swaragini… a real love story…episode 15


hii frnds am really hppy to know that ur waiting for my updates relly happy. but silent readers pli want to know ur opinons also.. u knowwe all like orlove o read many stories. but the writers get satisfaction when the get positive or negativee opinions. so do comment ur opinions dearss…..
ok now i will start

sswara purposefully avoidsragini . and this hurts both of them. one dday in college

laksh and swarawere talking and they sesragini coming . when swaraisabout to go ragini holds her hand.
ragini: swra i want to talk u
wait asecond
swara: sorry i need to rush to home now. papais waiting for me. c u later.
laksh luks on…
laksh: wait wait. wats ur problem. wot happend between u too. y u both behaving like this
suddenly swarasays ntng like tthat

ragini: don’t now

swaa says bye and goes from there
swaracameto wasroomm and cries badly
swara: soory ragini. i know am hurting u.but i have to do tthis. ipromisedto papa

ragini crries standing there laksh hold her and hugs her they stand like that for sometime. then both realisedtheir closeness and moves back . laksh: don’t worry ragini wewill ind wot is the reason y swaa ehave like this. definitely there must be areason. otherwise swarrawill never hurt u she can’t hurt anyone…
ragini luks at laksh andshe can sees his love in his eyes.laksh: so don’t worry barbie doll. everything will be ok. am with u naa
ragini agan luks at his eyes

laksh; i mean with both of u . am alwayswith swaragini
they smiles

latr laksh caame to mm
at night he was thinking about ragini andswara
laksh: yesraginii is right. there is something which swara hides. wot happend to her. i have to find that
sanskarsees laksh
sanskar: wot ru thinking
abot that girl??

laksh: bhai wot
which girl
sanskar: don’t hide from me lucky. i know u like her. may be love her. i sawthat in ur eeyes manytimes
laksh smiles
laksh: yes bhai i really like her. no no its not like. itslove.i love her. idon’t know when this happened. u knowbhai at first i am her enemy.. at the first meeting she slapped me.later i understood her her chaacteer then i started to love her…
sanskar: aahaan… really nice to hear from u.. haha
laksh : y bhai …

sanskar : ntng.. then
laksh : bhai.. there is some problem bhai
sanskar luks on
laksh : nowadays she is very sad
sanskar :wot happend?
something is there between swaragini
I don’t know y… even ragini don’t know. ( here sanskar don’t know laksh was speaking about swara. he thinks he was talking about ragini.
sanskar : swara behaves strange.. she is not like this before. now she is very silent.. and even avoids ragini.

sanskar listenes to that bcarefully and eagerly because

was talking about swara..
laksh : ragini is sad.. she cried a lot today.. I am worried and I don’t know what to do. . but anyhow I want to find the reason.. laksh goes from there

sanskar thinks : ohhh that means that day uncle take away swara from there.. because of ragini and her family… swara avoids ragini now.. that means uncle may order her to do like that.. something fishy is there..

but now ragini and laksh r going to find out that.. laksh will go any extend to find the truth.. for his love
I think some thing serious issue is there. thats y swara is silent
I have to stop lucky and ragini
swara gets hurt by their move..
she hides this so there must be a reason.

next mrng ragini goes to temple ..
she sees sanskar standing near the car.. she don’t know what to do
ragini to herself : should I go there and speak to him
noo he may think wrong
she smiles at him and statrs to move from there. suddenly
sanskar : ragini just a minute

ragini is surprised and tirns to him
he comes near to him
sanskar actually I am waiting for u … I want to talk u something important…
she stares at him

Credit to: Riya Maheen

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  1. Hey pls I really want an obsessed lover for rag who will want to win her and laksh will realize his love.please the love triangle is getting boring

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    1. dear… am uding phone and I couldn’t give u link. am sorry… u can search google as the tiltle. first part is SWARAGINI – SANLAK lovebirds ..intro… then u can search like SWARAGINI – SANLAK lovebirds. part1 tellyupdates. . then u can get thoses parts …
      really am happy to know that u likrd my ff thank u… thank u all

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