Swaragini -All reader’s n Author’s, A request note (by Niku)

Hy guys it’s not a story or a ff…..it’s a request to all of u to pray for someone ….
Yss pray n it’s none other that one of our author “Angle Tara” author of “Sawsan~Why Me”
Yup guys she needs lots n lots of prayers ….she met with an accident ??n her surival chances r very less already but in night she sloped in Coma….????
Due to accident she is having a clot in her brain n today she is going to be operate …..guys it’s Do & Die situation ….???
Pls. Pls. Pls. All of us just pray she will be fine n come back to us….
For me she is my angle , my little kiddo sister….
Pls. Pls.guys ?????
Pray for her …….she needs alot of prayers ….
Sry if u feel I waste ur time…..but it important for me to tell u all …..so she has lots prayer…..
Pls. Guys prayer for her….???
Tell god to make her come back to me to us…??

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  1. Prettypreeti

    What god cant do this…omg i cant believe…i m so sad i cant even tell…i m feeling like crying…oh lord!!!!

    1. Niku

      Atleast u can cry ….but me ??…
      I write something in last check it….Pls.

  2. Jasmin

    What?? M srry for the delay..but we r all praying..nothing will happen to her..she will survive..dont loose hope..

    1. Niku

      Yss pray for her …..I write something in last pls. Check….

  3. Mahashweta

    Dont worry Niku, she will be fine.
    God cant be so cruel. Just hope and pray.
    May god give her the strength to fight all odds and emerge healthy and victorious.
    Hope she recovers perfectly soon.

    1. Niku

      I write down ur ans in last check it…..Pls

  4. Niku

    Guys pls. Understand what I write…..I can’t use that Wrd for her until now …..I just LOST FOREVER N EVER …..she live me alone guys …..Pls. I can’t say that Wrd understand me…..
    She is my little sis. My cutie my soul my everything …..I can’t say that…..Pls. bear me…..??????????

  5. Niku

    U all want to pray na….Thn pray that where ever she is must be in peace n happy….
    Bcz I know she is hurt alot much more…..bcz I m not crying n just hurting myself….
    I know she don’t want to go but god make her n she can’t c me in this state I know….
    But I can’t also help it guys for me god take my soul n just leave my body for my family n frnds…..
    Just pray she is in peace n happy…
    Ty guys for ur support ….from now onwards I ….may be visit here…
    Bcz this site give me 2 sisters n snatch them wid out any mercy on me….
    Take care ….oll of u…

    I will reply what u oll r going to write but after that I m just…..

    Pls. Pray last time for her….bcz I m…

    1. Archisha

      Di.. Plz say that you are joking

      Plz say that it is not true

      Plz say that she is ok

      Plz ??

      1. Niku

        Joke….dear she is my soul sister….for me she is my baby…..she is my soul…

        N u think I joke on her loss….before that I would love to die dear….
        I know it’s hard to believe….but it’s d truth …
        I lost her….we all lost her…

      2. Simin

        Diii ye kya ho gaya
        I mean she was recovering rite
        Plz plz plz dont say like this

      3. Niku

        Simon that what I m thinking ….how it happen …..I m sry that I didn’t save her….Pls. try to forgive me….N pray for her peace ….

    2. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

      I am speechless… I have nothing to say..May Allah bless her.. I won’t pacify you.. Bcz you lost your soul,your sister..Sab kuch mein pacify kia ja sakti hain.. But iss chiz mein pacify is not enough…But you have to be strong.. Definitely your cutie can’t see you crying…Just for her, be strong…Agar tum tutt jaoge, then vo bhi tutt jayegi.. I know you don’t want it…So plz stop hurting yourself..Give punishment to that person for whom you lossed your cutie,your soul…If it’s a mur… He deserve the worst punishment.. So, take care..

