. he stops sujatha and ap
ap: ma were going to market na
( snatch the list from ap) we will buy it.
ap : surprised : u… do u know wot is tomato. laksh : ma stop it. u r crct. but bhai know all these na
hearing this sanskar coughs
sanskar : wot laksh. laksh : yeah bhai. don’t know abt u. but aftee marriage I don’t want to get scolding from my wife so this is a practice na. sujatha holds laksh’s ear sujatha : oh we thought u r helping us.. but u r doing this to impress ur future wife.. sanskar laughs seeing this..all three happy to c his laughing
laksh : bhai.then get ready.sanskar goes to get ready.ap : our sanskar is back.

In market
swara and ragini , laksh and sanskar came there sanskar : lucky I don’t know anything abt the things listed
laksh tears the list into two and gave the hslf part to sanskar. sanskar : wot is this.
laksh : ah u go and buy this.. I will buy this..and he goes from there. sanskar luks puzzled.
ragini : this thing is not here
swara :don’t worry ragini . I will buy it..u luk here..she went to other side. sanskar and swara came to one place. the place is fully flooded with water and mud.its very slippery to walk. bkth walks with difficulty. sanskar moves to one shop slowly and collided with one.. its none other than swara. their legs slipped because of mud. sanskar hols swara by her waist snd swara clutches his shoulder.they shocked to c each other. they share an eyelock. sanskar : uuuu here?? swara : wot r u doing here.. again came to fight with me na.
sanskar : is this ur private property?
( they r still in the same position)
both then realizes
swara : ohhh u idiot .leave me.. taking advantage ? sanskar : ohhh I don’t need to hold u . sanskar slowly leaves her.. then also they slips.. then swara clutched him more closely… they came more close
swara : ( feared of falling down in muddy water) yeh pls don’t leave me. ( sanskar’s heart beat increased hearing this.. innocent voice.. innocent words..
A girl: sanky u didn’t leave me na..
sanky: no baby. FLASHBACK ENDS
his eyes filked with tears.but he controlled it.swara trying to stand straight without falling . then a man is coming with basin and some children came there running and hits that man his basin with flower petals falls.. and all flower petals falls on swara and sanskar
they surprised and then again lost in each others eyes.swara then gets a grip snd stands. sanskar helps her.
swara : thank u
sanskar : oh u know
swara: wot
sanskar : to behave properly. . saying this he goes..
swara luks on.. sanskar walks and then turned back to her and smiled.
swara’s mind is somewhere and flying..
swara : wot is this god! y I feeling like that.. how cute his smile..
screen freezes on swara’s face

frnds I don’t know this is gud or not.. this is coming automatically in my mind.. so I couldn’t write well… will try to mske it gud next time…
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Credit to: riya maheen

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