Swaragini (A Ray of hope) Episode 2


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The episode begins with Swars shouting to stop the marriage all look on shocked seeing Swara, Swara looks at Ragini, Lakshya looks at her, Swara walks to Ragini and and Slaps her which shocks everyone, Ragini then looks up, she realises it was just a dream and Swara didn’t slap her but she is actually there.
Lakshya: Swara?
Sumi: Shona?
Swara walks upto Lakshya, she looks at him and he looks away, she looks at Ragini with disgust, Ragini is standing in shock.

Sanskaar walks inside the Baadi, he looks at all of them,
Swara: Lakshya, I…I didn’t betray you!!
Daadi: Why are you stopping this marriage?
Swara: Because Lakshya is getting Married to someone else!
Lakshya: Swara, leave!!
Swara looks shocked,
Lakshya: I am getting married to Ragini and now you can’t stop the marriage
Swara is in tears,
Swara: But I love you Lakshya!
Lakshya: You cheated on me!
Sanskaar: It’s not her fault it’s mine!
Lakshya: You keep quiet!!
Swara: Why did you do this to me Ragini?
Ragini is shocked,
Shekhar: Stop blaming Ragini for your fault!!
Lakshya: Swara, stop it, I am getting married to Ragini with my wish.
Swara stands in tears,
Lakshya: Pandit Ji Start reading the mantras and Ragini Come with me,
He grabs raginis hands and takes Pehres with her, Swara and everyone are shocked, including Ragini, Ragini is thinking and she looks at Swara, she looks at Lakshya who is forced to do it as he promised me!
She jerks his hands away and says stop!
Lakshya is shocked and everyone look on.
Lakshya: What is this Ragini?
Ragini: I’m sorry Lakshya, I can’t marry you!
All are dazed,
Ragini: Swara has right in you not me!! I can’t take Swaras love and be happy!!
Ragini looks at Swara,
Swara: Ragini??
Ragini: I know I done wrong with you but this marriage would not only ruin my life but you twos as well, I realise how much you all love me and I don’t want to loose that love, Lakshya you don’t have to be with me, I let you free from the promise and make Swara yours.
Lakshya is shocked, he smiles at Ragini and looks at Swara, Swara smiles and looks at him, Ragini happily looks at them two.

Ragini: Quickly, it’s not good to waste time!
Swara looks at Ragini and walks up to Ragini and hugs her, Swaragini…..title….song….plays…
Ragini: Im sorry Swara,
Swara: It’s okay Ragini, I won’t tell them everything.
Ragini smiles and says: I’ve done wrong to you and you still forgave me? I didn’t want to loose you.
Swara: For a moment I thought I did but now I got my old Ragini back.
Pandit: Please hurry up, the Shubh time will finish at the end of today which is at 11:00pm and its 8pm so please quickly finish this marriage.
They all nod, Daadi and Shekhar look on, Sumi takes both Swara and Ragini to their room and Dida follows, DP and the family are happy. And Lakshya in his head: Thank you Ragini and I’m sorry gor everything I done to you.
Sanskaar in his head: I should apologise to Ragini as it was my fault too.
Lakshya looks at Sanskaar and Sanskaar tries to walk away when Lakshya stops him and says Baha’i, Sanskaar stops and turns around,
Lakshya: Bhai, where are you going?
Sanskaar: Lucky, I’m sorry..
Lakshya: It’s okay Bhai, stay here and thank you for bringing Swara back, you proved you changed.
DP: Lakshya is telling the truth, you have proved us wrong and we are sorry..
Sanskaar: No bade papa!! I should be apologising!
DP and Lakshya hug Sanskaar and AP and Sujata look on happily.

Sanskaar makes Lakshya sit in the mandap and stands next to DP, Swara comes out wearing a Bengali wedding dress and Ragini comes out in ghaghra choli, she looks at Lakshya and smiles and tries hard not to cry.
Ragini makes Swara sit next to Lakshya and the Pandit Ji starts reading the mantras, Ragini walks up to Shekhar and says: Papa, it was my fault so don’t punish Swara, I was gone so blind that I couldn’t see anyone else, I’m sorry.
Shekhar looks at her angrily.
Dida comes upto her and smiles,
Dida: Ragini what are you doing here, come help me,
Ragini: Naani Maa…,
Dida: I’m not angry at you now, you realised your mistake and that’s enough now stop digging up the past!
Ragini smiles, Sumi walks up.
Sumi: Ragini are you okay?
Ragini: Haa Maa, what happened to me?
Sumi: Then move your legs quickly and I love you beta.
Ragini: I love you too Maa, come lets go.
Ragini leaves with Sumi and Dida, Sanskaar looks on and Smiles.
Swara and Lakshya get married and everyone clap, Ragini comes out and smiles,
Ragini: I didn’t know you two were in a hurry to get married?
Swara blushes and Lakshya smiles.
Dida: I know right, they took two seconds to get married.
Then Ragini and Dida laugh.
Sumi gets teary eyed.
Swara and Lakshya take everyone’s blessing and finally they walks upto Ragini and Ragini hugs Swara.
Ragini: I will miss you,
Swara: I will too.
Lakshya: You sisters have phones so you can talk through that!!
Ragini: Yes we know!!!
Lakshya looks at Ragini,
Lakshya: Thank you Ragini and I’m sorry!
Ragini: Just stop it Lakshya, will you make me cry?
Lakshya looks at her with upsetting face.
Ragini: Lakshya!!!!
Lakshya hugs Ragini and tears comes out of her eyes.
Ragini: Enough Lakshya, and go, don’t you want to go home with Swara??
Lakshya breaks the hug and Ragini wipes her tears,
Lakshya: Bye!
Ragini: Bye,
They leave and everyone follow them outside the Baadi and Ragini runs to her room.

Precap: Ragini and Sanskaar become friends.

Credit to: H*****!!!

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