swaragini… a real love story…episode 16


sanskar calls ragini and she is surprised and happy..
sanskar : ragini I just want to tell u something important…
ragini couldn’t control her happinness.. she waiting to hear his words..
sanskar : don’t misunderstand … its a serious matter.. can we have a coffeee
ragini didn’t know wat to do.. but she can’t refuse
she noded and he opens the back seat door and ask her to sit
ragini felt bad.. she thinks to sit in the front seat with him
but she get in
sanskar takes her to a coffee shop
while having coffee
sanskar : ok ragini.. tell me
ragini : wot u mean
sankar:ragini I know all the matters.. laksh told me about u and swara
ragini surprised to hear swara’s name
ragini : u know her before
sanskar: yes..
ragini confusingly luks at him
sanskar : means I met her when we came to ur house. . in that pooja day
ragini : ohhh okkkkk I thought u know her
sanskar remembers seeing swara at the first time and their fightings…
ragini waves hnd before his face
he came into conscious. .
sanskar : ragini I came to know from laksh that.. u and swara have some problems
ragini : no sanskarji we have no problems
sanskar : ahh laksh told me everything.. ragini u know swara well na .. there may be some reasons… thats y she behaving like this.. u can understand naa.. don’t hurt her.. thats wat I want to tell u both
ragini : u said right sanskarji.. there is some reason and I want to find out that…
sanskar : okkk… ur wish..I just tell u.. then don’t worry. . all is well na
ragini smiles
sanskar: okkk… then I will drop u..
he drops her at baadi.. ragini’s heart is flying and she is extremely happy…
sanskar : ragini don’t worry.. and all the best for ur love
ragini surprisingly luks at him..
he goes
ragini thinks: wot he said.. oh god… may be he knows that I love him… she happily goes to baadi..

then on the way he just went to swara’s home
swara is there in the home. but shyam is not there.
sanskar knocks the door but no response..
he enter into the house. he goes to kitchen and sees swara cutting vegetables and she is out of thoughts … and is thinking deeply… and due to that her finger cut and blood comes
swara winks in pain
sanskar hurriedly goes to her and scolds her…
sanskar : eyyy wot is this
he holds her hand and eorriedly luks at the finger.. he goes and came thrre with a cloth piece
swara shockingly surprisingly luks at him

sanskar : where r u… wot r u thinking this much… idiot… oversmartness is not that much gud… if anything happens wot will u do
swara silently luks at him
sanskar : y swara y u doing like this.. wot happend to u…
I saw for the firs time at night on the road and I know that funny girl swara.. who always makes all happy.. wot happend to u now.. he holds her arms..
suddenly swara hugs him…slowly she hugs him tightly and cries..
sanskar is shocked by her reaction… he didn’t expect this..
she cries badly.. he hesitatingly puts hands on her and reciprocates the hug
sanskar : swara.. calm down… calm down… am with u..
swara is touched by his words
swara didn’t leave the hug
swara : sanskar I don’t know wot to do.. am in a dilemma.. I don’t know wot to do…
sanskar separates her
he wipes her tears from face .
sanskar : luk swara. u r strong na.. do wot ur heart says.. do wot is gud for the situation ..
swara luks at his eyes… he too
they share an eyelock

( there we can see a strange xoonection between their souls)

both get into conscious and sanskar turns the face.. he then didn’t tell anthing and goes from there..
swara : wot is is.. who is he to me… is that the same fighter who fights and argues with me… is that the same person who blames and scolds me for a taking a dupatta from his almara.. is this the same person who shuts his door at my face..
I can’t understand him…
swara lost in thougjts..

sanskar while driving thinks about the happennings.. and drive fast.. he came to office and angrily goes to his cabin

he ask a staff to call shyam to his cabin..
shyam came there
sanskar angrily shouts at him
sanskar : wot a father u r.. u know ur daughter well na.. then y u r hurting her
shyam luks at him
shyam : beta.. wot I did
sanskar : ohh u don’t know. .. y u order swara to avoid ragini .. u know na she can’t do that
shyam : ohhh she told u everything .. she don’t value her fathers saying
sanskar : she didn’t tell me anything . she will never tell .. u know I know swara before u know me.. u understood that when I came to ur home at first time.. I know her.. and am a common person and by watching alk the things one can easily understand everything
shyam : beta u don’t know anything.. don’t speak anything when u don’t know the matters
sanskar : mmmm actually wots ur problem uncle… she is hurting herself.. she is in deep pain.. her enemy .. she always saw me as an enemy.. even I can understand her then y her father u can’t understand her

shyam : stop it
shyam shouts
shyam : father father father… I am not her father I am not her father… he cries…
sanskar is shocked. ..
shyam : y u stoped.. u want ti know everthing right. I will tell u .. swara shyam bose is not my daughter daughter . I got her accidently… in a crowd place..
flashback shown..
shyam take little swara to his house… then his wife who can’t give a child to him gets happy with little swara.
but later he saw a paper cutting that says about a child missing.. he gets that address and goes their with swara and his wife.. they see her family.. chota ragini and all… when he takes swara from his wife she cries badly .. even little swara cries ..
shyam is in dilemma and thinks.. that they have one more child … a beautiful little girl.. but we… he luks at his wife and says
meena god gave her to us… she is a light to us.. I know doing this am a cruel man who sepates a maa and a daughter… but I can’t give her to them now… we can go away from here .. and leave with our daughter.. they goes
flashback ends..
shyam : she is not my daughter… she is not my daughter
sanskar gets sad hearing him and goes to him
he hold him and hugs him
shyam : am a cruel person .. I seperated her from her family.. her mom.. dad.. sister.. I seperated all of them from her… I became selfish…that ntime..
even now I became selfish
am afraid . I can’t lose my daughter.. she is
my daughter…
sanskar : uncle.. don’t cry.. situations make us cruel ..good or bad person.. u did wrong at that time.its true.. but.. u gave her all love .. which she can’t get from her real father mother or anyone.. she is such a nice girl.. and its alk because of u… so don’t worry. ..
he hugs him

sanskar luks worried.. screen freezes on sanskars face

Credit to: riya maheen

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