swaragini… a real love story…episode 12


dear frnds.. am riya maheen..
am back again with my ff.. sorry dears i know u all r angry for this late update..
sorry dears… i was busy with some works.. i hope u will confinue reading my ff…

i will recall all episodes in thos update for those who forgot my ff

swara lives with his father shyam bose and her mother died when she is a child after that shyam was his father mother and all.. they live like best frnds and share all moments of their life..

ragini lives with her father shekhar and mother sumi and with dadi and dadaji. a happy family.. ragini is a traditional simple loving girl
while swara is a modern beautiful girl

here laksh is the son of durgaprasad and ap. he is a funloving guy. and sanskar is a matured handsome giy who lost his love. he loved a girl named kavya and that girl was a bengali. when she met his family they insulted her and durgaprasD ask her to leave their son
kavya leave a letter to samskar and left from his sight. he searches her for a longtime. and somehow he learned that she committed suicide. he then behaved like a mad person and left from the home as a revenge.
swara and ragini met eachother at college. laksh is mesmorised to c both the beauty queens and decided to talk with ragini and goes and flirt with ragini meanwhilw swara sees this and argues with laksh and beats him. then swaragini became frnds
later we already seen small small fightings of swara and laksh. and the beautiful father daughter relationship of swara and shyam
later sanskar came to family and all the family r happy to c him and they apoligises to him.
sanskar can’t move qith another girl in his life. but for the saje of his family sanskar acts as he is happy..
ragini sees sanskar in a temple with ap and sujatha. and she fall for him by seeing his character..
later we saw swara ragini laksh became gud frnds and laksh fall for swara but he didn’t tell anything to anyone.. sometimes he cares ragini more unknownkigly..

swara was a funny girl and she is unique.. she loves to roam in midnight in her cycle. and eat icecreams.. her dad warn this.. but she jumped out of house to enjoy.. one night sanskar sees her but she didn’t. he wondered to c her at that time.. when he went to a night walk. at that day shyam came there and scolds swara for not obeying him. sanskar wondered to c such a father and daughter.. swara saw sanskar one or two times before.. in traffic and all.. when she goes towards him he has gone then and she misses him. she don’t know who is he and she wondered y she luks for him.
then one day swara went out at night and dances in rain sanskR again sees her and smiles.. he then helps her and scolds her to come there at night. she wondered to c him there. and remembere this is tbe same man she saw partially..

they again argue and fights..
then ragini is always thinking about her sanky..

then one day ragini got rrapped by some goons and sanakar who is coming by that side sees this and helps her and drops her in college. ragini is shocked and couldn’t talk to him. but she is happy that he came yo help her. he drops her and goes. ragini is scared and laksh ses her and she hugs him and he gets shocked. she tell him sot happned and he gets angry.. on the way back sanskar sees one acvident and went to there. its swara. shefall from cycle. he comes and help her. she thought it is he who hitted her cycle. tbey both argue and he leaves from there.
she went fom there. when she went there she sees shyam strugglingto ger water from rable. she goes and helps im. he says ntng and may be gas truble. she gets emotional and hugs h
by not seeing swara ragini and laksh went to swaras home. they then came to know tbat shy am was working un laksh:’s fathers company.. they share some moments and goes.
later sanskar joined mm compNy and shocked to c shyam thsre. they conversed.. but sanskar didn’t ask abt swara..
shyam appreciates his new bose sanskar to swara and swara thinks of who is that gud man who snatched her fatbers mind.

later in office shyam felt chest pain and about to fall sanskar hold him and ask him to come with him to hospital. shyam ask him to drop him. sanskae rakes him to home and give tablets.he ask him to take rest and he luks around the house and sees swara and shyams photos in tbe wall.. sanskar went to a room and sees swara smiling in a photo and unknowingly toyches it.. he hearsher sound and try to hide.. he sees her doings and smiles. then she touches his coat which he given to her at that night when she fully drenched in rain.
and then she scolds him without seeing him.hearing this sanskar. shouts at her unknowingly and swara shocked to c him at her room and she screams she runs to shyams room and said that fighter is in her room. shyam scolds her and says he is his bose and he helps him. then sanskar goes from there.

later laksh try to cheer sanskar and went to market with him to buy utensils vegetables and all.. tbere sanskar mset swaea they share a romantic fight and her chain stuck in his shirt which he sees after she went.
then eagini invites all to pooja in baadi
sje calls at laksh number and invited but call was attented by sanskar. she didn’t know it was her love sanky.. she invites whole family.. and laksh had planned something in mind…

sanskar came in baadi and ragini is shocked to c him there and shocked to know that he is lakshs bhai. sujatha like her very much.. later swara came there and sanskar stunned to c her beauty..
ragini and swara dances. ragini falls and laksh hold her and share an eyelock.. swara drags them anddances seeing this sansjae smiles
later shyam came there and sees swara dancing. he gets happy to c her hapliness. later he saw the family and shocked and he felt chest pain sanskar notices this and helps him. latee shyam take swara from there. all felt very bad.. sanskar is thinking y uncle bejaved like that. ragini felt very bad without swara. but her heart is flying seeing sanskar.. l

later all went to home.
shyam ask and order swara not to c and meet ragini and hee familt.. swara shocked to hear that and went to room cryingly..
inbaadi ragini was trying to ger swara in call.. swara recalls shyams words and didn’t pick the call. ragini gets angry and throw all things.. all family shocked to c her. dadi accused swara for changing her sweet lDdoo. shekhsr supports swara.

in mm sanskar ask laksh abt his frnds.. laksh thinks he is asking abt rgini and teases him. suddenly he ask abt swara and laksj luks at him. and he remembers swara and calls her
laksh ask swara y she didn’t take raginis call she is worried.. sanskar wants to know if she is fine… but stopped.. swara tells laksh to tell her apology to his family for not telling them when she went from baadi.
someone calls laksh and he gave phone to sanskar laksh ask swara to tell directly to his bhai.. swara says no.. but he already gaved phone to sankar. there is deep silence. tben sanskar ask her is she fine.. she says yes.. he ask her to don’t worry and takecare of uncle.. she is surprised to c his concern. phone disconnects.and sanskar thinks y uncle behaved rudely…

this is 11 episodes story.. frnds there r lota of spelling mistake and grammer mistake… i sort all these episides for those who forgot my ff.. and those who didn’t read at all.. am using phone and can’t link old episodes here. so if anyone one want ro read type title with episides and seaech..
dears nkw onwards i will day updatw my two ffs so pls pls pls suport me like before

Credit to: Riya Maheen

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