swaragini… real love story…episode 2


frnds I need ur support…. and guide me….after few days swara and ragini became gud best frnsds.. and all of them call them swaragini….
while laksh was waiting for a right moment to take revenge ..
one day in bose house..
swara: papa till now I have only u and u have only me… but when rags came to my life… l felt like she is my own… when mamma left us… u r my world.. now ragini also came to our nest
shyam: I think my shona like her alot.. I wondered how she make u on her side… she don’t know u r my wild cat
swara: papa.. .. she is such a sweet…
shyam: me also want to meet her… one day.. u should bring her here
swara: sure papa..then I forgot to tell u onething .. ragini’s family want to c me they invited me to go there tomorrow. .
shyam:ok u can go there.. now go and sleep…

next day
swara was going to ragini’s house in her scooty… suddenly she saw a man running out of the car and shouts.. stop it… actually a child is gonna hit by a vehicle.. he saved the child… swara stares at him…. he scolds the childs parents and the vehicle driver… swara was mesmorised seeing him…. (actually it was sanskar)
swara: (herself )kya hua swara… wot happend to u… y r u staring at him….
sanskar enters the car.. he didn’t notice her
swara: mmmmm impressed can we see such type of boys now…
signal cleared and sanskar’s car left from her eyes….
swara:… (to herself) wot happend swara… ur rags is waiting there… go….

in baadi
ragini’s family welconed swara
dadi: ragini told us everything…. u r very kind to her thank u
swara: no dadi don’t say thank u.. I always support ragini …because we r swaragini now…
tears rolled down from sumi’s dadi’s and shekhars’ s eyes
swara: wot happend did I say anything wrong..
sumi: no beta…. we all like u…. and want to c u with ragini. ..

maheshwari mansion
sujatha: sanskar beta. . u came…. I missed u so much… y u left ur mother like this… am worried for u….
annapurnna: yes beta… we all miss u so much… forgive us dear
just then durgaprasad and all came…
dp: sanskar u came… I know u can’t leave ur family like this
sanskar: wot all happen in my life is because of my fate… I don’t want to punish u all…. my life got ruined.. but I want u all to be happy
sujatha: so u never leave me na
sanskar : no ma.. am with u ..always
all r happy…
just then laksh come and hug sanskar..
laksh:bhai at last u came… thank u

swara was searching sone books in library and laksh saw her.. though he want to take revenge from her.. but he is mesmorised to c her beauty.. cuteness… suddenly swara is about to fall.. laksh ran and tries to hold her.. swara fell on laksh.. they have an eyelock..
laksh: sorry I tried to hold u when u r falling
swara: its okk thank u
she left …laksh thinks… amazing.. is that wild swara… interesting… laksh stares at her…

ragini went to temple … she saw sanskar near her praying
sanskar : ohh god I need to movebon my life … I don’t want forget anything…need to keep memories. . but don’t want to make my family worried because of me.. I want to be their old sanky..
ragini heared him and staring at him
ragini to herself: nice man.. he is thinking about his family’s happiness… she then sees annspurna and sujatha came there and doing many poojas with sanskar…. she is wondered and like them… actually love at first sight hsppenss… that simple ragini’s mind ..blisdoms seeing him

at night
swara was thinking about that incident laksh holding her… suddenly one face comed into her mind…. sanskar….
swara: ohh god wats this… y am thinking of him .. y I can’t forget his face….
ragini is also thinking about sanskar….
his nsme is sanky na…. ohh godd… I want to c him….
laksh was thinking about swara
so she is very nice na… oh god is my revenge turns to love…. he smiles…
in sanskar’s room
kavitha till my death u r my girl .. I can’t forget u…. am acting infrontbof all to c my family’s happinness… u left for me…. how can I start a new life without u…. he cries holding her photo …. I will leave with ur memories rest of my life

Credit to: riya maheen

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