swaragini… real love story…episode 5




ragini: didn’t c laksh…
swara: so today is a nice day..don’t wish to c his face
ragini: y u always fire on him… don’t u like him
swara: no way ragini. he is irritating..
ragini: I don’t think so.. he is a nice guy
swara: ohhh u forget wot he did at that day..
ragini: yeah I remember ..its just a part if ragging..he forgot that all.. then y can’t we..
swara: u r supporting him
ragini: no I was just saying leave it

just then they hear someone crying and they rushes to there
they saw laksh beats some guys… badly

laksh didn’t see them

swara: luk ragini.. what is he doing.. u said he was very nice ..luk
ragini: may be there is any reason.
swara angrily stares at ragini

laksh continues beating them

laksh: wot u said about her ..ahhhj how dare u….
at that time tara came there and drags laksh from there swaragini sees this
tara is laksh’s friend

swaragini hears them

tara: r u mad laksh.. wot r u doing ..
laksh: y u come between.. I want to kill them
tara: wot they did.. its just a college fun.. leave it
laksh: can’t leave tara.. they badmouthed about swaragini.. how could they
swara and ragini surprised

laksh: that idiots called them chicks.
and want them for one day .. u know na they two r gud girls … how can they say like that
tara: so what.. wots ur problem. they said about them…who u r to interfere.. whats ur relation with swaragini

even swara that girl slaps u… and hates u…
laksh: I know tara.. she slapped me… and I realized it was my mistake .. but she is very gud girl… they both are.. I know they didn’t considered me as a frnd… but… swara eventhough she behave rudely.. she is inmocent…
tears roll down.from swara’s eyes.. they goes from there

ragini: I told u na he is a nice guy
swara: I misunderstood him
ragini: its okkk.. don’t worry I will talk to him
swara: no ragini .. first I will talk to him..
ragini nods…

laksh is trying to bandage his wound..just then swara comes snd helps him… he is wondered
laksh: swara….. u…. here..
swara: just shut up laksh
laksh: wot
swara: don’t u know the meaning of shut up
laksh keeps silent
they r sitting near a tree..
laksh was staring swara
swara gives him a chocolate
laksh is amused
he takes it
swara : can we be frnds
laksh: swara I think u met wrong person.. am laksh
swara: I know bhudhu…
just then ragini came there
ragini: she is right laksh.. we want you to be our frnd..
laksh: wot happend to u both..
swara: ntng.. so u r going to home na..u r tired after ur fight
laksh understands all…
laksh: thats the reason.. mmmm
ragini: then will u accept our frndship
laksh hugs her happily ..:

swara: hey laksh leave her its ragini not ur girlfrnd
laksh: (in low voice)ohhhh started
swara : wot u said
laksh : I was just saying sorry to ragini.
ragini : its ok laksh bye
swara : bye and takecare
after they went
laksh thinks… : she is just amazing.. is this swara.. At least I got ur frndship .. thank u


swara tells every thing to shyam

shyam: u said he is very bad now he is not that much bad
wot happend shona
swara: papa he is a nice guy I misunderstood him
shyam : anyway all matter cleared now na
swara : mmmmmm yes…
mmmm papa I forgot to tell onething.. today I went to ragini’s house..they all treat me like their own daughter… I feel like not coming from them…
shyam : thst means u won’t need me now swara : stop this matter am going …

( FRNDS pls imagine a gud character to play shyam’s role.. suggest one… I think shasthri in shasthri sisters serial is okk…. its ur wish )

shyam: oh u got angry
suddenly she hugs him
swara: papa.. I only need u… love uuu
shyam: love u too..

