swaragini… a real love story…episode 11

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swara came to her room and cries vigorously
swara: wot happend to papa. till now he didn’t react like this. saying this she cries.she angrily throws the ornaments and cries.. she changed her dresses.she remembers todays incident and cries and slept
shyam in the next room was tensed and don’t know wot to do..
shyam : oh god today I behaved so badly to my shona
wot can I do then.. I have no other way.give me courage to face her
he goes to swara’s room with fud. he sees swara sleeping. by seeing her face he understood that she cried a lot.he keeps the plate in the table. and sits near her and keep hand in her hand.
shyam: sorry shona sorry. I msde you cry today.
swara wakes up by his touch. swara luks at him. shyam: beta come. have this fud
you didn’t eat anything from mrng.
swara: no I don’t want am not hungry
shyam starts to go. swara calls him from back and he turns.swara: papa did u have anyyhing.
shyam: how can I eat anything when my princess is crying here without eating anything.
swara emotionally luks at him and hugs him.
shyam pats her shoulder. beta stop crying.swaea stops crying and luks at him.shyam: I know u r angry at me because of my behaviour today. I did that because.. suddenly swara puts her hand on his mouth.
swara: no papa I don’t want to know that. u did all that because u don’t want to reveal that secret to me. I didn’t c this type of papa till now. today u behaved weirdly. and u were afraid too. so I don’t want to know that.. and I will never try to know that. this is swara bose’s promise
shyam: but beta ragini is ur…
swara: yes papa ragini is my best frnd. but she and her family didn’t come up to u..yes it is right that I can’t avoid ragini.. same time I can’t c pain in my father’s eyes.
shyam: shona.. swara : finally! she gives him a fake angry luk and moves to her mom’s pic
swara: ma see this.. ur husband is too weird. advice him that don’t dare to call me by other names.Am his shona na..
she moves to her room and smiles..
he goes to his room

she sat on bed and sees her phone ringing and shows ragini’s photo. she didn’t pick the phone and throws it she rememberd moments with ragini and cries.. swaragini music plays…..
swara : sorry ragini.. I have to do this for my papa’s sake. I don’t know.. there is simething which he hides relating to us.. but I made him promise thar I didn’t try to find it also.. sorry..

In baadi
ragini angrily throws everthing in the hall.
dadi came there and sees this
dadi: ladooo.. wot r u doing. arey these are my clothes and u throwed it. wot happend to u?
ragini luks at clothes and ragini: daadi I…
sumi and shekhar came to there and sees this. shekhar: ma.. wot happend? wot is these all?
dadi: ask to ur daughter. she did this
shekhar luks at her with wonder
he takes her to sofa and ask her
ragini: papa she didn’t attend my call and I was constantly calling her from the time she left from here
they all have a laugh in their lips because they know she is talking abt swara
ragini: y u all laughing.. when I am seriously telling something
sumi also goes near her
sumi: ladoo we know u r worried abt swara. may be she habe some urgent work there. we wilk call her later.
ragini worringly goes to room
dadi: luk sumi that bengali girl changed our laddoo’s character
shekhar: ma don’t say like this she is a nice girl.

In maheshwari mansion
sanskar recalls swara luks at him when shyam ask her to go with him
sanskar : y I am thinking of her. who is she to me?
then lajsh came there
laksh: bhai wot r u thinking of? today’s incidents?
sanskR surprisingly luks at him
laksh : y this luk? I know abt whom u r thing off
sanskar : ntng like that. lucky did she called you?
laksh: whom?? ragini??? he smiles
sanskar: nooo.. laksh suddenly luks at him. sanskar : actually I mean .. I was asking abt ur frnds
laksh: ohh swaragini.. ahb ragini called me. swara didn’t. ragini told me that swaea didn’t pick the phone.. tbank u bhai foe remembering me.. he took tbe phone and dials swara’s number. . first she didn’t attend the call.. he trirs again and finally she takes
laksh: y u don’t pick the call
laksh: laksh actually I was busy.. thats y
sanskar luks worried… and he want to ask her if she is fine.. laksh : r u fine ?
swara: ahh laksh am ok. laksh : ragini valked me and told that u didn’t pick her call also.. she is worried.
swara: laksh I will calk her. say my hi to everyone.. I can’t say bye to them when I left
laksh: its okk swara. I will tell them. wait wait . bhai is here. I will give to him. say directly to him
swara: no laksh.. but laksh gave phone to him.. and said silently that
laksh: bhai she want to say sorry to u all that she didn’t tell when she left.laksh gives phone to him and goes
sanskar don’t know what to do.he didn’t expect this.
they kept phone to their ears.. but they didn’t speak anything.. both of them want to speak but voice didn’t come out..
at last sanskar breaks the silence

sanskar: r u ok? swara: ahhhh yes
sanskar: where is uncle?
swara: he is sleeping
swara: swara don’t worry and take care of uncle
swara surprised to hear his caring
sanskar : ok bye.. call disconnected
swara in her room : sanskar somewhat ur words cured my pain… sansjar cuts the call and sanskar: y uncle behaved rudely today… he is not like this… there is something… I have to find that… he lost in thinking

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