      1. Niku

        I read ur comment u said punish d person who snatch her from me na….
        Thn its me dear bcz I m d one to whom she talk last time…..god again trick me ….in my life for d very first time I call her….N she thought I give her permission to accpet her death….
        Now u tell me how to stop punishing myself ….

    3. Mahashweta

      Oh God Niku!
      Perhaps God needed one of the most beautiful souls on earth now, thats why he took her. I can’t say anything because i cant understand your pain.
      Sometimes some people are more closer to you than your blood relations, she was one of them.
      Remember one thing Niku, SHE WILL ALWAYS BE IN UR HEART.
      She will support u always. You may not be able to see her but she will always be there beside you.

      May God give her family and friends have the strength to face this situation courageously and accept the harsh truth
      May her beautiful soul rest in peace


      1. Niku

        Thank u …..N what u said it’s true….she is wid me….she is my soul ….she take it…but to make alive she has live near me….
        Thanku again….

  6. Kakali

    Nikuuuu ? i duno what to say.. m numb here..
    God is so merciless..
    But will again pray for her soul.. may God bless her soul..
    I know it’s not easy for you, even i don’t have words to console you.. still “Take care dear”.

    1. Niku

      Kaali dear ….just pray for her….
      My half heart is dead it’s never going to revive….N remaining half that belongs to my little bro.’s …..
      I can’t take care of me …..but I will surely take care of my dear ones….
      Just pray for her bcz I m hurting her….may be this time god listen to u oll….
      Take care dear…

  7. Mica

    Rest in Peace Tara dear.. God loves you more….

    1. Niku

      Hm…..but mica god doesn’t love he Himself give me two sisters n snatch it….
      U know mica my b’day come b/w all this …..n just make a wish actually not a wish my gift from god…..just save her n give her back to me for my lifetime…N now u c what god did to me….
      God doesn’t love me dear…..but I will also not going to hate him….

      1. Niku

        N dear after this I m not going to pay visit here….
        Having a nyc time wid u n ur story keep writing…..
        I think u n raina r gud frnds ….
        Tell her also keep writing….she is very gud wid story….
        Say to her my gud bye
        I will miss u all
        Take care
        Gud bye


    Niku my dear… I know what you’re living now… The loss is unbearable but God who created the pain, created the forget not for the loss but for the pain… My mother says always that everything births small and grow up day by day… Sirf death… It comes so big, so huge.. So destructive… But she gets smaller day by day..
    I know you can’t understand it for now but the day will come when her name… Her memory will just bring a wide smile on your lips… That day be sure She’ll smile back to you…
    My heart is with you, with her family and loved once… My prayers are with her that this cruel sad end had put end to her pains and sufferings giving her soul deliverance from the hurt her body has suffered from… She’s gone for a better place

    1. Niku

      Mahira u r a very gud support system to me in this whole journey till end…..
      Thank u so much for that….
      Dear I haven’t much memories with her only chat…..U r ryt what ur mom said is not getting in my mind ryt now….
      Thanku for everything …..U r great supporter to me

      1. MAHIRA

        Niku my dear.. Be sure I know exactly your feeling… Life has snatched from me the closest ones suddenly… Tara is suffering from your suffering… Don’t make her sad, even just chating is a memory… Isn’t the manner you became close? This will make her alive in your memory forever…

      2. Niku

        Thank u to understand my pain it’s mean alot….to me…??

  9. Prettypreeti

    Hey nivu di,please do something..i m not feeling god reading ur words…my heart is out……u know na di god is really very cruel he always call good creatures to him vry soon…he eant to fill his garden with besutiful people.
    Hope her soul rest in peace…..

    1. Niku

      Dear I can’t do anything …..M toh khud hi lost hu….
      But yaa what u write in end is so true….
      Be strong dear …..just forget this post don’t affect urself…..
      N it’s truth she is not here …..now she is only in our hearts….

