swaragini… a real love story…episode 14


shyam ask swara about her decision to get married
swara : papa y u behave like this.. u know that I can’t avoid ragini. but I agreed to u .. but now I can’t hear u.. I don’t need a marriage now. she went from there
shyam to himself : shona I know now I am behaving like a cruel dad. but this is for u.. if u get married now then u will move with that life…
wot will I do..

next day
swara is in college.. she searches ragini everywhere but couldn’t find her
she didn’t know what to do. she thinks to call her.
swara : no.. I won’t call..
but she can’t and call to her number but its switched off.. she gets worried and she called to land line
dadi took the phone
swara : am swara dadi .. will u please give phone to ragini

dadi : she is not here. may be she went to temple
swara : ok dadi.. hope u r fine
dadi : swara I need to tell u onething . ragini told us everything wot ur papa said.
swara : dadi
dadi : I also want to say the samething. keep a distance with her. thats gud for everyone
she disconnects the call
swara is hurt by her words.. she wipes tears seeing laksh
laksh : swara rani wot happend
missing someone

he teases her
swara : wot laksh..wot u want now
laksh : (silently) I only want u .. he murmered
swara : wot???? did u said anything..
laksh : ntng.. then where is ragini..
swara: I don’t know.. laksh : comon swara wot happend to u both.. is there any problem?
swara : ntng like that laksh
just then his phone rings.. he talked to someone and get tensed
swara : wot happend laksh. . r u ok
laksh : ma fell in staircase..
I need to rush there. c u
swara : wait laksh I will also come with u
laksh takes her to car and they went to mm

swara and laksh reach there and sees whole family sitting in the hall… laksh rushes to ap and hugs her.. sanskar came there with medicine and gives to her.. she hugs laksh and sanskar.
swara sees this and smiles.. then sanskar sees swara standing there.. he looks at her.. and all see her
laksh : ohh I forgot come swara.

all smiles seeing her
swara recalls dadis words and stops there
ap : wot happeind beta.. come inside..
swara : ma.. I know this is an orthodox marwadi family and u know am a bengali.. and actually I hate this discrimination.. but sometimes we need to do this to keep relation
all surprised to hear this…
durgaprasad goes to her and says…
durgaprasad : beta .. we don’t have any problem.. we did bad with soneone in the name of caste.. and don’t want to repeat the same mistake.. he luks at sanskar
he didn’t tell anything just luks on. swara takes blessing from him
durgaprasad : go inside I am going to office.. he smiles and goes..
swara comes inside and ask ap about her health. ..
sanskar sees this and goes from there
laksh take swara from there
laksh : come I will show u whole house andmy room. come
sujatha doubtfully luks at them..
laksh shows everything…

somrone calls him and he goes
swaea enters sanskars room.. and sees room well cleaned . she found that his taste is same as hers… she smiles seeing sanskar’s and laksh’s childhood pics.. she sees the cupbord board was open.. she goes to clpse that
while closing she sees a pink colored dupatta.. she likes that.. she takes that in hand
but she didn’t see her chain near to that
she takes that dupatta and puts on her. and smiles luking at mirror.. she then sees sanskar coming and feared. .
sanskar gets angry and he snatches the dupatta from her… she gets pain..
sanskar : who told u to enter in my room.. how dare to touch my things..
swara is afraid to c him like this..
swara : actually I came here and sees this. and it luks beautiful and I just took to c that
sanskar : ha .. so .. u took right?. u know how much I value this all..
sanskar can’t control his anger and drag her out of the room
swara shockingly luks at him

sanskar : and now don’t dare to come close to me.. okk.. u r laksh’s guest.. thats y I am leaving u.. he shuts door at her
swara gets hurt and cries… she moves from there
sanskar in his room cries holding the dupatta
sanskar : am sorry kavitha.. I couldn’t control my anger.. u know I don’t behave like this to anygirl.. but today she entered my room.. and touched ur dupatta. .. my world is only for u….

laksh sees swara crying…

laksh : swara y r u crying.. wot happend to u…
swara says ntng…
laksh : sure.
swara smiles hearing him
while she leaving she luks at sanskar but he turned his face… she goes and repeatly turns.. and falls in stairs.
laksh and sanskar calls her .. both get worried… laksh goes to her and stops seeing sanskar’s behabiour.. he rans to swara and helps her
sanskar scolds her.
sanskar : r u a child.. ? don’t u know how to walk properly?
all r luking at him..
sanskar : r u ok… swara wondered
swara : am ok..

she goes from there
sanskar saw all of them luking at him
sanskar : wot happend. . y all staring at me
everone laughs seeing his change
but laksh felt something
but he leave that
laksh : oh my god y am thinking like this.. I know my bhai well na.. he like ragini.. I want to know whether he likes her or not
next day
ragini was in temple and she prays for her family and swara
ragini : I know uncle us hiding something and I need to find that.. matarani help me
just then she saw sanskar coming there with laksh..
ragini gets happy to c sanskar.. she gets shy and hides.. she luks at sanskar. .
later someone put hand on her shoulder
she turns and see laksh there
ragini acts.. ragini : laksh u… here..

haha.. wot r u doing here
laksh : y… is there any problem
ragini : no… ragini teases him. and saw sanskar coming to them and she keep silent..
laksh : ha bhai u know eagini na.. sanskar smiles at her and says hi..
ragini too
laksh : ok u both talk I will come just a min
lajsh goes from there
sanskar ask casual questions to ragini.. ragini replys and continuously luking at him
laksh : ha my plan is working… f b shows that laksh call ragini and sumi told him that rago wentbto temple.. then he take sanskar with him
he smiles seeing them
sanskar don’t know wot to say..
sanskar : don’t know where this lucky went
ragini didn’t hear him and is stating at him. sanskar waves hand .. she came into conscious. .
laksh came there

ragini : laksh ur bhai is waiting for u where were u.
laksh : sorry bhai..
they goes from there… ragini smiles thinking of sanskar

Credit to: riya maheen

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