swaragini… real love story…episode 3


I know u all r confused … and eagerly waiting to know who r the pairs…
actually i didn’t preplanned the plot… its just happening … I don’t know…
reviews are very less… I need ur support…and valuable guidance…. actually am great fan of fan fictions written by veena… saba.. and all…. pls accept mine also….. do read my all episodes…. don’t miss any of them….please….
this is episode 3

by swara’s frndship.. ragini became energetic…confident ..
ragini is always lost in sanskar’s thoughts…
swara:ey rags wot r u thinking all the time… nowadays u were always lost in class
ragini: ntng like that swara
swara: don’t lie to me okkkkk.. u can’t hide it from me…. tell me…
ragini: actually swara I don’t know what to say… I wanna see him
swara: ( surprised) whom…
ragini: that.. actually… I … u don’t tease me okkkk
swara: ohhh my doll is in love…. right
ragini: I don’t know swara .. I don’t know wot is that so called love.. but I miss him so much.. I saw him only once… his name is sanky… he is very gud.. I am attracted to his character.. he thinks about his family’s happiness .. ( ragini tells swara everything)
swara: sounds good
ragini: ah swara.. one who loves his family can love his wife truly… only gud people have that quality.. caring others even they r strangers …
(suddenly swara thinks about sanskar who saved a life)
swara: so u wanna c him . we can find him
ragini: no swara.. I believe in god and fate.. if he is mine god will bring him to me
swara: aaha innocent ragini learned to talk
ragini hugs her
just then laksh come towards them
laksh: hi frnds… can I join with u
swara: ohh u learned how to behave properly
laksh: mm little bit .. u both rbtrying to teach all seniors here na
ragini: laksh pls stop we don’t want to have an argument… leave us
laksh: no ragini .. I came here not to fight with u… but I wish to be urs frnd…
swara:ohhhhh till now we r not enemies na.. we thought all here r our frnds thats it
( saying this swara holds ragini’s hand and went from there)
laksh:to himself ::: oh miss swara bose. . u r just amazing… whatever u say… whenever u ignores me.. am attracted towards u… I don’t know yy…. but may be I think am in love laksh smiles and leave from there

maheshwari house

sanskar was in room and thinking about kavitha..just then laksh came there
laksh : bhai y u r spoiing ur life…. I wanna enjoy with u…. please forget all that things… its past…
sanskar:: lucky if we love someone truly..we can’t forget that person until our breath stops. its a fact .. love is that much sacred… we can’t escape from our feelings…

laksh continusly listening to him… and when he hear about love .. he lost in swara’s thoughts…
laksh: bhai whether love happens anytime
sanskar: smiled… wot happend lucky… u were talking about love … such a flirting guy talking about love. ….
laksh:: y bhai..y can’t I talk abt love.. love happens any time na
sanskar:(surprised) aahaa.. I think u fall for someone ..
laksh: no nhai just asking
sanskar:if u love someone .. hold her.. don’t leave her … and give all happiness in the world. . if we lost ur loved one.. we
can’t bear that pain until death..
laksh was eagerly listening to him
sanskar: its too late go and sleep… I think I just need a night walk.. u go and sleep…

sanskar walking through the road… stars twinkling at him. .. he was enjoying that atmosphere. .. suddenly he heard someone’s voice … he go to that side… she saw a girl riding cycle and calling the icecream wala.. he is seeing this from far.. its none other than swara
swara : am late na.. sorry
seller: I waited for u at daoly meeting place.. I thought u didn’t come..
swara : sorry bhai.. papa didn’t sleep yet… u know na he won’t allow me to go out at this time…. but I couldn’t sleep…without eating this icecream and enjoying this wonderful night…
seller: but beta.. its too late… u should go now..
swara: sure uncle… first give me my specisl… swara take them and sat near a bench…
sanskar was surprised… how come a girl.. can do this… interesting… just then someone hold her from back.. she is shocked to c shyam
swara: papa .. I … just….. throwed the icecream
shyam:don’t search for ..words… kkkk … I know u won’t listen and obey my words… manybtimes I told u na.. don’t go out at night …
swara: papa but u know na I miss these type of happiness when I stayed indoor…
shyam sat near her and put hand on her head
shyam: u know swara.. I have only u .. and u r my only asset… I am worried for u…I know u r thinking different from others.. but our society .. is not gud tgat we think… if anything happens to u what will I do…
( just then swara throws ice cream and hugs him)
swara::sorry papa.. I won’t repeat this…
she takes her cycle and go with him…