  10. Niku di……………..I know it is a very hard time and a great loss for you.
    Maybe no words of mine will comfort you but I will ask you to be strong……for Tara…..she couldn’t surely like to see you so broken.
    Hold yourself together……..smile for her.

    May her soul rest in peace.

    1. Niku

      Hm….I know n i can feel it my kiddo is crying so much in heaven to c me like this….but I can’t help it …..god n she both give me this pain …..

  11. Aashiya

    M really sorry for the delay…actually came to know about this through my friend adeeba….
    Im praying nd I know babaji won’t let anything happen to her….she’s a strong person….babaji will save her….she’ll become fit and fine…..
    nd niku di…stay stron. …ur angel is gonna be fine soon….We shouldn’t lose hope….ummeed par duniya kayam h ….pls stay strong….

    1. Niku

      Dear meri ummeed pr hi sb ki ummed thi….I m d one who is confident about her come back…..but she prove me wrong n make win others….
      God is wid her ryt…..bcz she is wid god now….
      Pray for her soul….
      Tell this news to ur frnd too…

      1. Aashiya

        May her soul rest in piece….Baba ji is wid her…stay strong…..

  12. Jasmin

    Dii..plzz be strong..i kniw that what happened didn’t happened good..but still..u need to be strong..just tell me..if tara di will se u loke this..will she be happy..no na..she will be sad that because of her u r crying..i m not saying that jjust smile..but u should be strong..for her..may her soul rest in peace..

    1. Niku

      It’s not easy…..N i m not crying….bcz I promise someone I will not until I meet him ….whn I meet him thn only I will cry….
      I know she is hurt…..but she is d one who give me this pain….

  13. Shifa96

    It’s still hard to believe..
    May her soul rest in peace..
    Niku dear, you plz take care.

    1. Niku

      Hm… Take care I will try for this….

  14. Archisha

    I never trusted in god.. But now I even don’t believe in his existence, he is very bad or let me see there is nothing like god. I don’t trust anyone, all of my friends went away from me but I am still happy because of my school.

    1. Niku

      Never say that dear….god exits….god is here….
      I know u must be thinking how can I say that….yss it’s hard to believe that I m saying this…..dear she give me 2 sister from telly….from one sister I lost contact n 2nd u know….
      I hate god what god does to me…both d time god being so mercy less on me….
      But I can’t say he doesn’t exist or I believe them…..
      But can’t forgive them for that…

    2. Hey archisha dear what r u telling…plz dont say like this….yrr…u tell me ur di.right… so atleast for me…i always believe in allah…whatever allah is doing he is doing for her sake only..so plz dont say like this..????????

  15. God is so merciless

    1. Niku

      Yss when it comes to love me….god become merciless….

  16. Niku..yrr she is seriously dead…i cant believe it..i m literally crying yrr…i always believe in allah…but i didn’t thought allah will not save her…but u know allah has done cause he dont want that angles(tara) should leave in these cruel world..so i will pray to allah that her soul must leave in peace…niku just be calm..nd dont cry..maybe she won’t like that her sister niku should cry…

    1. Niku

      Hm…I don’t know what god want ….but what god wants to done vo ho chuka h….I just want vo jaha bhi ho kush ho nothing much….

  17. Rj12

    I can’t believe what I’m reading…she’s seriously ???
    But please hold on to urself don’t weaken urself, Tara will feel bad seeing her sister weak….don’t weaken urself until u find that blo*dy idiot and punish him…
    Bhagwan bhi kitna zaalim hai na he called such a good soul to him….but kehte hai nai jo hota hai acche ke liye hota hai…afterall he freed her from this cruel world

    Abor kya kahoon,
    May her soul rest in peace

    And please take care of urself, cz if u don’t who will punish that idiot
    Take care!!

    1. Niku

      Dear no one is behind her d**** ……it’s time may be….but ya if u want to punish someone it’s me….bcz I m d one who talk her on that day for 1st n last time….
      Whatever u give I will accpet it…..

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