shyam : (says something to convert her mind) … then wot abt ur boy… angry arrogant hero…
swara : started na… mmm u sit here alone and think about him… am going gudnyt.. she went to room
shyam smiles

she is disturbed because of sanskar
swara : papa y u tell abt him.. I don’t wanna remember him… he is such a crap
then she sees his coat.. she throws it down .. how dare he called my papa irresponsible … she went to bed

laksh was thinking abt today’s incident..
laksh: both of them r really cool.. swara is my love..and ragini is my queen.. ( suddenly he realised what he said)
laksh:.nooo wat I said… it won’t happen..I love swara .. swara only… ragini is my frnd… he tries hard to sleep

“swara sees sanskar …and runs towards him. she hugs him.. don’t leave me sanskar… sanskar: I won’t.. u r my life ”
suddenly swara screamed..
oh god wats this…
shyam: wot happend beta .. open the door… r u ok …
swara: ahh papa.. am fine .. I just saw a bad dream.. u go and sleep
shyam: ok beta takecare..
swara gets out of bed and takes that coat in hand..
I want to give it back to him.. I don’t need any memories of him.. I just hate him..


ragini : mom I am going… swara will wait at bustop… c u..
she came to bustop..
her cell rings..
swara: sorry baby.. u pls go to college.. I will come .. have some work..
okk swara

just then some guys come there and flirtbwith her.. they misbehaved with her.. then a car stops there and a msn came out of the car its sanskar.. he was going to company.. sanskar came out snd beat them

sanskar: is this way u treat girls..
ragini was happy to c him.. she is afraid and wants to hug him..but she didn’t..

sanskar: r u ok
she nods..
where you want to go .. I will drop u there
sanskar and ragini in car..
he doesn’t say any word.. andvsje also remain silent..( she is that much afraid) he drops her in college and waves bye… ragini sees her loved one going from her eyes.. just then laksh saw her worried..he went to ragini
laksh : ragini r u okk.. wot happend y u luk worried
just then ragini hugs.. him tightly .. because of fear… laksh is super shocked…

Credit to: riya maheen

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  1. suggest d pair……afterwards only i can read pls……nd sry if it s swalak i wont read…..so that only asking d pairs…..dnt mstk me

    1. dear abi.. am a great swasan fan… .. don’t worry.. I only started this na…u will get to know who is the pair in coming episodes…. I promise.. u will become happy then… thank u

  2. I things this is swasan raglak because laksh didn’t love swara it’s just a attraction l feel like that

    1. u r right dear… but I just want this a complicated love story

  3. This is of swasan nd raglak loved it nd that is of swalak I doesn’t read that but I read this
    Plz show some swasan scene plz

  4. Oh god so much confussion yaar can u plzzzz tell about jodis

  5. I think swasan can make perfect pair make them dear and nice epi dear updates next soon

  6. I am totally confused. .
    pairs kon hai..
    pls tell…
    I wants swasan. .and raglak. .
    pls can u make it lengthy also..

  7. Swasan and raglak plzzz and nice

  8. Yeah i too think same n would b Swasan n raglak only then it would b more interesting…bTW it’s nice..

  9. Nice dear but plz suggest the pair

  10. If u can clearly mention d pairs it’s swasan and raglak or not plz

  11. im really sorry to sat but im getting irritate guys all are making swasan wat abt swalak fans im sorry if i have hurted anyone but i jst wanted to say abt my wish too

    1. dear atiya .. don’t worry .. I already started another fan fiction for swalak fans including mee… so pls support both the ff…pls

  12. here the the pair is only SWASAN

    1. Oh god thanks.. At least u said..

  13. I’m also agree with abi of it is nt swasan i’m nt going 2 read.plz make swasan pair bcoz Ilike u ff it is vry good

  14. Nice episode
    and which one is ur swalak fanfic?

    1. SWARAGINI – SANLAK .lovebirds..

  15. make swasan pair

  16. I thnk dayal frm ek hasina thi will b perfect for ths role of shyam…coz whenever i read abt shyam ,dayals face come in my mind

  17. Ofoo.. It’s rectangle love story… Lol.. Interesting.. Can even guess pairs also…

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