swaragini… real love story…episode 1


this is my first fan fiction… am a great fan of swaragini serial and daily reader of swaragini fanfictions.. all r excellent writers.. hope u all will support me in my writting…..
will explain each character gradually….
first scene
an old man came home after morning
walk and while preparing tea he calls a girl… shona….. shonaa…. baby wake up.. its too late…
in room a beautiful bubbly girl sleeping..and she slowly woke up
shona:y u r irritating me papa
(saying this she went to hall and sat in sofa in a childish way.rubbing her eyes .) oldman: y u look angry my dear…
shona: ohh mr shyam bose.. y u r like this.. irritating..
shyam bose: stop ur nonsense swara.. and drink this tea and get ready its ur first day in college.. will drop u there
swara: ohhh my sweet handsome papa got angry.. (saying this she goes near him and put her hands around shoulder) papa u r the best father in this world.. am just irtitating u na.. u r my world… smile plss…
shyam: beta..u r my gift from god.. go and get ready its late..


all r listening to the prayer… singing by a beautiful traditionsl girl by her sweet voice.. ( she is ragini .. an innocent ..beautiful… traditional girl.. she said s wearing salwar.. )
dadi: ahhh u r my sweety grand daughter na.. all r waking up hearing your prayer… may my daughter don’t get evil eyes..
sumi: come on beta ..eat ur breakfast .. its ur first day… to college… hurry up.. ragini: ma am little afraid…. its new to me naa.
a man coming from upstairs
shekhar: so wat beta.. u r such a sweet.. and all will like u.. and u go there and study well.. okkk….

maheshwari mansion

annapurna : laksh get up … its too late
laksh:ma pls.. little more
annapurna: no way get up..
( annapurna is the wife of durgaprasad a great byssiness man.. they had two sons.. laksh and adarsh.. adarsh married to parineeta.. and he helps durgaprasad in bussiness. laksh is naughty flirty… fun loving boy… student of engineering college.. .)
uttara:ma am going to hostel
sujatha annapurna blesses her
sujatha: she also going… sanskar left all of us… last day he called me and told thst he is coming back to us.
ap: its a gud news sujatha.our son is back to us… I can’t control my happiness.. he is the one who understands we all… so he will forgive us…
sujatha : ah jiji hope so
( sujatha is ram’s wife.. ram is durgaprasad younger brother. they have one son sanskar and one daughter uttara..past sanskar loved a bengali girl named kavita.but durgaprasad and family refused and insulted kavitha.. she left a letter to sanskar and went and in that letter she said she is going to commit suicide..and will never return to his life.. if she didn’t come back it means she died… sanskar wandered all places searching her.. and finally from her family he came to know she died. after that incident sanskar left all ..)

in college
laksh talking with frnds…
one frnd: lucky today is freshers day.. and hope many beautiful girls will enter and make this a paradise.
lucky :hope so… guys r u all ready to welcome them .
frnds : haha sure…
then laksh sees a beautiful girl came out of the car.. its none other than ragini… he is mesmorised to see her beauty… he started to move towards her… then snothee car stoped .. and he saw swara coming out wearing a pink colour top and white color skirt… putting hair open…. he is stunned to see her beauty…
( laksh in mind.. ( ohhhhj god… confused state na)
frnds: lucky… sot a girls na.. one is… devi from heaven.. and other one devi from world….. both r amazing.
laksh: yeah.. I want to talk to them… first wsnt to know about that beautiful rose..( saying this he went to ragini )
laksh: hi beauty..
ragini.: namasthe
laksh: ohhhhhh villagi girl na… any way u luk super…
(swara was hearing all this )
laksh: will u come with me… for dating..
ragini becomes nervous…
laksh: come baby we have fun wanna go to movie…
(laksh hold ragini’s hand) then suddenly swara come there
swara: leave her.. is this way u treat ur juniors
lsksh: (surprised) who r u to interfere
swara: first leave her
( then laksh hold swaras hand)
swara: leave me
laksh: u wanna leave her na.. then come with me… u r so hot… u r perfect gor dating… ) hearing this swara slaps him hardly
laksh: how dare u to slap me will show u who I am
swara: I don’t care who u r.. don’t come near to me and to these kind of innocent girls.laksh went from there..
swara : u should react na.. they need these type of reactions ..
ragini: am littke bit afraid..
swara:am swara bose
ragini:am ragini
swara: nice name….ragini… now onwarda we r frnds okkkkllll rags…
ragini: sure swara.. I really like u…
swara: me too u r beautiful inside and outside.. I tok like u…. saying this they together entered in their class room

Credit to: riya maheen

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