swaragini… a real love story…episode 10


dear frnds … its right in last episode I didn’t gave importance to ragini and laksh.. first of sorry for that. . I thought to give u a scene.. sorry.. will try to make it gud… support me… u all were saying about the confusion… pairs… and all.. didn’t tell anything abt story.. did u all like this track .. first of all I want to know that.. shall I continue this or not??

laksh’s phone rings.. laksh is in washroom . sanskar see the phone ringing and takes it.. sanskar : hello
who is this ? ragini : am ragini laksh’s frnd. sanskar : sorry he is in washroom I will tell him. am sanskar his bhai.
ragini : ha sanskarji tell laksh thay there is a pooja in my home tomorrow. tell him to come.. not only he.. u and all family should come. sanskar : ha I wil tell him. ragini : ok ji
phone disconnects. sanskar to himself : jii???? . laksh comes there wearing a towel. laksh : bhai who us that? is that swara?? sanskar : swara? who is that?
laksh (tensed ): my frnd bhai she told me that she will call later . thats y asked
sanskar : its not swara. its ragini. tomorrow there is a pooja in her home.and u should go there and she invited all of us. so tell to ma also
laksh : so u also come.

sanskar : no laksh I have an important meeting.i can’t come
laksh : If u won’t come I also not going. I will tell her now ..sanskar turns and says no laksh I will come. she invited na
laksh confusingly luk at him
sanskar : wot lucky? from her talk it is cleared that she is a nice girl. if u won’t go there she will become sad. so i will come. sanskar goes.. laksh thinks.. he got an idea and jumbs into the bed

next day BAADI
shekhar : misti .. all is well na.. panditji and guests will come now
sumi : don’t worry shekhar. . all r ready
daadi comes there and ask where is ragini . ragini is coming from the stairs..she is wearing a orange and red colored lehenga sari. she luks adorable. .no one can take of their eyes from her face.. that much beautiful. . all luks at her and smiles. she takes everyone’s blessings. daadi put black spot on her ear. dadi : no evil eye catch my laadoo
then maheshwari family came there
laksh sanskat ap and sujatha came there. they all enter into baadi. sanskar gies to park the car.they can’t take off eyes from ragini especially laksh
sujatha : jiji luk that girl she is luking beautiful. . I want that type of bahu.laksh hears ut and smiles and thinks abt his idea. ragini goes to them and shakes hand with laksh and then takes blessings from ap and sujatha just then sanskar came there from ragini’s back side.she didn’t see him

laksh : ragini .this is my bhai.sanskar
ragini turns and shocked to c her sanky there she surorisingly luked at him.. he too. laksh : wot happend? ? to both
sanskar : seems I saw her before somewhere. ragini gets tensed
ragini : namasthe. sanskar too say that..sujatha likes ragini very much. laksh : ragini swara didn’t come ??
ragini: no laksh am waiting for her.she is luking at sanskar

ragini to herself: so he is laksh’s bhai.mrng I talked to my sanky ohh god I didn’t get that naa
she is really happy to c him. then she saw swara and goes to her.
swara came there wearing a pink and red salwar suit.. with hair open.. and she luks damn cute and beautiful. laksh sees her and luk at her.sanskar is hell shocked to c swara there.. swara too by seeing him there. laksh goes there and shakes hand with swara.
laksh: swara u luking beautiful she smiles.sanskar get little jealous and uncomfortable. he is luking at her and he too.
laksh: swara this is my family (she takes blessings)and this is my bhai sanskar. swara luks at him and smiles ..sanskar feels a strange feeling..
laksh: bhai this is swara my friend
sanskar to himself: swara???. is her name swara??.
laksh : ahh shona where is uncle???
swara angrily stares at him. laksh: am sorry sorry .. swara where is uncle?
swara: he have an important work .will come soon
they go to pooja area. swara takes blessings from dadi shekar and sumi.. sumi hugs her.sansjar luks at her
sanskar to himself: aaahaa.. that meansshe has some gud values ..
then pooja starts. the lovebirds are luking at each other..

then after pooja dance begins.. ragini dances beautifully.. she drags swara .. and dances.. sanskar and laksh are luking at them.shyam came there and sees this.. he gets happy by seeing swara’s happiness. then ragini is to fall.. and laksh hold her.. they both fall.. and luk into each others eyes… all luks at them. swara came there and ask
swara: arey laksh .. wots this.. u both ok naa.
laksh stands and helos ragini to stand they both feels uncomfortable .. because they don’t know wot is the feeling that makes them closer.swara drag them to the dance floor.. laksh dance with swaragini….all enjoys this.. sanskar smiles seeing them.they drag all to the dance floor and dancing..suddenly shyam gets shocked to see them. and unknowingly sits on the floor.. sanskar saw this.. sanskar : uncle wot happend r u ok.
shyam: paani??
sanskar goes to take water and gives to him. he drinks it. sanskar : r u okk
shyam: yes..u here??
sanskar : ragini is laksh’s frnd..so.

sanskar luks at them And lik tensed sanskar notices this.
after that shyam goes to swara
shyam: shona come with me we can go
swara: but y papa.. come with me I will introduce u to everyone.. ragini’s family is waiting for you..By saying this she pulls his hand
shyam angrily : swara I say come with me ok. swara leaves his hand.. she understood he was angry. thats y he called her by swara.she goes with him.she turns and luks at sanskar.laksh and ragini was dancing.. they saw so swara going and go to her
where r u going? swara was luking at sanskar. then ragini’s family came there. ragini introduces them to shyam. he gets tensed and feels uncomfortable. shyam : we have to go now.will c u all.. have an important meeting
laksh: ok uncle then u can go now. I will drop swara home
ragini: laksh is right uncle pls

shyam: sorry ragini. we should go now. wilk come another day. he takes swara from there all gets confused… sumi goes to ragini .sumi : don’t worry .. come we can have fud.they all sit to have fud
ragini ferls gud when she see sanskar there.ragini serve fud to everyone.. while serving to sanskar.. she lost .. she puts more and more fud in his plate.she is luking at him.
sanskar: arey wot r u doing.. I can’t eat this much. ragini came into senses ragini: sorry
laksh and sujatha sees this and gets happy. but sansjar was lost in swara’s thoughts. .sanskar to himself : y uncle behaved like that.. I didn’t c him like that before. may be there is a reason
after that laksh and family ready to go fron there. ragini feels bad that sanskar is going. but she us hapoy that now dhe knows him. his family. after all he us laksh’s bhai.laksh goes to ragini and says bye. she smiles. sanskar sees this and he ferls something fishy between them. they went…

swara : papa wot happend to u
shyam: swara don’t ask anythinf to me ok. u go and change ur dress and take rest. swara: but papa..
shyam angrily: swara I sAid go to ur room
swara turns to go to her room then he calls her from back.
shyam: one more thing. now onwards don’t dare to meet ragini or her family.. u understand..
swara shockingly luks at him
screen freezes.

frnds need to know ur opinion. shall I continue or not

Credit to: riya maaheen

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