swaragini… real love story…episode 6


frnds…. thank u for reading my ff… I think u all like my ff.. keep supporting… me… I know u all were bit confused to read this ff.. this is only a starting na.. I want to make this love story a complicated one… don’t miss it frnds… do support me…. ( both to swalak and swasan fans)

and frnds am also impressed with dhayal (Bhupinder singh) of ek hasina thi .. .. the one who played the father of madhubala(not that villain. not madhubala.. own father) in madhubala serial… he is perfect to play the role of shyam bose… thank u harshita for giving me that idea

ragini hugged laksh tightly and cries..
( laksh is super shocked)
laksh : wot happend ragini .. y are u crying
ragini is still crying
laksh slowly (hesitatingly) put his hands around ragini and hugs her ( consoling)
laksh : ragini relax… relax ragini..
I am here with u… relax
( ragini then realised their closeness gets separated)
ragini: am sorry laksh
laksh : wot happend to u.. y u cried.. tell me…
( ragini narrated that incident to laksh. but she didn’t say anything about sanky . hearing this laksh became angry and hits his hand on wall..ragini wondered to c his action)
laksh : how dare them to insult u…
ragini : its ok laksh.. am fine now…and pls don’t say this to anyone.. if swara comes to know this she will make it a big issue…u know her ..na
laksh : but
ragini : am ok laksh .don’t worry.. ( saying this ragini puts her hand on laksh’s shoulder)
laksh : r u ok na
ragini smiles and nodes head
laksh : swara didn’t came till now .. where is she
ragini : she said she will come
laksh : ok u go to class .. and don’t worry aby anything
she went ( laksh fumes in anger)
laksh to himself : y I can’t c her in pain… ( abt ragini)

swara was riding her cycle ..and lost is.. somewhere… she is constantly thinking abt yesterday’s dream…)
just then she shouted
swara : oouch..
she fell on road
a car hitted her cycle..
she tries to get up… slowly she gets up… and saw sanskar coming out of a car..
she luks him shocked
swara : ( angrily) uuu… don’t u c the road… r u blind…
sanskar : wot I did.. its not my car which cause accident
swara : wot ( confused)
sanskar :the car which hitted ur cycle went… and u r shouting at me…
swara: then y r u standing here… always behind be day and night .. irritating…
sanskar : eyy girl am not s guy u r thinking of… u r mistaken.. am on the way to my office.. I saw some one got accident..as a human being I stoped and came here.. I don’t know it was u… if I get to know earlier I won’t came here

then one more thing… I don’t want to follow u… wot u think… u r very beautiful.. and all guys will fall for u… its only ur thinking.. okk… and am not like that…

if all the girls in this world are died.. and only u were left in this world.. then also I won’t come behind u… understand

swara: ( angrily)stop this nonsense… wot r u saying… even I don’t want c ur face… understand.. and angrily goes towards sanskar with point finger raised..

they share an eyelock..

sanskar thrn sees her hand bleeding shows concern
sanskar :arey girl.. ur hand is bleeding.. come with me.. I will get u to hospital..
( swara is surprised to c his concern)
swara : u won’t come with u.. I can die but I won’t cone with u…pls go away from me
sanskar : (angrily) then do whatever u like.. I don’t care wot happen to u..
he gets in car and drives away ..
swara luks at the way his car went

she now feels pain because of the wound.. she came back to home..


swara sees shyam sitting on the sofa and tries to take the glass of water from the table
swara worried to c him and goes to him.

swara : papa wot happend ( showing concern)
she takes a glass of water and gives to him.. he drink it
swara : (cries ) r u ok papa
shyan : don’t worry shona am ok
swara:u didn’t went to office?
shyam: no shona . when I was going to office.. I felt a chest pain . so I came back.
swara : wot
swara puts her hand on his chest and moves to and fro)
shyam : am ok.. I think its a gas trouble..
she hugs him
then he saw swara’s hand was bleeding..
shyam : wot is this beta.. ur hand is bleeding..
swara : papa.. it was just an accident.. I fell down from cycle
shyam : come beta … sit here.. I will do the first aid..
shyam do the first aid.. and swara smiles seeing his concern..
swara : u know papa
shyam : wot shona
swara : I am ver lucky to get u as my father
they share a hug..
then someone knocks the door.. swara went to open the door.. she is surprised to c them
it was ragini and laksh..
swara : u both here.. wot a surprise
ragini : y swara u didn’t come to college… miss u…
laksh: (teasingly).. yeah eagini is right… miss u so much…
swara : lakshhhhhhh
shyam: shonaaa… who us that…
swara : papa.. its my ftnds
shyam : then y u didn’t welcome them.
swara : coming papa..
laksh: who is this shona
swara : me
laksh: haha u…. interesting
swara : y…. papa calls me like that
ragini : laksh r u came here to fight with her
then he remains silent .. they came to hall
swara : papa this is ragini and laksh
they both take his blessings..
swara : y r u silent… don’t act good infront of him… he knows all of u… hehe
shyam : yeah… through her I know u all
ragini beta… u r very nice… always be like this…
u all talk ..I will make tea
laksh : surprised.. uncle… uuuuuuuu… where is swara’s maa
swara : laksh he is my papa and mamma.. my mom went to god’s place..
laksh : am sorry uncle… sorry swara
shyam : its ok beta… I will bring..
laksh luks swara questionably

shyam : don’t luk her like that.. she didn’t even know how to lighten the gas stove..then how will she make a tea..
laksh laugh hearing this
swara got angry
swara: wait mr shyam bose..u sit here.. I will make tea..
then suddenly laksh sees her hand.. and gies towards her
laksh : wot happend to u swara
ragini also came to her and askrd the same
swara : its ntng dear.. its just sn accident. I fell from my cycle..am ok now
laksh : sure
swara : sure
then she went to kitchen
ragini : wsit swara am also coming.. they went to kitchen
laksh and shyam talks abt manythings
then both the girls come there and serve the tea
while sipping the tea laksh asked
laksh : then where r u working uncle
shyam : am working in maheshwari pvt company
laksh coughed the tea: wot
shyam : wot happend beta..
laksh : its my father’s company
ragini and swara was surprised to hear that
shyam : ok that means u r..
laksh : am laksh maheshwari son of durgaprasad maheshwari..
shyam : that was so sweet.. but I didn’t see u there even once..
swaragini laughs..
swara : papa how come he go there.. he us a flirting guy na… may be his father didn’t allow him to go there
they all laugh
they alk sprnd a nice time together.. ragini snd laksh started to leave they move towards door..
ragini : hugs them andd says bye
laksh : uncke now I got to know one thing
shyam : wot beta
laksh : y swara is like this…she is ur daughter na..
shyam jokingly hits laks shoulder.. then they left from there

screen freezes on swara’s and shyam’s happy face..

frnds.. pls pls comment and review this… I wsnt to know ur opinions about my ff.. If u like it then comment yaar… thank u .. and keep supporting…

Credit to: riya maheen

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