swaragini… real love story…episode 4

i know dears…there r so many spelling mistakes… and.. gramatical mistakes in my ff…. sorry for that….

(actually swara is a bengali girl)

in college
swara: ragini could u please explain me what is that so called love..
ragini: y swara. … u hate this love.. dating and all..
swara: nooo… I mean.. I just don’t like it.. but want to know
ragini: we can’t define that magical feeling… its something
(just then laksh comethere….he is listening to them)
swara:ohhhhhh there comes..(in ragini’s ear)
ragini: no swara..
ragini:hi laksh
laksh: hi ragini… hi swara… may I help u… I will tell u wots love
swara: u….. ( laughing)
laksh: y r u laughing
swara: laksh do u know wots love… I heard lot abt u when I came here… u don’t know wots love .. u know only flirting… at present how manyblovers u have ( laughing)
ragini : stop it swara.. ( on her ears)
laksh: no ragini let her finish
luk swara. . u r right am a flirting.. guy.. fun loving person… have many girlfriends… that doesn’t mean I don’t know what is love… all guys like to flirt with girls… but he love only one girl… his soulmate..
ragini: hear swara. . laksh is right
swara: ohhh
laksh: my brother always says abt love.. he says its happens only once… but I don’t believe that because love happens anytime. . maybe enemies become lovers…. saying this he leaves
ragini: is that laksh
swara: its all his other drama
ragini: mmmm

swara: ragini will ur heartbeat increases when u see ur sanky
ragini: (blushes) mmmmm swara….
ragini: wot happend swara
swara: ntng

at night

shyam: where r u lost shona
swara: ntng papa
swara: papa actually I don’t know.. I didn’t hide anything from u na…
shyam sits beside her
shyam: tell me shona
swara:I told u abt a person na
shyam: whom u r talking
swara: that guy who helped a child
shyam: ha swara I remember
swara: I don’t know papa … nowadays I can’t forget his face. .. disturbing my mind
shyam: haha ( laughing)
swara: y r u laughing
shyam: u r saying to ur father that u love someone
swara: papaaaa.. eyes angrily…this is not love and all…. this is y I didn’t tell u….
shyam: sorry shona…
swara sits in angry face
shyam: luk me shona… I know u very well
u can’t do anything wrong.. if u love anyone he is definitely good
swara: papa I already said that its not love… u know na I don’t believe in love…
shyam: ahh okk u like himmm… what magic he had done… that u like him…. mmmmm then today I let u go outside snd have ur icecream. .. but come soon okkk .
swara hugs him happily and goes out..

shyam in his mind. :I know u shona .. I am afraid thats y am not letting u to do such things… but today I know u r disturbed thatsy I allowed… who is that guy….( he thinks)

sanskar was also there… its second time sanskar seeing her.. its his hobby to walk at night and enjoying that atmosphere swara buys icecream… and eats them.. then suddenly rain comes… and she gets

she started to dance in rain…. she is enjoying the rain..
sanskar smiles seeing her innocence…
she was lost in rain
suddenly sanskar saw a van is coming towards her and she is unaware of that and continues her dance…
sanskar ran towards her and take her to other side… they fall down….. sanskar is on her…
they share an eyelock. .
swara is super shocked to c him… at thst time… there…
sanskar get her up
then he starts scolding her
sanskar: wot is this girl.. do u know what the time now… if anything happens..
swara is shocked and didn’t tell anything
sanskar: I am talking to u… y u don’t obey ur fathrr…. he told u na…
then suddenly he stops….
swara: thank u
sanskar: where is ur house.. will come with uu…
sanskar sees swara is little uncomfortable … as her dress is fully drenched in water..he gaves her his coat.. sanskar: now come..
swara and sanskar walks slowly … tbere is silence…
sanskar: don’t u have commonsense.. is it a gud time to have icecream
swara surprisingly luk him
sanskar:: u can obey ur parents na (lityle angry)
swara: actually papa allowed me
sanskar: irresponsible father and daughter
swara gets angry by his words and she shouts
swara: how dare u talk like that… don’t say any word against my papa.. u r irresponsible. . not him…
and thank u for ur help.. pls go away.. I know how to go… so pls.. she went from there
sanskar angrily comes to his room
sanskar: how dare she talk like that
am irresponsible
is she a girl …. how can she talk like this… saying this he moves to kavitas pic and tells
kavitha u r the best girl I ever seen… no one have ur qualities….

swara in her room after changing her dress…
swara lost in thinking
how come he came there… how he know abt me … icecream. .. papa… confused… is it a dream… swara pinches herself… then she saw sanskar’s coat and takes that… she remembers he giving coat to her ….
she thinks.. wots this god… y he came there to save me…. am trying to forget his face.. but always je comes infront of me…. swara slept …

swara went to baadi to pick ragini

shekhar welcomed swara she take his blessing..
shekhar:come beta… ragini is having her breakfast. .. u come

dadi: ahh swara… come beta sit here …we together have breakfast. .
swara: no dadima… will wait for her..
ragini smiles at swara
shekhar : sit beta..have some..
dadi bring food for her and make her sit…
actually sumi was feeding ragini.. swara sees this and smiles..
then sumi come near to swara.. and feed her .. tears rolled down from swara’s eyes… all smiled …
sumi: y r u crying beta
swara hugs sumi… she feels something strange
swara: maa
sumi: kya hua beta… wot happend
swara: am happy ma… I lost my mom when I was 3 … my papa is my world… he gave me all love… he didn’t made me think of my mom… he is my papa and mamma… but when I see u. . I think motherly love is something special…. ragini u r very lucky to have such a family…
ragini comes near her snd hugs her…
ragini: this family is urs too swara….
they hugs…
swaragini plays………

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