sanskar stares at them… interesting ..nice father and daughter…

next mrng…
sanskar went to temple
ragini is also there… she is stunnrd to c him…
ragini: I know devima.. u bring him to me… by seeing this she rans towards him .. and slips…. from steps.. sanskar hols her .. and they fall from steps..
ragini looks into his eyes
sansker get her up.
ragini:: am sorry… slipped…sorry..
sanskar:: its okkk… u should takecare while running… I think u r luking for someone… then continue… ragini:mmmm
sanskar went grom there
ragini..:: I am luking for u sanky…

laksh came to college.. and searches swara.. finally he finds her talking to some guy.. they r laughing .. and talking… laksh get jealous…seeing that…
laksh:: swara…..
swara:: ahhh did u need anything..
laksh.:: actually ragini was calling u…
swara went to ragini

swara: y u called me ragini
ragini: when.. I didn’t
swara: laksh told that u called me..
laksh: he lied to u swara… I tjink he like u…
swara: no way ..he is such a crap..
ragini: but he is not that much bad
swara: mmmmmm

swara sees laksh and goes to him
swara: y u lied
laksh: when
swara: don’t act
laksh: wait wait wots ur problem… u purposely makes situations to come to me right???
swara: u can flirt with others. thats none of my bussiness. . but don’t dare to come near me… okkk…
laksh smiles while she leaves
laksh: to himself ::: I can’t c u with anyone swara…I am sure i love u….

onbthe way to home… she sees sanskar driving a car. .. she is excited to c him…. and follows his car… but she missed..
swara ( to herself ) : today also missed… who is he…. y my heart beat increases while seeing him…
screen freezes on swara’s face..

Credit to: riya maheen

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  1. it is swalak and ragsan

  2. riya maheen wat do u mean in the last paragraph that swara is excited to see sanskar .. dont u actually mean laksh

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  4. Plz make swasan and raglak

  5. I must say its superb…. I didn’t cmnt ur last epi.. but now I heartly cmnt that its suprb dear.. continue this.. and abt pair I think u should make whomever u like.. in my case I like both swalak and swasan.. so choosing betn them is hard to me… so take whom u like to make them to stay together forever and who is ur bst??

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  13. dear xxx first of all thank u for ur comment.. u will get ur answer when u read the previous 2 episodes…

  14. sumi.. dear… thank u so much… support me like this…. and u asked who is my favourite … its definitely swasan.. am a die hard fan of swasan.. but I too like swalak… swalak was also superb in onscreen… so both r amazing. .. wait for the coming episodes…

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  22. Please don’t think like no one is liking your fiction dear.. Many are reading it and please don’t loose hope on yourself. You can take me as an example for that. Your plot is really cool and don’t worry about comments. Initially everyone will face this but the one who has self confidence comes out with a good one. Keep writing dear. Love your fiction.

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  24. sree harini . wow thank u for ur comment dear… actually am a great fan of ur fiction ..its simply awesome… actuslly u veena all inspured me to write this….

    thank u all for ur comments

  25. Nice dear…this is just a suggestion make ragini helping laksh to bring him closer to swara but in this tentative they both fell for each other and laksh realize that swara is just a crush and his real better half is only ragini…sorry if you don’t like it it’s just that i’m a big fan of swasan and don’t want them separed in this ff as it is awesome…but keep going dear

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  29. no dear margi.. am happy that u read my ff.. and gaved ur suggestion.. am happy that someone was there to criticise also.. then only I can write more thank u … and u motivated me… thank u pratibha, sethutty, anam, jyothi, yukkus,suba , srivya sree, etc.. sorry if didn’t mention name.. thank u to all

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