swaragini… a real love story…episode 13


hii guys back with the ff

in mm
sanskar is worried about swara.. he came to room and walks automatically. .
sanskar : wot happend to me. .. y I am thinking of her…
no its just a feeling as I know her.. am like this if this happens to anyone.. actually wot happend to her… ntng am just overthinking . but uncle is hiding something I have to find that..

next day
in baadi
ragini gets ready
daadi : laadoo where r u going now .. its too early . ragini : dadi am going to meet swara.. am worried for her..
daadi: but laadoo
ragini : am giing tell ma and baba she kisses on daadi’s cheek and went
daadi worries seeing ragini’s behaviour
dadi : its all because of that bengali girl.. first I thought she will be a gud frnd of ragini.. but I was wrong.. she is teaching ragini her bengali culture.

in bose house
swara is sleeping shyam wakes up hearing the bell. he goes to open the door and sees ragini smiling..
he unknowingly smiles at her and then made his face arrogant
ragini : uncle wot happend. . is there any ptoblem?
shyam : no. ragini : uncle I came to c swara where is she. . yesterday u did very bad.. u know I miss both of u
shyam doesn’t know how to make ragini go
swara hears sound and goes to hall and sees ragini… she is happy to c her and turns to tun towards her and then sees shyam and stops.. ragini runs towards her and hugs her… swaragini plays….
swara luks at shyam.. he turned his face.. swara departs ragini from her. ragini : am angry with u.. y u didn’t pick my call… I called u whole night.. later u switched off… wot happend to u. .
swara don’t know what to say
shyam : ohhh that is because her phone is in my room.. yesterday I take her phone it was in silent mode and didn’t hear.. later gets switched off when battery dead
swara surprisingly luks at shyam who lies easily
shyam avoud eye contact
ragini : go and freshen up.. I will make tea for both of u… she went to kitchen.
swara came near him and
swara : papa.. u lied today..
shyam : I have to do this for u.. and do waterver I say ok..
swara : but papa how can I … luk she came here to c me because I didn’t let her call.
shyam : I don’t want to know anything..do what I said..
swara : ok papa.i will. but I can’t avoid ragini so easily.. she is very sensitive and innocent.. I will move from her sure this is my promise but I need time.
shyam : I will make a decision soon
shyam went from there
swara came there after a bath
she sees ragini busy cooking something
swara gets emotional..
swara runs towards her and hugs her
ragini : swara wot happend .? y r u crying
swaragini plays….
swara : ntng I miss u….thats y..
ragini : don’t worry am here na.. come I made ur favourite dishes will uncle like this
swara : mine and his taste is same they laugh. tjey ate fud together

ragini while leaving ask shyam
ragini : uncle I know u lied to me that phone was with u… laksh told me that he spoke to swara at night.. but I don’t want to know that… she smiles.. am happy that my swara is happy here
shyam gets hurt hearing hrr words..

she turns to leave
shyam : ragini just a minute beta
I want to say onething.. u won’t come here again.. ok.. ragini is shocked to hear him swara tooo .. she didn’t expect that
ragini : uncle wot r u saying
shyam : yes beta .. u know ee r bengalis and ur family didn’t like us.. I saw some dislikeness from ur dadis face. . its better to keep a distance..
ragini : but uncle..
shyam : ee don’t have any problem at u… but pls be away from my shona its a request
he shuts door at her.. swara is shocked to c the new fave of shyam
swara : how can papa change this much… wot happent to him.. swara cries inside and ragini outside..

in mm
laksh is in dream and in dream he sees a kalyan mandap.. and saw him and sanskar as grooms.. and sees ragini and swara coming to tje mandap
at that time uthara pour lityle water on his face… he wales up and runs behimd her … she escapes.. laksh thinks abt yhe dream and gets happy….
he to himself : that means mine and bhais marriage will be on sameandap.. wot an idea sirjiii… swara baby I love uii.. and waiting for u….. when will u say I can’t live without u laksh… he smiles and sanskar pats his shoulder
sanskar : lucky wot r u doing??.
laksh : ahh marriage
sanskar : marriage???
laksh : ha mine and urs..
sanskar : wot nonsense lucky.. I won’t need a marrige.. and my marriage never happen.. u know all the thing na
laksh : wot bhai kavitha is no more na
sanskar shouts : stop it lucky.. who said kaviyha is no more.. she is living in my heart ..living in me… am standing here in front of u because am living with her memories… he goes from there
laksh : to himself : no bhai… u will move on ur life… I can’t c u in pain… if my dream comes true am the happiest person in the world I will get my swara and u wilk marry my best frnd ragini… she is a nice girl and am sure that she can change u

ragini came home cryingly all asked her wot happend to her
she didn’t tell them and cries..
at last she said
dadi : ha its better he said that.. he is a nice man thats y he told that.. he know the values.. now u should understand that laadoo
shekhar : ma will u pls stop this…
ragini goes from there. . shekar and sumi luks helplessly

sanskar went to office
he can’t concentrate on the work and thinks abt laksh’s words
and then thinks abt swara
he then luks at shyam’s cabin and didn’t c him.. then from a staff he gets to know that shyam was in leave
sanskar rush to shyam’s house..
shyam came there and open the door and surprised to c sanskar
shyam : beta u… here.. come come.. sit here.. anything urgent
sanskar : no uncle.. I went to office and someone said u r im leave. and I was just passing this way.. tjen I thought to just come and c u… r u ok uncle.. y u take leave
shyam : ntng beta.. just took a leave.. am happy u came here.. sit here. I will make coffee
sanskar : no uncle.. thanks.. where is ur daughter didn’t c her.. seems she went to college..
shyam : no she didn’t .. she got cold .. thats y I took leave..
sanskar gets worried.. just then swara came there
shyam : u noth talk . I will make coffee
shyam goes to kitchen
sanskar luks at her but she didn’t. he understood that she cried a lot…
sanskar :to himself : wot happend to
her.. whether is cried all night ?
sanskar : r u ok
she nodes. .
sanskar : wot happend to u?
swara luks at him sanskar can’t face that eyeing
sanskar : I mean u luks likes
swara : like what?
sanskar : uncle told that u got cold

swara nodes…
he goes near her and drag her hands
sanskar : swara am asking to u… r u fine
swara is shocked to c him like this
swara : am okk… its paining leave me..
sanskar leaves her
sanskar : am sorry
swara : its ok
shyamcome there with coffee..
sanskar takes the cup and drinks
sanskar : uncle I need to go now.. I just came to c u… ok na then am going
he luks at swara…she too… then he went

shyam : swara I wamt to ask u onethimg r u ready for a marrige now… she is again shocked to listen to him…

Credit to: Riya Maheen

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